Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Cat Museum

Despite being a Sarawakian, I only visited The Meow Meow Cat Museum once. And that historical event occured during the CNY period in February 2007. Since Winn and Sengjai just posted on Cat Museum. Being copy-cat (Meowww...), I wanna post about Cat Museum too, using the photos I took 9 months back.

These two Guard Cats (standing next to the entrance) are given the important task to welcome every visitors to Cat Museum with a friendly Meowwwww.... Since it was CNY, the guard cats are "forced" to dress up with red coloured costumes.

Nearby, there are two other big cats guarding the Guest Book. Abuthen, the notti Angel, Winn, Sengkor and Nyonya managed to leave few sampat comments when the cats have emergency nature calls to the loo. Cats also need to pee wan mah, u think what?

A nice place to take The Meow Meow Group Photo inside the Cat Museum. And the group photo taken here are guaranteed not headless unlike the group photo of the sampat gang taken inside The Friendship Park together with The Admiral Cheng Ho :P

Another site to take The Mayau Group Photo - The Last Supper The historical Cat Supper.
Egyptian Cats?

Mummy Cat. Mamamia.. Don't play-play!! Later the "ghost" come and haunt u then u know. If that is the case, then really See Ghost liao :P

Historical Tomb of a Cat named Dick, who passed away on 25 Jan 1907 (100 years ago!!)

This is 101% EFND Fei Mao (肥猫) aka Fat Cat, or Obese Cat?

My Favourite Cat - Garfield, which is none other than Human in Cat Skin

The Love Birds Love Cats, which reminds me of... you know who :P I wonder if that sampat Winn and Sengjai posed together with The Love Cats for Kodak moment anot? These two cats are cuter than the fatt hao cats in Friendship Park.

And last but not least, the "Batu Kucing" who Rocks... Pom Chak Chak

Addendum : Selba asked how Kuching got its name. This is the info I get from The Cat Museum. Click on the photo for a larger view to those who are interested.


everydayhealy said...

Hey! This museum looks interesting. I think this Museum really attracts me this time. For years, I never keen on visiting Kuching but now I changed my mind. I want to go to Kuching now!because I like this Museum. Thanks for sharing.

Going to your photo hunt now. :)

kyh said...

since u all showcase the pics liao, next time i go there no need enter. can save $$$ liao. :P

there got catwoman or not? i just watch the movie on tv last night. :P

L B said...

I've never seen a cat pee...

may said...

you all got poke your head through those holes and take picture anot? I wanna see!

Doreen said...

meow meow meow~~~~ *cat overdose*

Chen said...

Huh? This museum managed to attract u to visit Kuching? Hehehehehe.. Yeah, this museum is kinda unique and different from all the other Museums.
Cat lovers would definitely love it.

There are 4 main galleries inside there with more than 2,000 cats artifacts and memorabilia. And yeah, entrance is free but if u want to bring in camera to take photos, then u have to pay a small amount of fee :)

Hahahha, I only show less than 5% of the whole place leh, as there are more than 2,000 cats artifacts and memorabilia inside there :P And entrance to this cat museum is free. If u want to bring in camera to take photo, then have to pay a small amount of fee loh, unless if u curi-curi take photo inside. LOL

Catwoman ah? Might be have leh.. I think got, but I can't remember liao since I visited the place more than 9 months ago. There are several cat related advertisements available inside there :)

Chen said...

next time, u can spy on Liucat, then u can see how a cat pee liao. Since that doggy has a confused identity. At times he is a cat, and occasionally he is a dog and even a rabbit. LOL

Run before Winn piaks me :P

I didn't went there in a big group leh, only two of us, me and my husband. But I did take a cat picture of myself over there. Must grab any possible change to take photo mah. Hahahhaha...

*pet pet Doreen's head*
wanna eat fried fish?
or layered cat?

winniethepooh said...

interesting place..wonder if there are doggie museums? :P

moz monster said...

I have never been much of a museum person, so next time in Kuching, I'll still skip this ... whether or not cat woman is there !

Selba said...

A must visit museum!

Hahaha... how could they also put Garfield in that museum? Oh.. ok.. coz' it's a cat museum :D

Btw, do you know the history why they named the city as Kuching aka meow meow city? I remembered that they purposely added the word "H" in "Kucing" so it's not really can't translate as Cat city. Are there a lot of cats during the old times?

Chen said...

Yeah, it's unique. I haven't come across any Dog Museum yet. Definitely none in Malaysia. I would love to visit it if there is any as I love dogs :)

Hahahha..Cat Woman again :P
I'm not much of a museum person either. But still I would love to visit the Museums in UK and Paris, especially The Louvre Museum ;)

cos Garfield is a cat. Kekekke, Felix the cat and all other cat cartoon characters are also featured inside there ;) Even Mata Kucing (Longan) is also mentioned inside there. LOL

Since u raised the question how Kuching got it's name, I will include in the photo taken inside the Cat Museum explaining how Kuching gets it name. U can click on the photo to get an enlarged view of the text :)

conan_cat said...

aww, so interesting! :D even though people always say that Kuching is called Kuching but there aren't any kucings on the streeet haha... and meow!! :P me conancat mer hehehe... one day i muz go there to certify myself!!

Kenny Ng said...

No cat woman ah? I like that wor... kekeke

Bengbeng said...

well done. good choice of pics n comprehensive slection this week

Chen said...

conan cat,
haha, up to these day,i still mistyped your name as canon cat and had to retype each time :P

yeah, i hardly see any cats in Kuching. In fact I see more dogs than cats, especially white dogs !!

Kuching welcome Conan cat to Kuching with opened cat arms ;)

LOL. Cat Woman is there, just that i didn't take her photo. Btw, I'm talking about the poster, not the real person. LOLOLOL

Thanks, Beng Beng. I wanna visit Sibu again, after so many years.. :)

mistipurple said...

mewooowww moooww... mooooo

lynnx01 said...

So scary! I don't like cats now. I love dogs. But I've visited Cat Museum.. so scary lah. can't believe I visited.

angel said...

kakakka... sampat!

ok ok, nxt will be MY turn!

Chen said...

mewooowww moooww... mooooo?
Mutated Cow?
or the Cow with confused identity?

Wah.. u r like Liucas liao.
He has confused identity..
Now Misti join the bandwagon too

Hah? I remember u are phobia of chicken. But i dunno u are afraid of cats too :P

Let's see what sampat story u will come up with. Hopefully u won't post it on Wednesday and made it a Wordless Wednesday post --> ti(p)u liao. Kkkkkkkk

Berberboo said...

damn... i havent been to Cat Museum since primary 2... haha...

i think my friend told me they even had a Hello Kitty booth over there... not so sure though... i was wondering... since when did Kuching were proud of Garfields and Hello Kitties? =D

angele said...


A museum dedicated to cats!I wish I could visit such an unusual place =) It looks very interesting.

Chen said...

Hahaha, it's time to pay that place a visit again? ;)

Yeah, Hello Kitty is also featured inside there besides Garfield, Felix the Cat, Puss in Boots etc. Any known cats or cat cartoon characters will be featured inside The Cat Museum. Advertisements with cats or movies with cats are also featured inside there ;)

It's indeed an unique Museum. There are more than 2,000 cats artifacts and memorabilia inside there. Do pay this place a visit if u visit Kuching/Sarawak in the future :)

nyonyapenang said...

i think the 2 guard cats were actually bored with those 'uncreative' comments until...until we wrote ours. :)

Selba said...

Thanks for the explanation of the name "Kuching", Chen! :)

These days, beside those cat statues, are there a lot of cats on the street?

p.s: There are a lot of cats in Turkey :D

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
Hahahha, those comments u all put are very sampat. I guess the cats must have a good laugh after reading it :P

I hardly see any real cats in the street. Almost equivalent to none. What I see are just the numerous cat statues. In fact I see more dogs, especially white dogs. LOL

Jun said...

ooh! at least now i know wat to do in kuching! go see meow-meow!! u know, initially i thought the Mummy Cat was a cat version of the Sleeping Buddha *LOL*

btw how long ago did u do ur housemanship? 70cents per hr is less than peanuts!! :O it's not human labour-- it's bloody slavery lor!!!

and no, so far dun remember any nice aussie cream puffs yet... :(

Selba said...

White dogs? Are they mongrel dogs?

Btw, you are tagged, C!

mich said...

urgh! i am scared of cats!

Chen said...

Kuching has many other interesting places besides Cat Museum ;)

Sleeping Buddha Cat? LOL

I did my housemanship almost 10 years ago, in 1998. Prior to my time, my seniors dun get paid for doing on calls, which is equivalent to free labour. Nowadays the payment is much better (RM100 compared with RM20 for 24 hours in the past).

Hehehe, white dogs here basically means the street dogs with white fur :P

Thanks for tagging :)

huh? u sked of cats?
How come?
The cats bullied u in the past ah?

mich said...

i dono i see cats i jump on the chair...

Sean said...

Yeah, I have been there when I visit Sarawak last year. There really have a lot of cat stuffs, even Hello Kitty!

keeyit said...

I went there too last year.. I remembered I pose at the Love cats.. hehehe..

Only can bring one camera in only

Bengbeng said...

come visit Sibu

Jellyfish said...


i love pussy.... i mean cat


Chen said...

*no eye see* :P

jumping on the chair when seeing cockroach or tarantula sounds better leh than jumping on the chair when seeing cat.

That's true. Almost everything related to cats are available inside there. Cat lovers will definitely love this Cat Museum :)

Seems like there are many who visited Cat Museum last year.

I know there are some who curi-curi bring in cameras ;)

Chen said...

Sure, i will visit Sibu again one day (after so many years) :)

I used to visit Sibu in the early 80's when my uncle and his family was still around in Sibu. After they migrated to Canada, I seldom visit Sibu already.

u not sked the cat come and eat u meh? since u belongs to the fish family (jellyfish mah).

*siu sei ngor*
Imaging Jellyfish being chased by cats :P

diNo said...

garfield also in the museum.. wow..

Chen said...

kekkeke.. Coz Garfield is a cat. They also display Felix the Cat, Hello Kitty, Puss in Boots and other cat cartoon characters inside The Cat Museum ;)