Sunday, August 19, 2007


It's the time of the year again ~ The 7th Month aka Hungry Ghost Festival. Let's talk about Ghost. Have you ever experienced Seeing Ghost mistaken someone as ghost or vice versa (being mistaken as ghost)?

One of the most hilarious moment I had was an incident that occur several years back during my undergraduate time. During those days, I used to play squash with my coursemates cum friends late at night (around midnight). That was a good way for medical undergraduates to release stress & exercise oneself after studying for hours. One late night, after the strenuous squash session, I went back to our hostel rooms together with my other 2 friends. We stayed at the 4th floor and the staircase fluorescent lamps were not working . Although walking in the almost total darkness , we still manage to find our way up (with the help from the moonlight) . Suddenly we noticed 3 white figures standing still at the 3rd floor. I was "in shock" for seconds, thinking of seeing the uninvited guests !! Ahem... Guess what? Those 3 white figures were not ghosts but 3 ladies in white from head to toes (the white clothing Muslim used for their prayers). My goodness... Apparently I was not the only one who mistakened them as ghosts earlier on. Mytwo other friends who walked next to me also shared the similar thinking :P

Another incident was my coursemate cum friend cheekily told me he thought he saw ghost but later he noticed it was me !! Kkkkkkkk... I know he was just pulling my legs. That was the night (during my undergraduate days too) whereby I didn't expect to stay back till so early late in hospital. Earlier on we thought the surgery we wanted to observe will finish before midnight, but who knows.. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the surgery started late, and hence finished late, till 5 am in the early morning. By that time, the medical faculty gate was locked and the guard was no where to be seen (?sleeping). And poor me, coz I left my helmet and jacket inside the locker room in the faculty!!! Bawl :( So, either I rode my motorbike back to the hostel without the helmet or I stayed back inside the ward/hospital till the next morning (it was COLD and I was shivering !!). The hostel was located quite far away from the hospital/medical faculty - it takes 30 minutes to reach the destination if walking with fast pace. All my other friends (who came by car or by bike) had left by then.

After struggling for a while, I decided to ride my bike back to the hostel without helmet. Since I didn't have my jacket with me and it was cold, so I wore my clinical white coat. Since I unbuckled the front buttons of my white coat, U can imagine my white clinical coat flying slightly in the air when I rode my motorbike on the main road from GHKL to Jalan Pahang and back to my hostel (in Jalan Temerloh) in the early morning (5 am). Something similar as batman with the flying cape or cloak? Hahaha...

Do you have any stories to share? ;)


Jemima said...

I've yet to experience any ghostly encounters.

Having said that.. in these day & age, I am more scared of "evil" aka bad people than ghosts.

lynnx01 said...

I really sometimes get freaked out when I see my Muslim friends getting ready for their prayer!! But after awhile, got used to it d.

nyonyapenang said...

hahah...can imagine dr chen with a flying white can I call you 'SuperChen?

ehon said...

You can ride a motorbike?! So cool wei!!! :D

I never have any 'encounter' with a real or fake ghost but my friends have played a lot of pranks on their friends!

may said...

hmmmm, I wonder if it affects us here in Sydney too... it's been raining the whole day! waaaa! ghost? no see ghost...

Kok said...

That must be freaky.... :P

And cycling with your white coat, that's a funny one. I bet many was shocked to see that. :P

Winn said... ghost??

angel said...

Eeeekkk!!! SEE GHOST! SEE GHOST!!!

Choy choy choy... no shit, no shit... (shit = si = see)


mistipurple said...

*covers head under blanket to chup*

Chen said...

I have encountered few times before in the past, which I had described in my earlier posts. We will pray and cast out the devils in Jesus' name.

Yeah, in most instances, human with evil hearts/thoughts are more scary than the real ghosts.

Hahha, especially seeing them in the dark with insufficient light :D

Kkakakka... Reminds me of Super-Men. I cannot fly and I'm not powerful leh.. Abuthen, Super-Market also cannot fly hoh?

Chen said...

Most Sarawakians know how to ride motorbikes leh.. Especially those from Sarikei. I rode motorbike in KL during my fourth and fifth/final years as well as when I worked in Kuching in the late 90's. No money to buy cars mah at that time..

KFC u won't meet with a real one. Hehhehhe.. Anyway, He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world ;)

Somehow, I observed that there is higher mortality rates in the hospital during this period of time.. It might be coincidental, but...

Riding on the motorbike to be exact ;) But there are minimal vehicles on the road since it's freaking 5 am in the early morning. Most people were still zzzz in bed :)

Chen said...

no see ghost..
dowan to see ghost..
see red fur ghost (=angmoh) can liao

Looking up and down,
left and right,
front and back..
Mana woh...

What I see are just GhostBuster !!

cover head under blanket & run..
I worried leh..
u cannot see properly..
then jatuh & PK then how?
*fast fast remove blanket*
for your own good & safety mah :P

mistipurple said...

HAHAHAHAHAA i just imagined that! *roll in blanket laffing*

Kenny Ng said...

Wahahaha... you really dare hor? Riding without helmet somemore in the city. People sure thought someone orang gila ran out from hospital :P

Giddy Tiger said...

Oooh.....that's creepy and yet amazingly funny at the same time :P hehehe said...

That will be much better than what we had during childhood, right?
We put whatever linen around ourself, pretend to be superman, and jump down from the top of cupboard.
Obviously riding a motorbike will be much more fun :P
A superwoman on a superbike :P

rinnah said...

Hahaha... I sure hope you didn't give anyone a scare as you "ghost-rider" back home. LOL!

Doreen said...

I myself haven't experience anything supernatural (thank god)*touch wood* But my mum had seen quite a bit in her teenage. She has seen the so called "ghost light" floating towards her. Eee......*Doreen is shivering~~* don't want to talk anymore liao. scary! Me go to bed. Good night!

Chen said...

i cannot imagine u falling down and rolling on the floor with blanket covering your head. LOLOL

I just found out the meaning of Dutch Oven few hours back. Really laugh kaw kaw.. Something related with blanket also.. Muahahhaha..

Kakkakakaa... That's in the early morning leh, and the road is so empty. Hahhahha... If under bright day light then i won't do so liao :D

giddy tiger,
Hhehhe.. that 3 ladies really give us a shock of our lives for few seconds. Thinking back, it's indeed hilarious :D

Chen said...

Jumping down from the top of cupboard? Walao, u really boleh. Must look at u differently liao.. Super Yenjai :)

I love riding mountain bikes and motorbikes. Miss those days !!!

Kakkakka.. I presume not. The most those who see me are my coursemates who were on their way back to the hostel :P

Ghostlight.. u mean erbs? :)
Oops, it's now late at night at your place liao... Better don't talk eerie stuff liao ;)

Good night :)

Jackson said...

sei lo....cannot sleep tonight!!

mistipurple said...

i read kokokai's explanation. kkkkk. *uncovers blanket to air*

when crowning of the King and
Queen of Sampat ah??
*rolls red carpet get ready*

Chen said...

no ghost here woh..
fake ghost only mah..

hahaha.. cocka and I were discussing about what is Dutch oven earlier on, and we google and manage to find the answer from urban dictionary. LOLOL

Crowning of King & Queen of Sampat ah? Dunno leh.. Let u decide loh.. hahhaa..

mistipurple said...

heheheh. i crown you and winnliuliu the Queen of SampatLand!!!!!

Chen said...

kakakak... wah.. u related ghost post with sampat ah? Really See Ghost liao..


Thanks for crowning.. LOLOLOL
laffing while running

Selba said...

Remember the last chat we have had? I was going to tell you what happened to me but bad timing, got interupted, then until now, never got the chance to chat with you anymore.

Chen said...

oh yeah.. i still remember that, we were chatting about ghost related stories.. Time really flies..

I log on YM just for a brief duration nowadays. Hopefully can catch up with u again one of these days :)