Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Space Invaders

Space Invaders - A simple game with simple graphic which we crazed during our childhood/teenage time. One key feature of Space Invaders was that as more and more aliens were shot, the remaining aliens will move faster and faster. And one interesting fact is, some of the aliens resemble Sotong (aka Octopus). LOL

Yeah, I played the nostalgic game once again few weeks back. Pac Man and Space Invaders were the first few video games we played in the past (in the 80's). Reminiscing the good old times - playing the Space Invaders for hours using Atari video arcade games in my cousin's house or occasionally with the IBM PC with green colored monochrome monitors in school.

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Winn said...

isnt it sotong? looks like a fungus shit also.......hahah

Kenny Ng said...

What a classic video game! I miss that too.

Chen said...

i assume it's sotong until proven otherwise.. LOL

fungus shit? walao.. dun lah compare the cute sotong with fungus shit

Those days we dun have much video games, huh? Although those are simple games with basic 2-D graphics, and yet we can still glued & played the games non stop for hours.. :D

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

sure look like a sotong to me..hehe...but geez, thats classic game ler...

i also remember during my primary school time, dad bought me the video game with huge huge cartridge game thingy...

mistipurple said...

how fungus shit look like ah? how come winnliu knows?

Bernard said...

Space invaders and pac man! Pioneers in a brave new world.

And really addictive... then. How about "lode runner"? Remember that one?

angel said...

Errr... I neber play b4... I oni play Game & Watch... (we used to call it tik tik tik... kkkkk)

Monk[+]Icon said...

this is the game of the century back in the 80's, i remember playing it until dowan to makan nasi..hahahaha!

ehon said...

chen! why u kill ur own cousin?!

u see! when i was young, i don even have any video game to play ler. only when i was about 12 yrs old, can go to my rich cousin's house to play his super mario on his nintendo.

Simple American said...

Oh come on. You are too young to play those in the 80s. :P

Of course it is sotong. And if you ever win the game and kill them all then you get free calamari. So far no one has done that.

Wennnn said...

I hv this game... Hahhahahaha guess I hv to take it out and play lor!!! Thanks for reminding!!! said...

Those games ... really addictive.
Hours and hours on it when I was ... 10?

Will said...

hahaha it's alien sotong lah...

so canggih one your school... got computers during that time

rinnah said...

Wah... I still remember this game. Can play until cows come home... and five of us cousins fighting over who gets to play it next. *grin*

eve said...

Lei duck ge that oso can?.

Adino said...

Nowadays I prefer to play Chicken Invaders instead :P

Chen said...

woof meow,
during your primary school time, tat was in the 90's liao.. got more games in the market oledi, including Mario etc :D

Hhahaha, good Q
Might be she saw it before kua?
I dunno liao :P

Lode Runner ah? Can't remember wat issit liao. Let me google and see what issit about.

Hehhehe... i forgotten the name of that game liao. Used to play it in the past too. Another classic game in the 80's ;)

Chen said...

ini Angel, How Come u never play this game in the past geh?
How Come?

I only owned one Game & Watch game in the past. Neh, the Octopus Game

LOLOL, those really were the days.
Can play for hours until forgotten to eat rice wan. Hahhahha...
Those crazy days :D

Chen said...

Cos they have several lives mah.
So no worry :P

I dun have those games too. I played the games in my cousin's house :)

where got woh..
I was in primary school in the early 80's liao :P

No wonder i never get free calamari lah.. Cos i never manage to kill all the Sotongs :P

o.O.. U have this game?
Faster dig out the game liao..
Must play kaw-kaw tonight

Chen said...

More addictive than ganja or candu
Can go on & on without resting, without meals, without visiting the loos, without drinking water etc..
Those crazy days..

Pom Chak Chak Alien Sotong? ;)

The computers are not for all the students, just for those who are members of hte Computer Club. I joined the Computer Club in my school mah.. Paying club fee RM 5 per month leh.. And we get to use the computer once a week. Those IBM PC loh with green coloured monochrome monitor. No Windows or color monitor yet :P

And I was the honourable treasurer of the Computer Club too ;)

Chen said...

u do young yet u knew and played the game? I thought only dinosaurs like us have played the game in the past. Kkkkkkkk...

Can play till forget to do other things wan, including eating, drinking, resting, sleeping, going to the loo, etc etc :P

Ini dunia semua pun boleh mah
Macam macam boleh :P

Chicken Invaders? Never heard about this game leh. So no need to mention about playing it liao. I will google to see what issit about :D


an old game.. but nice.. and yes, that looks like a sotong.. PAC man.. wow.. i couldnt play it for long, i'll scream and die

Chen said...

it's more kan cheong to play Pac Man, as have to be alert and fast with the joystick, to avoid eaten by the ghost.. LOLOL. If playing with keyboard, then even more kan cheong :D

mistipurple said...

you woke Sotong up to play this game again ah? o.O

Kok said...

Where got sotong? It's jellyfish lah! hahaha!

I also like those games when I was small. Can play for the whole day and no need eat, no need sleep. Those were the days...

plink said...

If we let PacMan play with the Space Invaders maybe he can eat sotong until kenyang?

Giddy Tiger said...

I blogged about this game sometime back too. Did you know you can play it online? Free?
Imagine, you can even play it in your clinic while waiting for patients!

mudpie said...

hahahhah i love that game too .. i always fight with my brother (coz we share)

Chen said...

Hhahaha... cannot wake Sotong up, cos in this game we are supposed to shoot the sotong. Later Sotong mengamuk then cham liao.. :P

might be it's a mixture of Sotong & Jellyfish then. Abuthen, calling it as Sotong is more meaningful ;)

Nowadays we don't have the stamina to play computer games the whole day.. Hahaha, signs of ageing? :D

Kkakakakak... imaging Pac Man chasing after the running Sotong!

Chen said...

giddy tigers,
Ooh.. after u mentioned it, now i remember.. getting old liao mah :P

I downloaded the game online too. Yeah, it's free. (Free stuff are good stuff). LOL

Abuthen, I won't play it in the clinic lah. I have a pda, if I wanted to play games, I will play the games on my pda, such as Bejeweled 2, Chuzzles, FruitFolic, Cubis, Domino etc :D

Hahhaha, fighting pulak.
Siapa menang? :D
Those innocent carefree days ;)

Doreen said...

Never played this before but it sure looks like something I like to play! Pac man, I luv but sucks at it. Hehehhee

I MISS YOU.... *hugs*

Anonymous said...

This is definitely one of my favourite game in the past :)

Chen said...

i'm no expert in PacMan either..
always kena makan by the ghost..
Cis :P
But I enjoy chasing after the ghost after PacMan ate the power pill.. Hhahaha... but these were short-lived :(

I Miss u too..
Welcome back home. Looking forward to read your HK posts :)

It brings back memories, huh? ;)

_butt said...

oh this space invaders appeared in mtv ad too!! :D

indeed looked like sotong. lol

Chen said...

hoh? hahaha.. i didnt watch MTV, so i dunno about that :D

Sotong Rocks, huh?
Even the aliens also resemble Sotong. Kkkkkk..

may said...

yeah I remember playing this, but maybe just a couple of times. tarak main computer games that much wan, last time. main masak-masak got lah!

Chen said...

Talking about main masak-masak, I still have the "plastic" fake food items which I kept during my childhood time (inside the store room) - got sentimental value mah. But after my family shifted house in end of 2004...
Everything gone liao... :(

Pink Winnie said...

wu.. so long din play this game.. forget how to play lo..

Chen said...

pink winnie,
hehehe.. this is a simple game. Aim and shoot at the so called aliens and at the same time, try to avoid being shot by the UFO ;)