Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photo Hunters : Cream Puff

photo hunters

Today's theme is I love ... Beard Papa's Cream Puff

The sinful and delicious Beard Papa's Cream Puff. Choux pastry shell sprinkled with white icing sugar on top. Crispy on the outside and soft inside.

The cold, yummy and soft whipped vanilla cream custard filling. Finger licking good stuff and i love it (although it is pricey). :)


L B said...

*lie down beside Ah Boy, and o p e n s mouth, waiting to be fed sinful sinful cream puffs*

moz monster said...

hehehe ... the ones in Bangkok are really nice ! I like the ones in Siam Paragon !

angel said...

Horrr... you dun love ah boy...


Chen said...

wah.. u r so like Ah Boy
knows how to enjoy life
*pet pet head*
*O P E N*

Oooh, u mean they taste differently and the ones in Bangkok are nicer ah? :)

Of coz I love Ah Boy.
How can I dun love Ah Boy woh..
I love lotsa things wan mah..
I lup Angel too :P

kyh said...

i lup creampuffs!

*squeeze yummy cream into big wide mouth*


Ehon said...

* O P E N *

only in penang ar?

may said...

there are similar cream puffs for sale here too, though not quite the same also lah. haven't tried... sked I grow faaaaaaat! kakaka!

Doreen said...

How big is the puff?

Chen said...

it's yummy. I bought it from Gurney Plaza. I prefer the vanilla cream puff than the chocolate ones. ;)

*T H R O W*
The franchise are available worldwide leh, from what i know :)

Kkkkkkk.. Can only indulge it once in a while coz high calories mah. Too many good food in Oz huh.

Slightly smaller than the standard size of a doughnut. Can't remember the exact size liao cos i ate it few weeks ago :P

Selba said...

yummmm..... how much calories is it? hehehe....

Yen said...

Oh make me hungry! LOL Great photos:)
Mine is up here;
Photo Hunter:I Love
Happy Weekend!

crazy working mom said...

I'm so with you on this one! I'll have some, please. ;)

Happy Hunting.

tegdirb92 said...

oooh my that looks delicious!! I wanna bite!!

Chen said...

Hehehhe.. i tend to forget about the calories when eating nice food. Do u have Beard Papa's Cream Puff in Indonesia? :)

Thanks. Let's have few Cream Puffs :)

crazy working mum,
Happy Hunting. Let's have few Cream Puffs as snacks while hunting ;)

yeah, it is. Have a bite :) said...

Immediately hungry liao

Moe said...

Oh, man, that looks good!

monaco said...

great mouth-watering shot! it made me hungry. good choice for this week.

Heather said...

Wow, that does look good, and I don't usually like cream puffs.

Natalie said...

Now I want really really want one! LOL! My photo hunt is up too! :)

eastcoastlife said...

Oooo... I love these too! Put them in the fridge and eat them chilled!

How come you love these puffs above your Ah boy and lo kong!? hehehe....

Chen said...

Let's makan.
It's time for lunch liao :D

yeah, it's delicious.

yeah, i love it.
Have a nice weekend.

This cream puff tastes better than most of the others in the market :)

let's have cream puff for lunch ;)

Kakkaka.. cos the theme is I Love... only mah, and not I Love... The Most. :P

diNo said...

a lot of cream punya cream puff..
where can i get this??

Che-Cheh said...

I've never tasted bear papa's cream puff before...but I'll try it after looking at your picts.

pelf said...

Beard papa's cream puff?
They don't have a branch in KT, do they?

Chen said...

i get it in Gurney Plaza. I know it's also available in Mid Valley Megamall. There should be several other branches or outlets too but i dunno the location loh :P

che cheh,
yeah, get some. U will definitely love it ;)

I dunno about that liao. I know where it is available in Penang. Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall ;)

shiera said...

wahhh! yummy!
I must buy cream puffs later!
Lucky coz there's a Beard Papa's about 10 minute from here.

Liza said...

Great choice! I love bread too. Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...


looks delicious!!!!

salivate all over perodua service center keyboard



kat said...

I had such high expectations, it was such a disappointment when I finally tried it. And so expensive summore. Do they still have the black specks in the custard?

It's also available at Jusco 1U.

Jun said...

yes yes yes i agree!!! this is the best cream puff in kl!!! nvm la 1 cream puff only cost u 0.0001% of ur hourly shift rate wat *hahaha* oh and regarding ur last post, 如果天塌下来的话,别忘了说:OMS!!!! ;p

nyonyapenang said...

sedapssss....gua pun suka the cream puff but i gotta control sikit....if not, i will become BIG nyonya liao. :D

Lynn said...

Yummy! Macro shots are great!

Chen said...

Wow, u r lucky.
Can get cream puff easily since u stay nearby :)

Thanks. Have a happy weekend.

Kkkkkk.. later they charge u for spoiling their keyboard with saliva. Btw, got free ice cream or not inside the perodua service centre. Some of the centre here provide endless supply of free ice cream ;)

The one I have over here dun have the black specks. I tried both the vanilla and chocolate cream puff and I prefer the former one :)

Chen said...

glad u like it too. How's the cream puff in Oz?

Btw, our on call claim is not high leh, unlike the pay rates in KL. I still remember during my housemanship time, our on call payment is merely 70 cents per hour!! Cheap labour, huh? OMS !! Luckily now they increased the on call payment rate :)

Kakakkaa.. LOL at your OMS statement :P

Nyonya is still "small" nyonya, i mean u r thin leh. Hehehe

Waiting for our next makan-makan and chit chat session ;)

Thanks :)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yummy and lovely, true! Have a good weekend.

angele said...

I love cream puff!!!

Have u ever tried cream puff with ice cream filling?

Omg!!!So heavenly =D

Chen said...

Yeah, and I feel like eating it again. I had the cream puff few weeks ago.

Happy Weekend.

wah... cream puff with ice cream filling sounds good. I never tried that before. Only tried waffle with ice cream or bread/bun or toast with ice cream :)

Sean said...

Yeah! I had it before too~ I bought it from Mid Valley Megamall~!
I really taste nice, but pricey.

Btw, I also joined the photo hunter post. Hope you will visit it at

Andrée said...

oh I need some of those for breakfast!

Chen said...

Yeah, the cream puff is costly. I can't remember whether it is RM 3.30 or RM 3.50 per piece. Can have a bowl of noodle or economy rice with vege/meat with that similar amount of money ;)

Sure, I will visit your soon :)

And I also would like to have not only one, but two of those cream puff for breakfast ;)

Dragonheart said...

Great photos! That looks very yummy. :) Delicious choice for the Hunt!

Carver said...

That looks delicious too. I also love cream puffs but I haven't had one in ages. Perhaps I'll go to the bakery this weekend for a treat. My local bakery has similar ones although not exactly what you have.

Chen said...

Thanks. U wanna have some?
I love your family photo. Your mum is so sweet :)

I have tasted several cream puff from different bakeries in Malaysia in the past but theirs is not as nice as Beard Papa's. Might be the local bakery in your place can produce nicer ones :)

A. said...

Oh those look SO good! Mmmm......

mistipurple said...

cravings again lah you give me. tomorrow no time go buy beard papa. :(

slurp! said...

Personally, I find it overpriced & overrated. i tasted better cream puffs elsewhere in japan

how much it costs in Penang? I think it's S$2 a pop here *ouch*

CRIZ LAI said...

Cool or should I say cold cream puff? haha. I used to have them practically few times a week. They are real delicious. Did you try other flavors before? they are as good as the vanilla ones. See you around Chen :)

YTSL said...

We have Beard Papa's Cream Puffs here in Hong Kong too. And I know there's a branch in Beijing as I've seen it there as well! :)

pelfy said...

I've seen the Papa Beard shop in Mid Valley, but I have not tried the cream puffs.

BTW, I've just updated my photo hunt - "I love cheongsam". I hope you can visit me (=

Chen said...

mouth watering food stuff ;)

Aiyak. I would like to give too if i have some. But too bad I dun have any with me woh. I took those photo several weeks ago liao :)

Yeap, the cream puff is expensive. So far that is the best I found in Penang.

I can't remember the exact price as I bought those cream puff few weeks back. It's either RM3.30 or RM3.50 per cream puff.

Chen said...

Hahaha. Yeah, the fillings are cold, and I love it. Few times a week? Wow.. I only have it once in few weeks (or months?) LOL

Yeah, i have tried the chocolate flavour. Do they have any other flavour other than vanilla and chocolate? Those are the only flavours available in the outlet over here.

That's cool. They have outlets worldwide, but so far, I think it's not available in Sarawak yet :)

Might be u can try it out next time if u visit MVM.

Sure, I will visit u soon :)

everydayhealy said...

OMG! I am drooling again. This is something hard to resist. The worst part is... I don't think I can get it here. Even hopeless if I just want to have it now! :(

Great shot! :)

Secret Agent Mama said...

Mmmmmmmmmm I want, I want!!

lovie said...

I saw this before, but I've never tried it. Now that you've shared your opinion I think I'm going to give it a try when I have the chance to.
It looks tempting. =D

Chen said...

Thanks. Btw, are u in Penang? If so, u can get the Beard Papa's cream puff in Gurney Plaza or Queensbay Mall :)

secret agent mama,
Let's have cream puff for brekkie :)

Yeah, it's delicious, especially with the cold whipped cream custard filling :)

Ladynred said...

Looks really delicious!

Berberboo said...

u know... when i visit ur blog... i always try to avoid the food pictures when i scroll down...=(

this is because... the pictures taken always make me damn hungry especially at night when im supposed to sleep... haha... =D

Chen said...

yeah, it is :)

Hehehehe... At times I myself feel hungry looking at those pictures too ;)