Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rojak Post

Angel asked me to do this hard task long long time ago... So better submit the homework before she mengamuk habis. Later she dowan to chia wa chiat Bakuteh then cham loh :(

1) what is your IRC/ MSN/ Yahoo Messenger nick? Chen
2) what's the first word that comes to mind? Aiyak
3) what was the word you last said? Cham
4) what was last word you type? Sien
5) what word do you hate? Tulan
6) can you rearrange these letters to form a word: giismsn ? Missing
7) what is your favourite prime colour? Black
8) have you read Da Vince Code? No
9) what is the word of the day here? Littoral (apa ni? so cheem)
10) finally, click here. Banana (wah.. lidat also can?)

Now you have 10 words, go on and do this:
i) write an entry of between 100-200 words, with the words in your answers above included once, and only once.
ii) meme cannot be sent back to the sender.

This is purely craps aka rojak post, a truly Malaysian post (mixture of few language/dialect - Chinese, English, Malay, Iban, Hokkien, Cantonese). Proceed at own risk :D

Aiyoh, si beh tulan.. Lenglui Angel kio wa siah essay. Sik mau tulis pun sik boleh.. Cham loh.. Aiyak, summore have to use all the 10 words above leh to sia chor bun. Ane kang kor eh. Sien kao si.. Scratching head. No, my head is not itchy.. just gatai tangan only. Err... Apa pulak my pen missing? Siapa jahat sangat curi pen I? Boh pen kio wa anchua sia chor bun? Hamik lang ane pai si, ai sabotage wa? Note to self :Ah Chen, like it or not, u also have to write leh.. cincai siah mai si ersai loh.. tong kim wa er bin oh-oh; lien hei-hei (black face). Eat few banana to cool down myself. Kekkee, mission almost accomplish liao, except wa aboi yong the cheem word littoral yet :P (ngam ngam 100 words)

***Angel, hope u don't hematemesis or vomit blood after reading this crap rojak post. Hahhaha... I told u liao, I dunno how to write :P

Brief summary of what I crap up there, especially for those who don't understand the rojak language :

Aiyoh, I'm frustrated. Pretty Angel asked me to write an essay. Don't want to write also cannot. Some more have to use all the 10 words above to compose the essay. So difficult. I feel bored & tired. Scratching my head now. No, my head is not itchy, just that my hand is itchy. Err.. How come my pen missing? Who steal my pen? Without pen how am I going to write essay? Who is that horrible person who wanted to sabotage me? Note to self : Ah Chen, like it or not, you also have to write the essay. Simply write also can lah.. At the moment my face is very black. Eat few banana to cool down myself. Kekkee, mission almost accomplish already, except I haven't use the intellectual word littoral yet :P


L B said...

sotsotsot.. so this was what you were doing instead of working on an autopsy or two!!!

may said...

waaaa, back home in time to CHUP!

which reminds me.. I haven't done mine yet... wakakakakaka!

Simple American said...

chup for third

And your writing was cute. But remember doctor. You can always contract out to a professional. uh hum. ;)

Chen said...

what to do.. if i don't do it, angel will mengamuk liao, hahaha... Aiyoh, why I want to do autopsy at this hour?

welcome back home :) but chup here no medal leh..

just shhhh... and might be Angel forgotten liao hoh.. u just keep quiet can liao, hahaha

Hahha, It is easy to write craps LOL

angel said...

Like dat you also can... si beh gao lar lu, liuliu...

Thank god i'm good at controlling my blood... and i also came 'prepared' after your 'warning'... if not, i masuk hospital becos of u, liuliu!

But okaylah, considered pass!

*pretends didn't see ahmay's comment*

Winn said...

HAHHAHA......this is interesting ! very funny ! hahaha..

Chen said...

can, semua pun boleh :P
kekkeke... cos sotsot too much lately, blame the sotong.

that's why lah, i warn u first liao, so that u have "sem lei chun pei" & won't get a shock out of your life ;) See? I'm very considerate :D

hahah, TQ TQ, but talking about funny, u r still the sifu...

a^ben said...

hu hu hu ak ak ak!!!!! (this more sot than my tag post eh!) hahahahahha :P

Chen said...

aiyo, the way u laugh veli de scary --> hu hu hu ak ak ak!!!!!
really hak sei ngor. I know lah, that is your trademark laughing sound u always used in YM audibles :P

sotsot too much lately, that's why. Blame it on the sotong :D

Pink Cotton said...

REALLY a crappy post!! :P

Selba said...

Whoaaa.. even after there's a translation.. I'm blur!!! what is scary, what is crappy? tsk tsk tsk....

domesticgoddess said...

wahahahha... lu eh hokkien ko si cheem leh... use chor bun summore!!!

carcar said...

sot sot sot...
wah lao eh, u superb in hokkien! wat a good hokkien post!

beh ta han leh.. lu si jin chia gao in writing rojak post leh.

Chen said...

pink cotton,
;) hahah, it's okie to crap once in a while :P

aiyak, still blur ah? tat means the crappy post is effective - blurring your mind slowly. LOL

domestic goddess,
hahaha, paiseh paiseh :D

not superb lah :P I use hokkien everyday, so sotsot of used to it liao. Hehehe.. two people say i gao liao, later i perasan pulak..

L B said...

I learnt the true meaning of tulan...

Chen said...

hahhaa... glad u finally know the true meaning of tulan although it has few meanings :P

L B said...

I also learnt a new word I could use quite often:

carcar said...

chen told me : well tulan have fw meanings
car: i know
Chen: but mostly we use to mean extreme frustration
Chen: kekkee

LB ask Chen issit okie to use the word tulan in front of parents?

car: in front of parents? siao ah
Chen: hahhaha
car: parents use in front of us got lah.
car: go tell him
car: if use tulan in front of parents, later parent tu kaw kaw lan infront of us. then sure DIE

Chen: LOL

Chen said...

yeah lah.. very cheem, right :)

hahhaha... don't lah teach bad words here LOL

L B said...

Waaa!!!! Apa lu?!! Kena wat wat? tu kaw kaw lan?
That sounded very nasty! sot sot sot!!!
LOLOL!!! I need to go buy sotong....

L B said...

Waaaa!!! How you managed to favicon your site ah?!! Very the cool! Teach me, teach me!!

Chen said...

hahahha.. very fast u learn the word hematemesis. But please don't aw huek too frequent, later u become anaemic :P

I guess u know what's the meaning of tu kaw kaw lan liao :P Buy more sotong cos sotong is good. That's the recommendation of May, the Master of Sotong ;) *cabut*

your eyes very sharp leh.. lidat also u notice? Thanks to my cousin who teached me that. This is the link

L B said...

Waaa, syiok syiok!! You know? You should blog about that so everyone can have their favicons on the bookmarks! Easier to tell who's who ma... Ok, won't hematemesis so much.. just spurt spurt..

Chen said...

see one of these days loh.. :P Now I'm lazy to write.

Spurt spurt out blood also cannot. Don't waste blood :D

day-dreamer said...


Cynthia said...

TULAN is the word I would type out, not saying out loud. =)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
want to join in the fun? :)

same here :) kekekke..