Friday, August 17, 2007

Photo Hunters : Two

photo hunters

Today's topic is Two.

TWO Cents

How u manage your one cent coins? Do u keep the 1 ¢ coin changes u get from the supermarket or fastfood outlet or after payment of bills? Or do u dump the coins aside, like what I do all these while? Does the 1 ¢ coin hold any values? Do u carry these one cent coins inside your wallet/purse? I don't, cos these will made my wallet bulky. I do carry coins but only those more valuable coins, such as 10¢, 20¢ or 50¢ coins. These are just my TWO cents.



i donate d 1cent or 5 cent to McD

mistipurple said...

malaysian coins. malaysia!!!!! wawawaaaaaaaa

_butt said...

_butt kena makan by ostrich is back! hehe :)

I carry 1 cent coins too, if it doesn't take too much weight in my coin purse that is. I get rid of them when I do grocery shopping.

happy weekend! :D

Chen said...

Hehehe, that's good. Yeah, there have a donation box next to the payment counter :)

Misti miss Malaysia or the malaysia coins ah?
*drop in more one cent coins into Misti's piggy banks so that she can visit Malaysia again soon...*

welcome back, Butt yang disayangi
Luckily the notti ostrich didn't chomp u completely :P

besides using the 1 cent coins for grocery shopping, i presume u use it for payment in fastfood outlets? Thanks to the service charge and gov tax... :(

Sabine said...

GREAT idea for this week's theme, and beautifully carried out! :)

I used to throw the smallest coins (incidentally, they're cents in Maltese, too!) into a box - still do sometimes. But since I stopped working, I sometimes dig them out again...

In Germany, there used to be this tradition of saving up money for the bridal shoes by collecting 1-Pfennig-coins (used to be the smallest coins) - and actually paying with them! I had a whole jar of them - but then they were worthless to me when I moved to (and got married in) Malta. I still have them... just good enough to serve as a memory: Germany has had the Euro for years!!

eastcoastlife said...

I usually donate them by dropping them into the coin boxes next to the cashier. No point keeping them. Bring to bank to deposit must pay admin fee for coins. :(

water_angel said...

i usually empty all my coins from my purse when i get back each day, and tabung them in my little tabung. so i start the day with no coins ^_^

as for the 1cent coins, i don't use them. i just store it in my tabung.. =P

Pink Cotton said...

RICH LA!!! 'x'

how r u???long time no see..HEEHEE


angel said...

*brings BBB*
(Big Beggar's Bowl)

Sila derma, puan... saya sudah 3 hari tak makan... hungweeee...


ehon said...

wahhh! i keep them in the car to pay the "coupon" kinda saman! lol! :P

BlurMommy said...

I give them to my gal for her little piggy bank :)

rinnah said...

I either use it at McD / supermarket or donate to the donation boxes. If got left over, I keep! Kekekekeke. I have a box full of 1 sen coins that I'm slowly using. Looks like it will take me a lifetime to use, hor?

satkuru said...

i definitely keep them and use it later on when any of my bills comes out with a weird figure :)

LB said...

very flattened klang klangs..

Chen said...

I used to keep the one cent coins in a container during my undergraduate time, and managed to accumulate hundreds of it. I donated it to one of the "one cent campaign" held by the church I'm attending subsequently :)

I have few Euro coins too, which I collected during my previous to Europe few years back.

On and off I did that too (the coin boxes are available here next to the Fastfood outlets cashier counters), but nowadays I seldom frequent fastfood outlets.

Chen said...

water angel,
Haha, i do keep some coins together with me (those ten cent, twenty cent and fifty cent coins) for payment later on. If not, I will accumulate more and more coins at the end of the days (unless if i pay with credit cards) ;)

pink cotton,
aiseh.. aksi lah u :P Don't tell me u keep all your one cent coins? Kkkkk.. One cent coins have no or minimal value lah. Even if there are one cent coins available on the road, nobody will bother to pick it up :P

Btw, where's the photo???? tunggu till neck long long liao :(

Chen said...

LOL at your "BBB". Since u so hungwee and so cham, Ah Boy kolian u kaw kaw and will donate some of his pedigree dog food :P Cos he understands the feeling of hunger mah.. KKkkkkkkkkk..

Hehehhe.. u mean the Oz one cent or Msia one cent? I wonder if they will accept if we pay the parking fee with one cent coins over here..

Great, your little gal's piggy bank is well fed ;)

Chen said...

Hahaha, i'm pretty sure it will take u lifetime to use up all those one cent coins. Cos most of the time, we accumulate more instead of using it up ;) I still have several one cent coins in the coin box in my car.. yeah, i'm supposed to clear them up but i lazy :P

Hehhe, yeah... most of our bills come up with cents figure instead of round figures.

The klang klangs were deflated cos HUNGWEE... LOL

TeacherJulie said...

I put all my coins in a coin purse and save these. Good to use when spare change is needed. We use it too to give to those people who help look after cars parked in places where there are no security guards.

It is raining like there's no tomorrow here in the Philippines for three straight days. Have a great weekend!

Jonzz said...

Wow, that's an nice closeup. I like shots when there's a sharp image with a blur image in the background. But with two small coins. Wow!

pelf said...

I keep them in mu purse and I use them to pay for KFC and McD, LOL.

Heart of Rachel said...

When I'm buying something and cashier gives me the change accompanied by one cent coins, I just leave it behind with the cashier. said...

I don't carry ANY coins.
All the coins will just be dump into a collection box, including those 1 cent.
Every two month or so, I will take it to the bank, into my son's account.
No fee for a kiddy account

Chen said...

I see. I do keep some coins in the coin box in my car for that purposes :)

Btw, it's raining over here in Penang at this moment. I don't mind the rain at this moment cos it's good to clear off the haze (Well.. it's the hazy season again).

Thanks, jonzz :) I love taking close up shots of objects, animals and human beings :)

Hehhee... yeah, we definitely need coins to pay for the fastfood bills since the figures of the bills are not round figures.

Chen said...

heart of rachel,
"Keep the change" concept, which is good too. I did that occasionally but not all the time :)

But u do need coins to feed the parking meter machine, right? Might be that is no longer available in KL but it's still rampant in Penang.

My hubby hates to carry coins. I too dislike carrying coins but no choice, need to keep some together with me. Else everytime I go out, I will accumulate more and more coins from the change I get back when I go makan or buying things :D

meeyauw said...

I put all my pennies in a jar and then turn them into dollar bills when I have enough. So a penny is valuable! This is a great idea for the hunt.

Kenny Ng said...

I do keep 1 cent in a container. I got few containers and each keep different kind of syling from 1 cent to 50 cent.

Barbara H. said...

Very clever! Mine is somewhat similar.

Firehorse said...

I usually put them all in a container and when container fill up I donate them. :P

tegdirb92 said...

that is beautiful--they look so shiny!!

eve said...

Hehe..I used to put it all into the coin collection box on the KFC counter together with those 5 cents ones..

Lynn said...

I normally give my coins to my daughter because we have a deal to save our coins daily in her piggy bank. :)

Doreen said...

I keep every single cents in my wallet, and use it all when I have enough. Hehehehehe

giddy tiger said...

I keep all my coins. It's still money what...

Chen said...

I like to see jar filled with coins, especially coins with same surface value :)

I used to do that in the past too, during my university days.. Different container for different coins :)

Hehhe, yeah.. we both focus on money for this week's topic : dollar vs coins :)

Hihi, welcome back. Good to hear that :)

Chen said...

Thanks. Yeah, the one cent coins are more shinny than the higher value coins :)

Good also huh? Donateing those coins...

Great. Your daughter has a well fed piggy bank then :)

Hehhehe... I presume u carries lotsa coins in your wallet then :)

giddy tiger,
Yeah, those are still money but i sort of lazy to keep them ;)

Carver said...

Your two cents are perfect for the theme. I enjoyed this post.

anastasia said...

I usually keep them with the intention of using them but when I start to have too many, I just empty them out and donate them somewhere. I used to collect one cent coins, have about RM5 worth of one cent coins, but stopped now that the tabung is buried under a mess on my desk.
However, in Singapore, 5 cent coins are the smallest and two five cents make one ten cents, so it's not as difficult to get rid off.

Anonymous said...

I'll put my TWO cents in too. If you save them, you can roll them in "penny" rolls, which make them 50 cents. When you get enough rolls, you take them to the bank and they give you money bills for them. Of course, there are the ones that people collect with the wheat symbols on them.
The 1943 silver colored penny is a wartime issue made of steel, and coated with zinc. During World War II, copper was so badly needed for the war effort (to make shell casings) that the U.S. penny was made out of steel that year, which is why most 1943 pennies are silver colored.

may said...

wah-seh, your 1 sen coins dem clean! you polished them izit? :P said...

chen, I walk to my working place.
No need parking ^0^

ipanema said...

i just leave them in a jar. like you, i carry those with more value so i can give it to the cashier when i need cents.

that's a great capture by the way. nice take on the theme. :)

Grace said...

Nice photo and unique for the theme. Mine's up:

Bengbeng said...

i dont even notice one sen coins...hardly of any use..even retail outlets dont like to receive it :(

Chen said...

Thanks. Glad u enjoyed the post :)

Yeah, 5 cents are of more value and easier to use them. At least we can pay for things with 5 cents, except those parking meters. And dun have to carry around so many coins, unlike carrying those one cent coins, which is a hassle ;)

hehe, I will need 50 pieces of 1 cent coins to made into a 50 cent roll :)

Thanks for the brief description and the history regarding US pennies. Hopefully I can get to see some real pennies soon (I mean when I visit US) :)

Chen said...

Hehhehhe.. Those are considered as "new" coins (2006 coins), not many pair of dirty hands had touched it, that's why clean kua? LOL

Lucky u. Workplace within walking distance :)

Thanks. I have to clear up my desks and keep the coins. Too many coins lying everywhere on the desks and shelves :)

Thanks. Your two little white bunnies are cute.

hahhaha... I get those one cent coins changes from buying things from supermarket/fastfood outlets etc. Yeah, it don't have much values, that's why I don't really bother to carry them around :)

Mama Bear June said...

Nice photo! We keep a jar for pennies (and other change) and take it to Coinstar when it's full! ;-) Photo Hunters

Che-Cheh said...

I keep 'em in my purse to pay for purchase such as mcd, hypermarkets.

Redsponge said...

woot i also dun keep them ler.

Chen said...

mama bear june,
Thanks. I love the Two cute little meerkats in your post :)

che cheh,
i presume you carry quite an amount of coins in your purse? My wallet has limited storage space for coins, hence i only keep the more valuable coins :)

*Hi 5* ;)

Simple American said...

Send them to me. I dun got any.

Chen said...

gladly pass one handful of one cent coins to SA..

Finally can get rid of all my one cent coins :P