Monday, June 12, 2006

"Eye to Eye" Talk

Few nights ago, I have an "Eye to Eye Talk" (not the Heart to Heart Talk nor "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" thingy, ) with Ah Ben. What is this eye to eye talk? Well, I put my eye picture as the display picture in MSN/YM. When Ben siu saw the picture, his first response was "oh my gosh, scary momok eyes" Then he kaypoh & followed trend.. snapping a picture of his tired eye. His first response after seeing the picture he took himself pulak was "oh my gosh, so scary!"

He put the scary eye picture up replacing his earlier cute display picture .. My response after seeing his his sexy sleepy eye picture was... Guess what? "Faster remove that picture, hak sei ngor (I'm scared). Just like watching ghost movies !! " Hahhaha..

The "scary" eye picture of mine together with my rimless spectacles

Ben's eye.. Scary boh? Initially I didn't put up this picture but since Ben siu is very sporting & give permission, so I included this in...


Since May mentioned she had an eye picture as profile picture and suggested to include in Albie eye picture as well, to see who has the most scary looking eyes... So here it is.. (I curi May's & Albie's profile picture from Angel's blog..)

Whose eye is this? None other than the lenglui, Miss May (This one is not included in the scary eyes category).

The "sexy" eye of Albie. Is it scary ???

Who has the most scary eye? LOL


day-dreamer said...

Oooh... first comment!

Like that also can capture your eye's picture? Won't kena flash meh?

a^ben said...

so dark lar my pics~

my eyes nicer than yourS! of cos, more tired too` ahhaha

Warning: careful when you chat with this loktor chen, nanti dia print screen ur display pic also` ahhaha

Chen said...

day dreamer,
yeah yeah.. of course can :D

ben siu,
i know your eyes are nice..
more sexy mah... LOL
cannot resist seeing your eye picture cos too "sexy".. so I gatai tangan & print screen :P

hahha, u gip me permission to post, or else I won't :P

may said...

I used to have a picture of my eye as my profile pic in Blogger... heheheh! eh, you can include LB's there, see whose is scarrier!!

L B said...

...mine not scary leh!! mine actually makes ppl fall off their chairs in fits of laughter, and then the chairs themselves fall over as well. Not only that, the floor cracks up too. But I must say! Your eye is the window into your pie!!

Chen said...

LOL.. good idea. I curi your old profile pict & LB's pict from angel's blog.. :D

i know.. your's not scary, but sexy :P

sorry ah.. I posted up your sexy eye picture (without your permission) after looking at May's suggestion :D

Nothing special with my eyes lah. I know my eyes are scary, or else Ben siu won't feel scared after looking at the pict LOL

may said...

waaa!! WAAAAA!!!

I said use LB's, not mine! scary liao!! LOLOL!!

L B said...

hmmm, hmmmm.... hmmmm...... HMMMM.... HMMMM Liuliuliu!! Now you need to add angel's and winn's and lucas' and carcar's and ..actually as many eyes as you can!! Make a quilt! An ensemble of Eyes!! Hurry hurry before they see it!

a^ben said...

mak ciu mak ciu mak ciu~

Chen said...

aiseh, your eyes are the most leng eyes among all leh :P

kakkka... good suggestion, but I don't have angel's eye picture woh. I scare if I put up Winn's sexy eye picture, she might deskin me later :P Carcar's one ah.. mmmm..
let me search search.. LOL

Quilt ah? Too troublesome liao.. Pass that task to Albie Tai Kor :D

hahha... too late liao..

Chen said...

yeah, now is the Eye Craze season, no longer the Bola Craze season..

angel said...

LOLOLOL!!! Liuliuliu!!!

Mirror mirror on the wall...
Who has the scariest eye of all???

a^ben!!!! becos so dark dark wan...

LOLOL!!! *tak boleh tahan*

My eye? Hmmmmm... lemme try take and see if it's scarier than a^ben's...

BTW, waaa, doctor's eye look... sexay! Liuliu!

Where's winnliuliu todays??

Chen said...

kekkeke... take & send me, then I can post up here :P This is the "mata" post :D

my eyes mana ada sexay? scary ada lah..

winn ah? dreaming of lucas I presume.. waiting for carcar's permission before posting up her eye photo :D

a^ben said...

aiks!!!!!!! insult my "sexay" eye~ hahahahahah cos light dark webcam sucks marh` ku wu pian? hahahaha but indeed mine is the scariest amongst all~~~~~~~ ohohohh

L B said...

Liuliu!! Ok, plse send me one eye. I will start my collections of eyes now to construct a collage, and I shall call it "Aye Aye Pie" - The Complete Adventures Of.

Chen said...

ben siu,
next time u must shine torchlight to your face before taking picture.. so that your pict will appear bright.. LOL

Sure, no problem.. But, where to send the pict? I don't have your email :D

LOL at the "Aye Aye Pie".. Sounds like the title of Hindi movie pulak :P

L B said...

Hindi Movie?!! Ok, Bollywood here we come liuliu!! Must introduce you to Lunedi Bolosami..
Expecting one eye, packed in ice..

Selba said...

LOL, remember my old profile pic? I used to close my eyes.. kinda like criminal pic, hehehe...

Chen said...

Lunedi Bolosami? Errr... I know who is that.. I remember seeing that "name" appearing in carcar's comment box previously.. hahha.. what a name u choose for yourself? Do u wear sari when u use that name? :P

aiyah, what packed in ice? This one not for transplant leh.. *choy*

will send u later on tonight or tomolo.. Going to do some exercise now.. I mean shifting things...

*hard work*

I have forgotten about that picture liao till u mentioned it. Hahhaa...
yeah, the picture is just like criminal picture, with a black strip on your eyes :P hahhaa..

Very unique & special ;)

Simple American said...

I liked all of the eyes. Nothing scary to me.

_butt said...

One day I must snap my 'panda' eye oso.. see whose more scarier.. muahahaha

That will be in a few light years to come. *haha*

slurp! said...

liddat call scary meh? never see Sadako (Ringu) before huh? hahaha...

Chen said...

So, wall of us fail in the scary eyes category? Hahha..

Woh.. u have panda eyes? :P
U must be notti.. staying up till so late at night :D

aiyak, u can't compare our eyes with that lah.. that one (Sadako) is totally in the different category.. *pengsan*

L B said...

You've Been TAGGED!!!! Where's your Eye?!!

carcar said...

hahahaha.... all also scary! scary eyes!

unker LB, talk bout me ah! i am here, anything? my eyes? cannot lah, later all kalah to me! wahaha... i think i have winn and angel's eye pic, going for auction maybe if more than one person demand for it.

*just kidding!!*

relax relax.... angel only show her finger, no eye see ok!

Chen said...

aiyoh.. so many tags...
*see no evil*
pretend I didn't see this :D
i will answer your tag lambat sikit, okie? :D

my eye ah...
lambat sikit, later on tonight :D

must choose one.. the most scary eye. See who is champion :D

I know, the S-shaped Winn has very unique eye :) Neh, the eye picture is available "somewhere", but cannot tell LB where is it, kekeke..

agus said...

An eye catching post doc. Now we can all keep an eye of you *save picture as...eye yoh*

L B said...

I bid three camels!!!

Chen said...

eye yoh.. u gip me an idea of saving your eye pict as well :P

3 camels only ah?
I heard from carcar someone bid 4 elephants leh..

Simple American said...

Yes Chen. Of course you need to remember that I have company that sells Horror game modules. I deal with scary stuff all of the time.

Chen said...

Horror game modules. Mmmm...
This sounds interesting..
So u deal frequently with scary stuffs :D

Cynthia said...

LB'eyes look like Jordon Chen (Chen SIao3 Chun1) =)

Chen said...

hehehe, he has the celebrity eye :D