Sunday, June 25, 2006

Taiping Zoo (11) : African Savanna

I almost forgotten to continue my Taiping Zoo series.... It's time to continue on with the local Animal Planet Series (which is Free Of Charge) :P

Giraffe. This is the only giraffe left in the zoo at the moment. When I looked back at the photos taken 2 years ago, there were 3 giraffes. (The flamingo mengacau only.. obstructing the view.. Must piak with sotong).

I guess the giraffe can sustain neck fracture easily since they have long necks :P At first I thought giraffes will have more cervical vertebraes then human beings since their necks are so long, but I was wrong. Giraffes have exactly the same number of cervical vertebraes as human. It is just that their cerival vertebraes are extremely elongated.

Long-horned ankole cattle. I love to look at the horns, which is one of the largest and most dramatic horns. There is only one ankole cattle left at the moment. I remember there were four previously..

Zebra, which reminds me of zebra crossing :)

The three musketeers :)

to be continued...


may said...

I like the 3 muskateers picture the best! LOL!! but there were 4 in the end.. oh wait, that's the giraffe!

but... where's the sotong leader?

carcar said...

i simply love all the picture here! all! especialy the third one!!

very nice shot!

arh.. a break for sotong... zoo is good! zebra is good!

Is there any sotong can be found in Zoo?

Pink Cotton said...

YAY! im third today! :P

so difficult to be the top10 to comment in ur blog la chen ..hehehe

btw...the flamingo so noti ho???hahahah

Chen said...

Thanks. Talking about 3 musketeers.. paiseh to tell u that I only know the existence of "The 3 Musketeers", but dunno what is the story about :P Very suku hoh?

I guess the sotong leader is the giraffe loh.. hahahha. Oops, better retract back that statement.. The group leader is the giraffe. The sotong leader is busy looking for little sotongs to piak the kaka caucau flamingo :P

TQ TQ my beloved sotong carcar. Oops, still cannot resist to talk about sotong. Sotong have to Relax today.. LOL

Sotong can't be found is Zoo leh.. but it can definitely be found in seafood restaurant (ouch !!)

Hehhee.. congrats congrats :) Aiyak, got top 10 ranking one meh?

Yeah loh, the flamingo want to chuk fong tao mah.. Want to be famous.... That's why loh :)

day-dreamer said...

Yeah, same with carcar, I wanted to ask how come I cannot see sotong one?? :P

L B said...

LOL at all the demands for a sotong! Hey Chen, got sotong costume? I can pretend to be exhibit A, yeah?!..

ps: I love Zebras.. don't like Zebra crossings so much, but Zebras.. they are cute. How come no one uses them as Horses?

domesticgoddess said...

your camera zoom is powerful eh... coz last time i went there i couldn't get such close-up pics...

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Hahhaha, this is Taiping Zoo leh, not KLCC Aquaria nor Seafood Restaurant :P

Sotong is now the hot topic & cannot blame them for being sotsot ;) Who starts the sotong craze? Wah.. If I have the sotong costume, u really volunteer to become exhibit ah?

Your Zebra question very cheem again.. I guess people scares of the stripes on zebras body cos remind them of .... jail? :P

domestic goddess,
nyek nyek.. one of my gadget has optical zoom 10x :P

L B said...

I think I can safely point my finger at you, the Sotong of all sotongs.. All Hail Sotong Chen..

Yeah, maybe you're right. Go straight to Jail one, can't pass Go, and no collect $200.. No wonder.

Chen said...

Err... I start the craze meh? I only remember wanting to piak someone with sotong earlier on ... and then somehow, the sotong king started the sotong thingy..(followed by the sotsot hits by Carcar).

Yeahlah, that's why zebra is not as popular as horse cos of that :P

angel said...

I've been thinking of wat to write for the past few minutes... hmmm... brain dead sekejap...

Last time, my dad always take me to that zoo. I love zoos cos I love animals. But our Zoo Negara quite pathetic... most of the tigers/lions are pretty skinny...liuliu loh...

Winn said...

i magine deAr meat, zo-bra meat and ziraffff meat, and beefliu! muhhahahah......

have u oredi know wat seasonings u prefer to go with those??

Selba said...

nice... the zoo again... :)

yeah the three muskateers is the best, agreed!!!

Chen said...

u need cerebral resuscitation? :P
Taiping Zoo is much much much more better than Zoo Negara loh..

yeah hoh.. how can we forget to relate them with foodddd !!! Dear meat ah.. cooked with ginger loh.. Zebera meat ah.. never tasted before leh.. ziraffff meat leh.. Mmm.. IMHO, better to cook sup tulang for giraffe leh.. since has so many bones :P Beefliu ah? BBQ beef? LOL

Yeah, still lotsa zoo posts to go :P
Thanks :)

day-dreamer said...

Pity Jellyfish no longer here... if not he'd make a good sotong... Muahahaha!!

Funny... come to speak of it, I don't remember seeing sotongs in Aquaria KLCC when I went there last time...


zeroimpact said...

Wah... I like animal
So cute n nice
But I have never been to the Taiping zoo
I wanna go I wanna go

Chen said...

day dreamer,
jellyfish dish? that's delish :P
aiyak, how come they don't have sotong in Aquaria KLCC. Must be the Sotong has runaway (inspired by the movie Chicken Run, hence The Sotong Run) :P

zero impact,
siudidi, u have to go there.. Ask your mummy & daddy to bring u there on of these day lah :D Nice leh the place.. I went there many times liao :P

L B said...

The Sotong Curi Ayam!

_butt said...

Haha.. give lar some space for that flamingo to post a bit.. piak with sotong pulak.. kesian.

Nice pics there btw.. especially the 3 muskateers.. :D

Not easy to shoot 3 different animals down on their knees at the same time eh?

Winn said...

haha ! now you're talking!!!

zeroimpact said...

Yah lo...
Must ask da da to bring mi there
wan to c gilaf
wan to c jibra
wan to c moo moo

Chen said...

curi ayam? yin wong… I mana ada tao kai?

that flamingo really kaypoh.. I took so many flamingoes pict liao earlier on but he still want to appear in other animal’s photo.
Really kiasu :P
Yeah.. we can’t force animal to post for us, hahaha…

Yeahloh, I am now talking with sotong mind & sotong language :P

cute boboi, hope your beloved dada will bring u there this coming weekend loh..
remember to ask dada to buy asikelim for u too ;)

agus said...

two of the three musketeers are very horny. One curved and the other traight.


agus said...

the aiyoh was for the typo error. I meant one bent and the other straight.


zeroimpact said...

I wan KFC...
Let's go to the zoo
There's lots of things to do
And the food is finger licking good
yum yum yum

may said...

Sotong, oh my Sotong...

I think zebras didn't make it as horses because they kept stopping to let people cross... err... zebra-crossing... no?

Chen said...

Really aiyoh loh.
kakkkaa. I like the way u put it :P

zero impact,
aiyak, remember to wash your hands before eating KFC, or else u might end up licking all the bugs on your finger.. Jie Jie dowan siudidi to get stomachache later on leh :P

Who is the Sotong? :P

Err.. I thought it's the other way round, cos they keep on crossing the road, hence called zebera crossing? Gosh, sotsot liao.. I'm talking sotong again..

slurp! said...

omg, they put 3 difference animals togather!!!? the cattle looks veri dangerous!

Chen said...

not only 3.. besides these 3 animals, there are giraffe, flamingoes, ostrich, spoonbill etc etc etc... they all stay together, indeed one big happy family :)

Simple American said...

Love the zoo. I used to take my kids when they are little.

Just looked at your profile. Saw Anira mui there. I love Mui Yin Fong movies and concert videos. So sad she is gone.

Chen said...

Yeah, zoo is not just for little kids, but for all ages group ;)

Yeah, she was indeed a very talented singer & actress. No one can replace her :( Sad she is gone...

Pandabonium said...

What do giraffe make with spray paint?


Chen said...

hahaha, that's really a good one ;)

Anonymous said...

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