Thursday, November 15, 2007


如果天跌下, 就来当被盖 loh.
没什么大不了的 lah.
就算經濟再差, 只要有心还是有活路.
对吗? 你同意吗?

Nothing happen lah. My hands are itchy and I just wanna write something in Chinese. Blame it on Winn, coz I was temporary infected by her deadly contagious Chinese-post-craze virus :P

寫中文的我,像不像自己和自己在説話呢 ?
(curi and modify Winn's post title) :P

*Addendum : 寫中文的我,是否仿佛变了另外一个人呢 ? :P


mich said...

wei...i am a banana la..dono how to read la..ish!~

Winn said...

nanana u see u kena from mich oredi . everytime write chinese sure kena one hor

u speak chinese to urself meh? or hokkien?

Chen said...

it's time to move out from the banana shell liao.
go learn Chinese!!
u won't regret wan :P

Eeee.. why lidat wan hoh?
Discrimination liao..

i speak in different language to myself leh
at times English
at times Chinese
and at times Cantonese
so confusing, huh? :P

sengkor said...

yao hai chingchong?? grrr...

mistipurple said...

ni ye si chwei hao de

Chen said...

this time i tarak ocipala leh
dat is a serious post which appeared once in a blue moon
*looking out the window*
Tonight got blue moon leh :P

No grrrrrrrr woh :P


Hehhehehehe :P

mich said...

i read my law is more than enough eyes after tomoro 2.30 pm will shut straight to

moz monster said...

同意 ... 同意 !!

angel said...

ngor pei lei yat kor thiu jin... lei blog in hokkien!!


kha meh!!

L B said...

See Ghost! See Ghost!!! See Skeletons clanging, see White Bedsheets floating, see Giant Tarantulas crawling, see Pontianaks hopping, see Skulls grinning, see shells by the sea shore...

Ehon said...

i'm an English man, tarak read chinese. i can only read a few words and guess what u wrote. :P

may said...

apa ni? so liuliu... lidi lidi... blur sotong...

Chen said...

syiok hoh, last day of exam.
All the best and enjoy your beauty sleep this afternoon :)

谢谢, 谢谢 :)

wanna challenge me pulak ah? :P
err... I remembered I have written a post in Hokkien some time ago. Neh, u still remember the tag u gave me more than a year ago? I replied and answered that tag in hokkien mah :P

let me search back the post.
Wait hah...

Kkkkkk.. I found it liao,
Rojak Post. Err, u wanna blog in Hokkien? Come we sama-sama blog in Hokkien again. Syiok mah :P

Chen said...

Wah.. Halloween party over liao..
Seventh month also over liao..
No See Ghost
No NO No...

wah, say yourself as English man pulak? U are Chinese leh, Kkkkkk and have Chinese blood mah. So u r Chinese and not AngMoh. Kkkkkkkk..

What is your guess ah? Let me see how accurate issit :P

Some serious stuff..
Err.. not so serious also leh
but definitely not sampat or ocipala stuff liao. Hehheehe said...

看你的文章, 感觉完全不一样了
好像不是 chen22 了

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

aiyok...dun uncerstand...


read until eyes also @@ d...


Chen said...

Haven't accustomed to writing ocipala stuff using chinese language yet.


woof meow,
hehehe, Don't worry. U can ask your hunny or Ah Woof to teach u chinese this coming holiday.

keeyit said...

Post written in english and in chinese really got different feel one..

Doreen said...

Aiks, you also write chinese. Is it a chinese week or what? (^_^)

寫中文的你, 還是依舊sampat, but 我喜歡sampat的你. Hehehe

Chen said...

I found out we can express and describe things better with chinese. The richness of Chinese culture and chinese wordings. Hence I prefer to read chinese novels than english novels cos it is more lively ;)

五千年的文化. Heh :)

Waiting for u to join the band wagon liao. Is Doreen going to write a post in Chinese language soon? LOL

寫中文的我, 还是我... :P

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Can translate or not! Me also banana ( even dream in english )!!
Have a nice day!

mistipurple said...

wat is 222 ah? kkkkk. clue? hahahaha.
thanks. hahahhaa wink wink

mich said... beauty sleep..after exam he pick me up we went to times take laptop go repair..then go

Chen said...

hor ny,
If the above short passage was translated to English, then the meaning won't be as nice as if written in Chinese - will lost the urmmph ;)

Enjoy your weekend too :)

i also wanna ask, what is the 222 u were talking about? I catch no bola too. LOL

Err.. u thanking me for what ah?
wink wink summore? Issit that u received it already? :P

so tonight u will sleep early lah? Since u roaming around in the late afternoon and in the evening :P

eastcoastlife said...

又一个写中文的!哈哈。。。 我也来一篇凑凑热闹好吗!

How come so many Chinese cannot read and write their mother tongue!?

kyh said...

ecl: becos banana splits taste better? :P

Chen said...

hahahhaa, waiting for your chinese post then ;)

why so many chinese cannot read and write their mother tongue ah? Might be coz they like banana kua? :P

Wah.. talking about banana split in the middle of the night?
Now I feel like eating Goreng Pisang tim :P

mistipurple said...

HAAAAHAA now i geddit!!! you asked me to zzz!! not 222! *pengsan* i really need to ZZZ!
and yes wink wink WINKKKKK!! lup you kaw kaw kaw kaw kaw...

Chen said...

kkakakakka.. u r indeed Sotong.
more sotong than Sotong liao
made me crack my head wondering what is that 222 too earlier on :P

Tonight u have to zzzz early liao, hence no more 222 confusion :P

Kkkk.. Glad u received it ;)

mich said...

haha nope i did not sleep early...
haha went out for movie...
yesterday night

Zhu said...

Woo hoo ! 我看得懂!

………… not to bad for a white girl like me! :D

Chen said...

night owl ah? :D

There are many Chinese out there who cannot write, read nor speak Chinese, and yet u can understand what I write. Excellent :)