Monday, November 19, 2007

Garfield = Copy Cat?

Following the previous post aka The Cat Museum. The Meowwwwww continues. Today I will play with language, using Malay, Chinese and English Language to demonstrate the revolution of Copy Cat.

Copy Cat
= Kopi Cat (Kopi sounds similar as Copy mah)
= Coffee Cat (translate Malay to English language)
= 咖啡猫 (translate English to Chinese)
= 加菲猫 (Coffee and Garfield sounds similar in Chinese Language)
= Garfield

So in conclusion, Garfield = Copy Cat ?
OMS !!!


L B said...

*throws a mouse into the gang of cats*

kyh said...

next time when i realise someone copies my works, i can scold him/her Garfield liao... :P

Chen said...

u wanna start a cat fight ah?
no joke leh if being scratched by cats leh :P

Hopefully u dun have to scold anyone Garfield. Some people likes to take the easy way out huh? copying stuffs..

may said...

meow meow cat
liuliu cat...


Wennnn said...

HAhahahah U really tak tak tei ler Chen!! Thumbs up for U!!

keeyit said...


rinnah said...

Really OMS! How did you arrive at that conclusion?

Chen said...

The evolution of Liucat? :P

tak tak tei?
thanks for the thumbs up :D

wake up wake up
or else Skunkie has to do the job liao to wake u up :P

just some random thought
the idea just come itself :P

mich said... chen jie jie u ok mou?
lets go asam laksa!
i shall bring ur chili padi

sengkor said...

u just unlocked the century old mystery.. bravo!

angel said...

mich mei-mei... jelasnya CHEN JIEJIE is NOT OK...

ko lian de garfield... yuen wong loh...

izchan said...

you have a very vivid imagination.

_butt said...

where cann... garfield is too cute to copy! haha

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wah...lidat also can ar?

jiejie really hebat lor..

can analyze till so "detail"...


Zhu said...

Just the pronunciation of 貓 makes me laugh!


Ehon said...

SAMPAT! lol!!

moz monster said...

Wah ! Kopi meow meow you can morph into Garfield ah ?

Ocipala punya geng !

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

I love garfield! He is my fav cartoon character! He! He! In real life I am a bit like garfield too!
Oh btw I need ur professional doctor 'advice' on my recent post! Tq tq in advance! Have a nice day!

Ling That's Me said...

*laugh* u make my day! :)

Redsponge said...

hmm dun like copy cat's eyes...;p

Doreen said...

hahaha, like that also can! Clever, clever *claps*

Chen said...

of coz I’m okay. Don’t worry :P

This is posted under teh "craps and humour" category mah. What else u expect woh? :P

Hahha, u still remember the cili padi? Thanks
Sure, we can go for assam laksa when u r back.

The hidden truth over the century is finally revealed?

ANGEL JIE JIE, I’m 101% okie lah
My dear Garfield knows I’m just pulling his leg mah
So he won’t mind wan..
Garfield very "big square" wan (tai fong)

Chen said...

Hehehe, it’s good to think beyond the square. Then life will be much more interesting ;)

Got leh..
Garfield really Copy Cat wan

Neh, Garfield copies human’s behaviour. He behaves exactly like a human in cat suit mah
His behaviour is so "human"

woof meow,
of coz can lah
Cos laughter is the best medicine mah. I’m sure u laugh leh when u read that earlier on :P

Chen said...

Hahhaha. Thanks for dropping by :)
I’m pretty amazed u can read Chinese.

Why Garfield? He is a great cat nevertheless. I like him, and love reading Garfield comics during my secondary school days :D

Sampat Ehon, yeah? :D
Can this post help u to de-stress yourself temporary from the mounting exam pressure?

Now is the ocipala season mah..
Err.. u really like the word ocipala huh? I see u using it everywhere

Chen said...

hor ny,
Same here. He is my favourite cartoon character too. I enjoy reading Garfield comics since my secondary school days
He is so human ;)

Okie, I will drop by at your place later in the day :)

Ling that’s me,
Thanks for dropping by.
I’m glad u enjoyed yourself and have a good laugh :)

red sponge,
His sleepy eyes and drooping eye lids is sexy leh..
Not meh? LOL

Thank u thank u
I must prepare a thank u speech liao. Hahahahhahaha

mistipurple said...

mew mew.. i'm stucked on the tree.

Selba said...

lup garfield!!! lup garfield!!! lup garfield!!!

garfield = copy cat?

but me don't lup copy cat.... how?

where's the cute garfield pics in this post? :D

Chen said...

Poor Misti
I will send Ah Boy to get u down :D

i lup Garfield too :)
Garfield is a copy cat cos he copy human behaviour :P
He is in fact so "human"

I have several mini Garfield figurines but i dunno where are they now. So sad, hence no cute picture :(

Sean said...

you really like to think aloud ya, hahah~~
But this is creative~ muahhaha

Chen said...

if the idea is interesting and worthy
I will think aloud. If it’s a boring idea, it's the other way round and I will think quietly ;)