Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lizard Egg

I found this when clearing my stuffs few nights ago. What issit? Nope, that's not duck egg but lizard egg.

So cute.. small things are always cute (don't u think so?) Guess what came to my mind at that moment after I took the picture? I feel like breaking the mini egg to have a look at the mini egg yolk. Hahhaa, I was tempted to do so but I didn't.. cos I afraid I might see a semi-formed baby lizard instead :P

Cute right, the little lizard egg when put next to the chicken egg. The chicken egg looks so gigantic.


angel said...

Lizzard egg??

L B said...

Waaaaa!! How can?!! angeliuliu beat me to it!!! *merajuk sot sot*

Chen said...

kekeke.. cute leh the lizard egg :D

aiyak, janganlah merajuk..
give u the lizard egg to play with :P (but don't break the egg, okie? ) Later the lizard mama come after u LOL

L B said...

Nevermind, I just want some sotong eggs...

angel said...

Muahahahahahahha!!! I knew u'd be big time pig's penis! LOLOLIULIU!!!

*dances around the mulberry bush*

*wave wave @ Doc*
Hullo, lu ho boh?? Wa pak tor yao... (Shit, dunno how to spell hungry in hokkien! liuliuliu!)

Chen said...

hahhaa.. sotong egg veli de high cholesterol. No good, no good. I have picture of cooked sotong egg lah.. u want? :P

hahhaha.. u r refering to who ah? :P
wa ho.. telimah kaseh for asking.
hungery ah? let's go makan char siew pao :D

a^ben said...

phew` lucky its the egg only` if it's CICAK.. I AM SO GONNA KILL YOU~ hahahahahahhahaha

L B said...

You gonna send by those idyat DHL trishaw people again? To Taman Bahagia again?!! sot sot sot!!

Chen said...

wah... ben siu so fierce one..
scared loh..

dunno your address.. so I just pass it to the dove, see where it send :P

may said...

at least this time the eggs don't look as scary as kahchuaks!

did you try hatching it? got pet lizard now?

a^ben said...

tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk *imitate sounds of cicak`*

_butt said...

Yikes!! Lizard egg!!


Chen said...

the egg is left on the shelf. Still intact :P So far no sign of hatching.. Should i break the egg? My hand is itchy now..

If the egg is hatched, the ah boy will have new pet :P He likes to chase after and bark at flying bugs.

Since when u become little cicak woh? No more hu hu hu ak ak ak liao?

Chen said...

huh? scary meh the cicak egg?
cute lah..
Cicak likes to lay egg inside the keyholes. Last time when I was still a kid, i like to dig out the eggs from the keyholes LOL

_butt said...

Yerrrr.. you digged it out sumore.. won't pecah de meh?

Duno lar.. I feel so geli with that lizard egg.. maybe because it looks a lot like those hard boiled egg we eat wan. Of coz this is smaller la and the most geli thing is that a baby lizard is inside.. eeee..

Chen said...

This time i didn't dig out.. I saw the egg somewhere on the floor behind the shelf (the mummy lizard very stupid, hahaha.. laying eggs there).

I dig the eggs out very carefully in the past, to make sure the eggs won't break ;) If broken, then my effort is wasted :P

_butt said...


I wonder how the egg looks like if somebody stepped on it flat.. eww, OK, dont wana imagine that now.

carcar said...

aiyoh, i went to a short nap and i am so late now..

is ok , Sotong Good Spirit is never say die! Better late than never! To have fun is the key! No misunderstanding, just join the Club, to have fun and to flow with the flow!


So i see sotong Egg here?

LB can have fried calamari tonight with ho pao dan! (fried egg) or mata kerbau :P

i used to see all these lizard eggs when i was really young, never see it since ages ago... Did u pecahkan the egg?

carcar said...

forget to tell u : Good Job Sotong!!

the first photo is awesome! it looks like one of the 行星 in the universe!

who knows...

only a lizard egg on a glass table :P

fred said...

Me: Ma!!! Which one is the duck egg??
Ma: The white one!!!
Me: OK
Ma: Where is the egg?
Me: Fried already.
Ma: Let me see... *Faint*

I always break the egg just to see the inside. :)

Anonymous said...

Eggs....hmm...YUMMY!!! Even if it belongs to a lizard, it's still an egg :p

Chen said...

tempted loh to break the egg..
let me see.. if one week later the egg still hasn't hatch, might be I will go & break it :P

if someone step on the egg... mmm..
u want me to step on the egg or not? :P

no, u r not late. U have Good Sotong spirit :) I have sotong egg food pict, but didn;t post loh.. hahha, i have few thousand photos on food leh :P

tell u hoh, I was tempted to break the egg, but didn't. See if my hand is itchy or not next week ;)

Thanks :) I like the first photo too :D Special, right? ;) white egg on dark blackground with reflection on the glass table :)

Chen said...

hahaha.. good lah your lame joke :D
i like :D

u break the lizard egg before? The egg yoke cute or not?

hahaha.. don't tell me u will eat the lizard egg as well? :P

Simple American said...

Take the egg to X-Ray and peek inside.

Only found one egg hor? Wonder if mommy lizard moved the others and you have more in the house?

I say don't break unless there is concern of a poisonous liazard. Don't know what kind of critters you have over there.

Selba said...

cicak egg?! telur cicak... yummy... oopsssss.... not the real one.. but the one peanut coated with sugar and then put in colourful... hehehehe

day-dreamer said...

Wah... rupa-rupanya the chicken egg we eat is so big one ah?!


Chen said...

Hahaha.. I guess better to do a CT scan then :P Got few eggs.. others hatched already.. only left behind pieces of egg shells. That is the only intact egg :)

The lizards here are just the normal house lizards :)

wah.. i get a shock imaging u eating the lizard egg.. luckily not the real egg. hahaha...

Chen said...

day dreamer,
yeah loh.. in comparison :D

imagine if put the lizard egg next to the ostrich egg :P

Winn said...

socute!!!! but i hate lizard!

two days ago, jus when i open my cardoor, ababy lizard jumped into my car, the passenger seat!

i scared it will out of a sudden jump out la!
so i told my bro that i'm gona drive n let him sit at the passenger seat! hahahah egg yolk or not?

Chen said...

kekkke.. tell u something... I have experienced baby lizard drop from the ceiling right on my head leh.. cham or not? :P

egg yolk ah?
if the egg doesn't hatch one week later, i will break it :P Tangan gatai liao.. LOL

_butt said...

I'd say break, break, break!! :P

Since its gona break itself anyway, might as well you break it lo rite? *hehe*

_butt said...

Oops.. 'break' is not the word. Hatch la I mean.. just woke up.. *blur sotong*

Mei said...

How did you know it was a lizard's egg? I personally haven't seen one before... but eww! It's so yuck! lizards are disgusting!!! Freaks me out!

Chen said...

wow.. break the egg ah? Mmmm... Let's say, later if I saw a semi-formed lizard, I will take photo & post it up here. LOL

Btw, u r still awake at 4:30 am in the early morning? really night ghost :P

I saw the eggs many times during my childhood time ;) I don't mind lizard but I don't like cockroaches. I have the experience of a baby lizard who lost balance while walking on the ceiling & drop straight on my head... Aiks :( I still remember it till now. LOL

Daniel Yiek said...

Geckos are real pest with their droppings...though they help to eat up ants. Destroy the egg and have peace of mind.

fred said...

chen: never see the egg yolk because everything is a mess when I do so. :) brute force I use.

zeroimpact said...

I wonder bout the taste...

Chen said...

The droppings is also known as traffic police uniform (black & white stool). I will take into consideration to break the egg in few days time :)

ouch !! Next time u need to be more gentle when u break the egg. LOL

u want to eat???? o.O

_butt said...

No ar.. woke up an hour ago oni ma *hehe*

zeroimpact said...

I believe not!!!

Chen said...

wake up at 1:30 am in the early morning? Mmmm... u sleep at what time ah? Don't tell me u sleep for only one hour a day :P

I thought I can feed u the egg :P

_butt said...

Eh, how u know wan?

No la.. my bedtime schedule not consistent wan ma.. sometime I sleep around the evening and woke up late nite late oso got.. *hehe*

Chen said...

cincai guess oni lah.. Don't worry, I don't have radar :P

wah, so flexible ah your zzzz time.. Sleep & wake up whenever u like? :P

bluewave said...

lizzard egg................eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
not cute
iiiiiiiii ,........irritation to my heart ..........wort .. i will vomit if i see a semi-form baby lizzard.

Chen said...

I checked the same lizard egg few days ago (I left it on the shelf) and the egg was hatched... Luckily I didn't break the egg earlier on, or else I will see a semi-formed baby lizard :P