Friday, June 16, 2006

The "Four" Meme

So many 4 related questions to answer given by LB.. I remember doing a similar meme (The Meme of 4) long-long time ago.. (kisah nenek-moyang). Wai, Albie Tai Lou, Number 4 is not a good figure leh.. sei sei seng :P

*4 jobs I would stink at:
  1. Lawyer (There is one in da house already.. Anyway I don't like to argue or to persuade people.. so this is definitely a no-no job to me)
  2. Paediatrician (Err… Can’t stand those crying & yelling little babies.. Hate to set branulas on the little ones as well).
  3. Pathologist (I don’t like to look at the slides under microscope several hours a day .. )
  4. Teacher (I have had enough teaching medical students liao.. )

*4 nicknames I’m making up for myself:
Aiks, I don’t give myself nicknames.. All the while, it’s other people who give me nicknames :P
  1. Chen
  2. loktor (ini orang lain bagi punya)
  3. Octopus Chen (ini juga orang lain bagi punya..)
  4. Doc Rambliu Chen (ini pun jugak orang lain bagi punya..)

*4 movies I can watch over & over:
Alamak.. Some of you may know I’m definitely not a movie fan. I hardly watch movie.. But if I really have to choose.. let me think-think for a while…
  1. Wu Yen (钟无艳) - this one is just too humorous
  2. Spirited Away
  3. those siao "无厘头" movie..
  4. so little only meh? IDBI..

*4 things I love to do on weekends:
  1. ZZzzzzz
  2. Jalan-jalan cari makan
  3. snap-snap here & there (I mean taking photo lah)
  4. Catch up with friends

*4 alcoholic beverages I enjoy from time to time:
  1. Gin
  2. Malibu
  3. Red Wine
  4. Shandy also considered as alcoholic beverages, right?

*4 fantastic destinations I would like to go to on vacation before I pass out:
  1. Switzerland (again!)
  2. New Zealand
  3. Japan
  4. The Land of Hornbills... which is my home sweet home

*4 celebrities I would go on a Big Date with:
Aiks.. I don't really bother about celebrities leh.. I don't even know who it the most famous singer or actor or actress leh.. So cham :P I prefer going out with people that I know rather than going out with "dunno who" :P But if I really have to answer, I will choose my childhood time celebrities :P
  1. Donald Duck
  2. Mickey Mouse
  3. Winnie the Pooh (not our dearie Winliuliu kekekke..)
  4. Ghostbuster?? LOL..

*4 objects I could not live without:
  1. Food lah.. ( remember, we live to eat, NOT eat to live)
  2. Spectacles ( or else everything will be blur-blur. I dowan to become blur sotong ..)
  3. Car (not talking about carcar. No car very cham leh.. cannot move around; but if no car, motorbike will do as well)
  4. $$$ (must be realistic a little bit)

*4 gadgets I do not have which I would quite like to have:
  1. Notebook (see? I so cham.. don't even have notebook)
  2. Mountain bike ( Used to have a mountain bike in the past but not now)
  3. Ipod nano (seems like this is one of the gadgets that everyone fancy.. so I join in the crowd as well)
  4. kekkeke... Last but not least, a goose that can lay gold eggs (since I don't have $ growing tree).
*4 wannabe celebrities tagged:
Lazy to tag people lah.. whoever wants to do this tag is mostly welcomed (with huge red carpet)


L B said...

I am not chupping... i am not chupping... i am not chupping...

Octopus Chen! Waaa, very hard working! I tot you gave up liao!! See? Give ppl false statements/impressions?.. *piak with Half baked sotong*

Well, at least no Money Tree, or Magic Wand...


jonboy60 said...

the last 4 gadget u hav mah,
Ur pc got all 4 pic wat!
juz kidding.. eheheh

Simple American said...

I won't chup either.

Interesting post. Good for getting to know people. I like Spirited Away too. Wanna buy that one someday. Wonderful story.

Chen said...

kekekek.. I know u r not chupping cos u mentioned 3 times liao :P

Cannot give up lah.. dowan to owe anyone anything :P kekeke... I know it's a bit late, but better to be late than never.

Piak with half baked sotong?
good... I can keep the sotong to makan later on.. TQ TQ. Piak more, pleaseeee...

hahaha.. like that also can? But at least I don't have the goose that lay gold eggs LOL.

Heheh.. Yeah, Spirited Away is a nice animation movie. I have the dvd as well as the comic :)

carcar said...

oh no, sotong chen!


why would you stink at for being a lawyer? teacher also not bad what... don't you remember you are my great teacher?

LOL at your choice of movie, now i know where all yr crap came frm! wahahahha.

Chen said...

piak u with sotong for calling me that :P Remember the old days when I used to "piak" people with seafood. Now the season is back again LOL

I don't like to go to court. I don't like to argue with people.. kakka.. I guess that's why. Anyway, there is one lawyer in my house already ;) I can always get free legal advice :D

Teaching needs a lot of saliva one leh.. and needs to be long winded at times :P Lecehlah.. so I dowan...

regarding the 无厘头 movie, that is nice to watch mah.. no need to think so much about the storylines & what's happening :P LOL

Pink Cotton said...

ooo.. U wanna have a big date with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck hia?

come to DISINILAND in kuching lo!..LOL LOL

Chen said...

pink cotton,
aiyak.. lidat also can? DisiniLand is not DisneyLand leh.. although it sounds similar :P kekekke..

But I'm going back soon to Kuching liao, end of July ;)