Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cockroach / 蟑螂 (小强)

Still remember the cute frozen lizard picture I took not long ago? (frozen cos I accidentally freeze the poor lizard inside the freezer) Now I'm on the crazy move again.. I love taking photos (basically I will take a shot or two of anything that catch my interest) and up-to-date, I have taken more than 35,000 photos. This time, the star of the day was... Mr Roach (also known as cockroach aka 小强/Siu Keong.

Well, I dislikes cockroach. But since this Siu Keong disturbed me when I was shifting thing yesterday night.. So, sorrylah.. Siu Keong, u need to Rest In Peace liao..

Well, this Siu Kiong died in style with the 六脚朝天 posture .. Ada Gaya, ada sensasi... So, he can really R.I.P. with no regrets.

Dunno ah.. I always have this thought that the cockroach might fly around & land on my head. So, I have no mercy on them. See one kill one.. Hahha, although cockroaches only fly around during rainy days.. How about you?

** Note to self : This is kahchuak, not kahlua...


Zara's Mama said...

this is a good place to introduce my daugther to this pest! Very close up photo indeed.. I hope you didn't 'smell' the roach (somehow they do have this horrible BO).

L B said...

OMG!!! May's so gonna freak out at this!!! So wicked!! Liuliuliu!!!

Kristopher said...

Wah Lau!!! like that also can....poor siu keong....

jonboy60 said...

aiyo, kahchuak too gross lah... Get another life lah.. take other pic for a change mah. sigh~

angel said...

ewww! ewww! ewww! ewww!!!

i hate kachuak also!
i also hate cicak! (super takut!)
i hate all bugs!
actually, it's more of sked of them than hate... :(

angel said...

why ask doc to get another life?


(copy winnliuliu's wan...)

How was your day, Doc? I read a report of you MIA... :D

Selba said...

I don't have any problem with cockroach at all... several times, cockroach has been walk passing on my feet, and it's ok with me... sometimes, I might kill them, but then sometimes.. I just let them free to enjoy their life... :)

I only dislike their smell... that's all...

day-dreamer said...

Nice photo, but not nice subject (cockcroach).

Cockroach will find "perfume" sprayed on them if they let me see them. Hehe... :D

Chen said...

zara's mum,
Must intro Zara to Mr Roach, & tell her not to play with it :D Regarding the smell, well... I can still tahan :D

Aiyak, how I know AhMay scared of siu keong woh :P

don't tell me u don't kill siu keong if u see them roaming around in da house? :D

might be gross for u, but not for me :) I even take picture of cadavers :) Nothing to scare about..

Chen said...

so your room or your house must be a "bug free" place? I don't like them but not to the extend of scared of them loh..

I guess he means he find this sort of pict too gross for him :D

My day is okie.. surviving :) Hah? where is the report saying I'm MIA? issit CNN? LOL

bravo !! U are indeed different from others !! U even let cockroach walk passing on your feet? If the roach does that to me, he will surely RIP :P

day dreamer,
Hehhe, the special toxic "perfume" :D

L B said...

See? May dare not even comment in here!! *LOL* liuliuliu!!

Robin said...

oh no, another KanpungKai.. showing all his pest?

Chen said...

LOL.. The eye pict is one the way..
Now crossing the Penang Bridge

u talking about yourself?

Jeryc said...

Siew Keong!!! Siew Keong!!!

You will pay for this I tell you!!! Hehehehe

L B said...

Now I know how those cockroaches died.. OMG! You stared at them!!!

carcar said...

OMG! who kill my siew keong?!?!!??!

sob sob...

hahaha, me and selba the same! not afraid of cockroach! hahaha...

by the way, i saw KampugKai here! 'kai' = chicken = bird family.

hmm... not forgetting Robin = bird

Chen said...

wah.. long time no talk.. suddenly u appear :P
seems like... u are good fren of siu keong?

aiyoh.. My stare is not so scary lah.. hahaa..
not to the extend of giving the poor cockroach a acute myocardiac infarct aka heart attack till KO :P

bravo :)
*clap clap*
u are another brave gal :P

Simple American said...

I hate cockroaches. Kill! Kill! Kill!

When I was a boy we lived in a wooden house. These wooden houses in Texas really attract lots of cockroaches. You turn on the light at night and there would be dozens in the kitchen or bathroom. Sometime I am rudely awakened by them crawling over me. Hate that feeling. Yuck!!!

Your picture also reminds me of the army too. When the Drill Sergeants wanted to punish us, sometimes we would do an exercise called the dying cockroach. They made us lay on our back and kick and punch the air with our legs and arms. Talk about pain.

may said...


*runs fast-fast... hides behind LB's skirt*


zeroimpact said...

Now this place getting scary liao
Got siu keong 1
Scare of the flyin siu keong ah
Go go go away
Dun come near meeeeeeeEEEEE!!!

slurp! said...

These home cockroaches are health hazard to human. They are carrier of pathogens that caused asthma, allergies. so do not give chance for them to live ok?!

but if you are talking about the "Madagascan Giant Hissing Roaches", that will be different & interesting. those interested, go google yourself for some interesting info of this pet :D

Chen said...

Thinking about the cockroaches crawling on my body.. That is indeed an unpleasant thought. Yucks

The "dying cockroach" cockroach exercise sounds fun.. but if doing that for prolonged period.. Mmmm... bodyache..

LOL Luckily u only hide behind LB's skirt & not underneath his skirt :P

Siu Keong died already lah.. Not scary anymore. Dead cockroach won't do any harm leh ;)

Yeah, the roaches are dirty little fella. I can't imagine the contestants of Fear Factor are asked to eat & chew live cockroaches. Yucks... I feel like vomiting seeing that. Damn disgusting..

I google on the 'Madagascan Giant Hissing Roaches' just now.. Looks equally eerie as well :P

a^ben said...

xiu kiong!!!!! mmmm hou sei ah xiu kiong!!!!!! loktor chen kam oi nei~ nei tim hoh yi pao dai koi mmmm lei wor~?~?~?~ *ham tou tsunami*

ahahhaha~ first time comment in cantonese.. ahhahah` sot zho` :P

ey.. i almost forgot.. IT WAS CHEN WHO MURDERED SIU KIONG!!! : X

_butt said...

Same case here. I have this fear that the siu keong have kepak wan and will fly and land over at my head or something.. or worse, face!

And the smell.. eww. Beh tahan leh.

angel said...

My place is not actually bug-free... oh, and i absolutely BENCI itu semut!!! Especially the small red ones... and also the small smelly ones! Ewwww!!

DYK that you've been tagged... again... liuliuliu... :D

Chen said...

not used to u talking in cantonese cos u also pilipala in hokkien :P

yeah lah, u suku liao, dat's why... I killed the kahchuak, how will I cry for it leh? LOL

The flying roach is the most disgusting roach !! Don't mention about landing on the face (dowan to think about that) :P

itu merah punya semut, gigit olang manyak sakit woi..

IDBI I kena tagged again ah... I saw it liao at your blog. Manyak susah punya tag... Must drink more ginseng liao (but dont have ginseng in da house :P )

Mother Superior said...

Just popping by, and what do I see - a kah chua!!! Frankly, I'm not really scared of roaches, just rodents. Come to think of it, on forensic foresight, don't you think your cockroach looks, er, a little juicy? Ugh!!!

Alicia said...

waaaaaa u always take pictures of dead stuff!

so meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

the roach family will miss the roach la

Kurakat said...

Did you manage to dissect 小强? =)

FH2O said...

That's a fine looking specimen ... but I'll stick to waters, clouds n skies! ;)

Robin said...

Dun get me wrong, I was reading another post from Kampungkai, which say about the same subject on ridding the pest.


Chen said...

mother superior,
juicy roaches? Yucks… I’m not gonna eat that.. Hahha, so I can’t partake in Fear Factor ;)

Not always lah.. must change “taste” once in a while :P

This roach is a poor orphan, so don’t worry ;) His mum & dad left him long long time ago liao...

Dissect the roach? Frankly speaking.. I did that when I was in secondary school time.. at 14 years old.. Out of curiosity, I dissect the cockroach.. Nothing special inside there.. not as what I expected :D

Unker, occasionally u do take nice pictures of spiders, little croc - lizards & frogs as well (besides the cloud, river, sky etc etc…) ;)

okie :)

Kristopher said...

Doc: i run away 1st.... ;)

Chen said...

u sked of Mr Roach as well? :P

Pink Cotton said...

I HATE KA CUAKS too!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha...i feel the same way as u la chen.i must kill them whenever i see them!

why,just the other ntie i was trying to kill a ka cuak who was on the wall...i couldnt find the 'bang yiu' and guess what i used to kill him???

just spray spray on the ka cuak ..kekekeke

Chen said...

pink cotton,
walao.. use perfume to spray at kah chuak? The kah chuak must be smell very nice then after the “magic” spray.

Hahha, good lah u.. Used whatever resource available on the shelf :P
Kekkee.. btw, is it effective?

Pandabonium said...

What? No recipes?

Chen said...

Recipe? errr...
better not..
I prefer throwing the roach inside the dustbin than err... :D