Saturday, January 07, 2006

The "high" FIVE meme

Aiyks.. Get tagged by JoeC. This is a long meme... So many questions to answer.

First of all, remove the blog in the no.1 spot from the following list and push everyone up one place. Then add your own blog to the bottom spot.
1. The Life of an Independent Babe
2. My All
3. Simply Hantam
4. JoeC Crash Pad
5. Ramblings

Then, answer the following questions:
1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
2. What were you doing 1 year ago?
3. 5 snacks you enjoy
4. 5 songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now
5. 5 things you would do if you were a millionaire
6. 5 bad habits
7. 5 things you like doing
8. 5 things you would never wear, buy or get new again
9. 5 favourite toys

What were I doing 10 years back :
10 years back? That was way back in 1996 : I was still studying (doing my M.D. degree) in university ~ doing my 3rd and 4th year(my clinical years). Experiencing the early touch how is life as doctors.. going to wards, attending bedside or ward teaching, clerking and examining patients, helping to set branula and take blood for investigations.. tagging on calls, following ward rounds, observing certain procedures or operation done by the medical officers besides attending tutorial etc etc..

Now I realised.. How time flies..

What were I doing 1 year back:
What else? Working loh..
Work, work, work ................. :(

And... I started blogging in April and eventually I found out blogging is fun, and continue on the act till today :)

5 snacks I enjoy .....
1.Rojak (I love rojak, especially the fruit rojak..)
2.Fresh fruit (any fresh fruit...)
3. Potato chips/potato sticks/pringles, french fries, wedge potatoes or whatever potato related products (Don't call me potato :P )
4. Dried Cuttlefish snacks
5. Pistachio nut

5 songs I know all the lyrics off my head right now....
Many leh..Most of the time, if I listen to the songs many times or long enough, I will remember the lyrics. Most of the songs I listened to are old songs (Old is good), Since too many, so I just choose few songs that I like/or I listened to recently :)
1. 女人心 by Anita Mui 梅艳芳
2. 你怎麼舍得我难过 by 黄品源
3. 夕阳之歌 by Anita Mui 梅艳芳
4. 从开始到现在 by Jeff Chang 张信哲
5. 水中花 by Alan Tam 谭咏麟

5 things I would do if I am a millionaire.. (err.. not billionaire?)
1. Travel around the world.
2. Stop working (dunno for how long) :P (How I wish..)
3. Invest wisely to generate more $ :D (Since I stop working :D )
4. Buy my dream house.
5. Donate some to the old folks, orphan etc..

5 bad habits?
Wah.. Cannot write out all the bad habits lah.. Luckily have to list out 5 only :)
1. Too soft hearted. (this is consider as bad habit also, right?)
2. Procrastinate things at times .(Luckily not very often ..)
3. Sleep late at night.
4. Get irritated if someone keep on asking me the same question/same thing despite being explained in great details.
5. Mmmm... Love eating ???? (Is this a good habit or bad habit?)

5 things I love to do is.....
1. Sleep till late morning or afternoon (How I wish.. But, the sad truth is.. I have to face the reality..)
2. Spend quality time with loved ones and family members ..
3. Playing with my cute little miniature pinscher.
4. Photography.
5. Trying out new dishes.

5 things you would never wear, buy or get new again...
1. ugly clothes.
2. clothes that are either too big or too small.
3. Buying things that I'm likely not going to use.
4. uncomfortable shoes, including high heels..
5. School uniform ??

5 favouite "toys"..
1.Digital Camera
2.PDA (my faithful companion)
4.Car (motorbike is one of my favourite toy in the past... Now I can only recall those good old days...)
5. What else? Mountainbike ??

Then you select five people to pass it on:
1. Cynthia from Just Blogging Around.
2. Jellyfish from Le Crappo.
3. Day Dreamer from Thoughts and Thinking in Reality.
4. Carcar from CT in the City.
5. Sbanboy from Just Passing By.

**By the way, my Rule of Thumb still applies.. u don't have to oblige to do the meme if u don't feel like doing it. I'm very flexible, u can just ignore it.


sbanboy said...

alamak ....

day-dreamer said...

*closes both eyes with both hands* I didn't see... I didn't see... I didn't see... I didn't see... I didn't see anything!


Chen said...

sbanboy & day dreamer
dowan to do also never mind..
No obligation :)

sbanboy said...

Ok I completed the tag ... hehe ....

JoeC said...

Hey! thanks soo much for your kind participation! :) I love pistachios but expensive lei, just a indulgence for me from time to time. More pictures of your cute little miniature pinscher doing things a jellyfish dun dare to do, hehehe. What kinda of dream home? i like those old single storey bungalow with big yard around it and a mango tree to boot. Again, thanks a bundle, you are lovely! Cheers!

Chen said...

woh.. U are super duper fast :O
Complete the tag within an hour
I'm amazed..
thanks for participating :)

Sure, will put up more pictures of my little doggy :)
My dream home ah? A double storey bungalow in the country side with quite surroundings and nice scenery :)

Cynthia said...

i do my homework already! =)
i skip 2 parts.. the beginning pne.. and i dont tag people. I dont know who to tag =)
im happy to see jellyfish kena tagged.. but he is busy not fun. we seem to have one person less to kutuk for time being =P

Chen said...

u are fast :)
Thanks for participating..

Regarding jellyfish ah.. he is busy with work at the moment (i presume leh..)
but sure he will come back one of these days when things are more settle..
just have to wait loh..

kutuk ah? cannot kutuk him to much also..
must give face a bit, since he is my KSL :P

Winn said...

i'm still struggling to finish my meme..
see i'm a last minutes person :(

Jellyfish said...

im back

meme ar...

coming soon

Chen said...

I know... :D
That's why I didn't tag u cos u already kena tagged earlier on liao :P

Back with new look..
more stylish liao :D

Winn said...

heloo.....i dah habis finish my homework ! hehehehe......

jellyfish , u shld put more jellyfish icons in ur blog. esp jellyfish anime with spec:P

yvy said...

lol....its spreading...its spreading!!! lol =P

Chen said...

huh? habis doing homework liao?
will go there see see look look :D

Yeah, this is indeed a very contagious disease; spreading very fast.. :P

Jellyfish said...

very fast...

btw, i still havent do it yet :P

Chen said...

Waiting to see what Jellyfish writes as his bad habits :D
-like to talk craps?
-always think he is boiboi?

Jellyfish said...

u write liao

i no need to write d

Chen said...

u write then more fun mah..
what I write is just my presumption :P