Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Apom Balik / Ban Chang Kueh (慢煎糕)

After killing the disturbing roach, it's time to have some traditional treat (which comes with few different names) - Apom Balik or Apam Balik or Ban Chang Kueh/慢煎糕.. or whatever lah.. it all refer to the same thing :)

The act of my itchy hands.. Since I don't cut perform any surgery on human beings at the meantime, I might as well do a simple surgery on the apom balik :P Opening it up and see what is inside (just like doing a midline laparatomy on human).. Much to my disappointment.. there is no intestine, no stomach, no liver, no gallbladder, no kidneys, no pancreas, no spleen, no lungs bla bla etc etc.. What is available is just ... sweet corn, peanut, margarine, dash of coarse sugar etc... So sad :(


L B said...

ahhhhh, these I like!!!! They are ON my LIST of THINGS to GASAK in July/August!!! Weeeeeeee..... *blue blue*

LOL@ surgery!!

Cynthia said...

uh!!!!!!!! my fav!!!!!

Selba said...

ehhh.. it looks similiar like martabak manis... :)

carcar said...

my fav too! i like it with lotsa margerine and sweet corn!

can never find this frm singapore.


angel said...

doc ah doc... i thot apom balik is the other type, the thinner wan... which is sweet sweet with no inti wan... ??

but i like the slim slim ban chang kueh, not the fat fat wan... here in KL mostly can only find it at pasar malam...i think...

day-dreamer said...

Yummy yummy...

But I prefer the think version to the thick one. The thin one is nicer as it is crispy. There's a stall in Ipoh Garden which sells good bang chang kueh... I miss home!

L B said...

DAY DREAMER!!!! I will be going to Ipoh soon... Where is that stall?!!!

Chen said...

I guess your list of things to Gasak must be very long.. Few pages?? I presume u won't gasak pie when u balik kampung time :P

Is this available in Aussie?

Murtabak manis? Indonesia has different foodstuff.. AFAIK, our murtabak here are all non manis stuff..

Chen said...

Now they even have the spicy version of apom balik.. I read from the papers, but dunno where is the stall :P

my dear angel, The one u r talking about is "apom manis" - the sweet sweet apom without inti :)

This one is definitely called apom balik leh.. I'm 101% sure :P

Balik kampung more often loh.. in Penang, the slim-slim one is widely available as well :P

day dreamer,
I guess most people prefer the thin-thin crispy-crispy one.. More delicious :D

a^ben said...

y got put jagung one!!!!!!!!!! aiyeh!!!!!!

day-dreamer said...

L B: The stall is in Ipoh Garden, opposite KFC near the roundabout, shop name is Yat Yat Seng... I'm not sure if the fella still selling it there, but if it's still available you need to go early. I've tried at 2 pm before but to much dissapointment. Want try Ipoh famous tau fu fah?? :P

L B said...

Thanks D-Dreamer!!! Ok, gonna paint Ipoh red now, with ahpom and taufoofah!! Wheee....!!!

fred said...

do you remember the Sarikei one sold by the malay guy for RM1.40. crunchy on the outside.. nuts, sugar, marjerin inside... :) They are the best

day-dreamer said...

L B: There are much MORE than bang chang kueh and tau fu fah in Ipoh... can't finish all in one day, trust me.

Chen said...

most ban chang kueh here has jagung inside.. Certain stall even let us choose the inti we wants ie pisang etc etc :P

wondering what is inside your "must-eat" list :P

once u tasted food from other place, that apom balik won't be the best again ;) There are too many nice food here in Penang :D

day dreamer,
heheh.. don't worry.. LB knows what food to whack when he comes back home :) By the way, if talking about delicious food, Penang has much more nice food & much more selection than Ipoh leh :P

day-dreamer said...

Who say Penang got more? Ipoh also got a whole LOT! Just that you need to be able to find your way around to get to those places.

But speaking of price, I think you can't deny that Ipoh's is cheaper...


Chen said...

day dreamer,
but penang food is much nicer than the one in Ipoh (dunno lah, different people different taste bud) One man's meat might be another man's poison. I used to go to Ipoh in the past also leh... I have several friends, including university coursemates cum close friends in Ipoh and I spent CNY few times in Ipoh in the past ;)

L B said...

Puan Puan dan Tuan Tuan..
In the Red Korner, we have Day-Dreamer, undisputed 6 times Tau Foo Fah Champion of the World in white t-shirt and some kinda shorts, versus the Blue Korner of the All-Time Pie Cruncher of Penang, one eye stare dead Kahchuaks Champion, Dottoressa V Chen...
15 rounds of high energy, all consuming, raw excitement!
Tonight's prize! 1 Fresh Apom!!

day-dreamer said...

Hmm... L B's style resembles Wang Lee Hom's new song - Wan Mei de Hu Dong...

Chen said...

kakakkak... IDBI..
what competition is this ah?
wrestling or wat?
but the prize is not interesting leh..
I want Bak kut teh at least :P

day dreamer,
woh.. dunno what is that song about :P
do u have the lyrics for the song? :)

sbanboy said...

Another of my favorite :D

L B said...

I also IDBI already! Forgot to announce what match summore!!

Ok, it's Baked Beans Wrestling.. Ok, Eat as much as you can wan. No holds barred, can pull off t-shirt too.

Upgraded prize to include Bakuteh AND 1 Harm Cheem Peng, ok? Satisfied?

ps: Eh? Who Wan Mei de Hu Dong... Dong? OK, Ting Dong!! Round 1!

Simple American said...

So did you sew it back together Doc? kekeke

Course you can pass to me. I make another pie just for you. :)

Chen said...

i know i know..
we are "long lost twins", right? ;)
Btw, where is my chao taufu from HK? :)

baked beans wrestling..
eiya.. DKY (curi angeliu's DKY) I hate baked beans? :P Cham.. I sure lose one if lidat..

pull of t-shirt? wah.. later become X-rated pulak.. cannot.. but the prize sounds interesting :)

Hehe, Oops, now only I realise I forgot to sew it back :P (but too late already...) We exchange gift.. ban chang kueh with your delish strawberry pie :D

zeroimpact said...

U always like to scare mi la :P
I heard there is this apom balik where the inti got like peanut and banana or other special ingredient.
*mmmmm yum yum yum*
Hungries edi
I need food...

Chen said...

hah? u r scared of apom balik as well?
I can't believe that :P

Yeah, there is a stall not far away from my working place where by we can choose the ingredients for the apom balik..

may said...

I like the crunchy, chewy edges... sugar... mmmmm! not so fond of the peanuts, though I'll just eat them anyway 'cos they taste gooooood!

slurp! said...

post is getting more scary ler ...
1st the eye, next the killings, now
loktor chen operate until everday think of intestine ler eeeekkk! better dun stand beside her hehehehe ...

_butt said...

Once again, you make me huuungry... the Apom Balik, I mean.. hehe..

jean` said...

none in melbourne that i know of sighs

Chen said...

I will sapu every corner, the crunchy side & the soft centre :) but of course the crunchy side is more yummy, especially when served "hot"

Hahha, I won't operate on u, so don't worry :P Soon the posts will resume back to the "normal flow" (I hope...)

err.. I thought u want to eat intestine earlier on.. LOL.

too bad... but don't forget to eat more when u balik kampung time :)

IML said...

Best ban chang kueh in Pulau tikus, Penang is the one next to the market in push cart. Oozing with corn and dripping with butter with generous sprinkle of crush peanuts and brown sugar.

Robin said...

Ban Chang Kueh/慢煎糕...

and I tot it was called Man Chang (cantonese for frustrating) Kueh..

boo_licious said...

Looks good. Hey, how come no one blogs abt the Aki Pancakes in Penang? Saw that on the local telly programmes, looks quite gimmicky but I am sure people will go wow over the varieties.

Chen said...

I know few nice push cart ban chang kueh in Penang. One of them is located in Burmah road, somewhere opposite the police station.. I haven’t try the one u mentioned . Dripping with butter? Ooh… that sound so “sinful” :P

Hahah, Man Chang Kueh? Suitable for the person who yearn for it but can’t eat it.. that’s surely "man chang"..

Aki Pancakes? I seldom go that that part of the island (Bayan Lepas), cos it’s totally out of my way. Yeah, I heard that there are several different types of flavours & fillings available there ; something like 40-50 types.

Alicia said...

i love thissssss alot.. esp with loads of kacang..

zeroimpact said...

Just don't like the idea of opening my apom balik n seeing internal organ style fillings LOL
Ta pau ta pau
i wan with ham n cheese
ham n cheese

babe_kl said...

my last visit to penang i think 3 yrs back, hubby wanted to take me to air itam for assam laksa but it was closed in the morning. he went opposite the laksa stall and got me those thin apam balik. it was utmost delicious!!! got so much peanuts, corns and fresh dessicated coconut. the kl ones very stingy on corns and coconut which was y i hardly eat them. next time i go penang i must eat that again!!!

Chen said...

with lotsa lotsa crunchy kacang.. yummy :D

ahhaha... we have apom balik with chicken or beef fillings in Penang. I guess there might be one with gizzards or liver as well :P That is not impossible ;)

tapau for u? I guess I will curi makan on the way before the apom reach your hand :P

oh.. issit? I never tried the apom balik there. I will drop by there the next time I go to Air Itam for laksa :)

slurp! said...

and i always thought it's call 面煎糕
hmmm ....

Chen said...

Might be it has different name in different settings or place? I dunno :)