Monday, August 20, 2007

Buku Muka @ Soo Mian

What the heck is Buku Muka @ Soo Mian? It's none other the super duper addictive FaceBook. It connects you with the people around you. Not only that, it is also..
  • an ichiban place to sampat,
  • update news/status about oneself - such as hungwee, tired, lazy, angeri, Zzzzz.. pull out hairs, tick tock tick tock etc ..
  • a good questioning place to ask silly questions and give silly answers,
  • a fantastic place to throw pie, cakes, ice cream cones, drumstick and hence food fight,
  • a fabulous place to yum char and enjoying Happy Hour, buying frens drink,
  • a sampat place to poke, pinch, slap, bite, lick, smack, spank, tickle, hug or kiss acquaintences, (and not forgetting throwing sheeps),
  • a lovely place to send cute and adorable gifts (such as bear-bear, bones, penguins, cakes etc), including those naughty gifts, very naughty gifts and also "sexually transmitted gifts" including chocolate salty balls, cottage cheese chlamydia, UTI, Elephantitis, dutch oven, choking the chicken (=Cocka the kokokai),
  • a shalalala place to dedicate angmoh and cina songs,
  • a comfy place to conteng, draw or sketch on friends' walls with different paints,
  • a place to give nicknames.. eg kokokai, winnliuliu etc
  • a sampat place to describe frens such as melayang-layang queen etc :P
  • a unique place to watch money plants, heart-shaped flowers growing or eggs hatching,
  • a heavenly place to send candies or bread or food (more dental caries on the move),
  • a place to own and rear virtual pets @ fluffy friends, (mine is Ah MooLah)
  • a lively aquarium - can keep and send sotsot Sotong, crappy crabs and fishy fish..
  • a place to play with Moolah (yeah, play with $$$)
  • a place to show off photos and albums
  • and new things are being discovered and added daily... Endless activities..
One word to describe - syiok !!

Keep in mind not to spend long hours with FaceBook coz this is extremely addictive (thus neglecting other activities such as working or blogging.. Hahahaha) :P If u haven't join Buku Muka, what else are u waiting for? Don't miss out the fun. We are waiting to throw lobsters (if not chicken legs or pigs feet or Coconut Milk) at you to welcome you. No more twit twit liao.. blame it on Soo Mian. Kkkkkk.. (Although u can add Twitter on FaceBook too..)

*This is not a sponsored post, but community service brought to u free of charge by Chen* kkkkkk...


mistipurple said...

i am still waiting to afford the shark in the aquarium. now i no cents there already. donno why they never give me more coins yet. :(
i gave my last 25 cents to ECL! hahahaha

Chen said...

ahahha... that's your next mission?
getting a shark? LOL
I seldom visit my own aquarium for ages liao.. Let me see how much $$ I have there.

Kkkk.. I still have 900 coins. Can buy lotsa fish. Can have seafood meals tonight.. Oops... :P

angel said...


U beat me to it!!! But good also lah... now I dun hv to blog abt it liao! Muahahahahhaha!!!

My aquarium veli full liao.... but then hor, I thot it will die after a few days wan? Haha...

Chen said...

I bought u a shark liao and place it inside your aquarium..
your prayer answered liao ;)

wah.. expensive leh the shark..
500 coins woh.. :P

Chen said...

hahaaha... must write about this sampat things that wasted so much of our time. LOL... :P

got sotong leh for sale...
thinking of buying it, just for fun :P

angel said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I come and laff summore! Hahahaha!! I jz saw the shark u bought for Misti... so.. I bought her SOTSOTSOTSOTONG! kAKAKAKAKAK.... *SAMPAT BIG TIME*

angel said...

cheh u so fast wan... I want to gib u sotong, u sudah beli sendiri... kkkkkk... But I gib u sumting else... hehehehehe...

Ya!! Really waste ALOTTA time in this BOOK! If oni it can make us 'smarter'... haha... :p

mistipurple said...

LAF KAW PENG!!! you got me my shark!!!!!! *prayer answered*
paiseh. very expensive leh. i gotta wait tomolo then can buy you sotong. ie. provided they give me another 150 coins! they just replenished me 150 just now. *phew*
sotong costs 250 so tomolo i got enuf to buy you one!

and Angel got me a sotong!!!!!!!
hahahahahahhaaaaaaaa. buay tahan laff again. wahhhhh you all how come so rich wan? :P

Chen said...

kakakka.. must mah..
since she wants, i buy for her loh

after sampat buying a shark for misti, i bought sotong for myself, just for fun..

how not to have sotsot sotong in my own aquarium leh? Muahahhaa...

mistipurple said...

ewweekk?? you got sotong already ah? just read Angel's comment!!!!
kakakakkakakaaaaa really sampat!!!!

Chen said...

TQ TQ :)

LOLOL.. really wasted lotsa time on this book, till no time to read blogs. Muahahhaa... must cut down liao..

u r mostly welcomed ;)

sotong is a must mah..
how can we dun have sotong??

(but shark rocks also lah :P)

Chen said...

cos i gatal tangan bought myself a Sotong.. cos I miss Sotong mah.. Sotong has been hibernating for months liao ;)

angel said...

I here again!

Really beh tahan! TQ for the green green tei... I need a BIGGER AQUARIUM liao muahahahaha!!! Can buy or not, huh? Kakakkaa...

OK, I stop sampat for now... got work to do... eeeekkk!

Nitenite! Muakssss!

Chen said...

hehee.. your aquarium indeed very full liao.. hence i have to choose the smaller green green tei ikan bintang aka starfish.. LOL

okie okie...
u better back to work liao..
else u will sleep late again tonight

nite & muacks :)

Cocka Doodle said...

This su-bin is getting damn addictive. I was like working productively only an hour today. The rest was spent exploring su-bin.

eastcoastlife said...

You gave me diarrhoea. duh. And strong beer. yikes. I lao sai non-stop. hahaha....

And sweet Misti got bankrupt giving me two pretty fishes ... hehehe...

So fun. I dun feel like blogging anymore......

Chen said...

wah... lu sibeh jialat loh..
spent so much time on soo mian :D
luckily your boss didn't read this..

must zip mouth or not ah?
or apply plaster or cellophane tape?
so that the cat won't be let out from the bag loh..

Chen said...

kakkaka.. i was half way replying cocka's comment, mana tau your comment suddenly pop in pulak.

Heehhe.. this buku muka is indeed addictive. Cocka is a living example liao.. *point point finger*

hahah.. those gift is to strengthen your stomach mah.. so that u won't get food poisoning easily in the future after eating street food. LOL

*poor Misti*

hehhe.. don't stop blogging..
must continue wan.. ;)

Kenny Ng said...

U all really so addicted with it. I always lost to u all la... LOL

Kok said...

Why facebook? Facemoney cannot ah? hahaha! I have heard bout this a while back and haven't give it a try. Hmm.. I should try it some time later. ;)

may said...

so many invites for weird things, I've started ignoring them, aitelyu! LOL!

Simple American said...

Come play play!!!

ehon said...

hahahahahahahaha!! watch out world! the sampat ppl are taking over the world! hehehehehe! :P

papercrazy said...

patutlah nowadays lokter seldom online liaw....rupa-rupanya main buku muka

btw, i just poked u :-) said...

ECL ask me to join.
I ... dunno what it is about :P

eve said... oni I know..bila free aku gi jenguk ..

lynnx01 said...

Hhahah community service pula. I also don't know why everyone is so into Facebook. I joined but didn't really do so much..

rinnah said...

Hahaha... I am outdate liao... now only I am going to add my aquarium... LOLOL!

Giddy Tiger said...

I'm soo-mianed too!

Chen said...

Hahahha, normally i only logged into my account after word, and at times really kia si lang.. opening up and then got 30+ notifications liao. LOL

hahahha.. i also wanna know why they named it as FaceBook. If i created the programme, i will give it some other name ;) U should give it a try. Provided u have gang that clicks on FaceBook, then it will be fun :)

Hahahhah... yeah, too many invitations and appications till i also pening liao. But I love the grow-a-gift application. Can grow money plant one, and love plant or teddy bear plant. hahhaha ;)

Chen said...

let's exchange more sampat gift and ideas ;)

haahha.. are u one of them who is going to conquer the world sampat-ly? LOL

i main buku muka mainly at night time leh.. Kkkkk.. day time tarak masa main ;)

Yeah, i noticed u poked my face quietly yesterday night. Sibeh sakit liao.. luckily no bruise leh. LOL.. I pinched u too, and sent u some salty chocolate balls :P

Chen said...

Earlier on u dunno what issit about, but after reading this post, u should have some idea liao.. Hehhehe...

So... are u joining? ;)
Bernard is there liao, but he is very quiet :)

Glad u know what issit liao..
Hhehehe... do drop by and see-see look-look during your free time.. i mean when there is no patient kacau-ing u ;)

Hahha.. i write that caption just for fun :P

Actually, it all depends on your friends on the list. If everyone is quiet, then there will be no fun and facebook will be just like any another programme which won't give any sparks. It takes two to tango ;)

Chen said...

Kakkakak... we have added more and more applications. Now like market liao, very ocipala. Have to rearrange everything again to keep things in order. LOL

I just sent u a green eel. Kkkkk..
Hope u like it. u can grill the eel if u feel hungry, then u can have yummy unagi meal ;) LOL

hahaha.. great :)
so many people with "Soo Mian"..
We indeed love reading till our faces also resemble books, huh?

Doreen said...

Believe it or not, I just signed up to this Facebook thingy today! Hehehe Looks like it is more useful than Friendster. (^_^)

Will said...

haha so sampat site :P

Ah Boy said...

catch no ball..
Ah Boy prefer go zzzz :P

Chen said...

Hahhaha.. u just joined in the crowd? Good good.. We can continue to sampat there in the future ;)

Hahha.. u are one of sampat people liao since u join in the crowd oledi. *Selamat Datang ke Dunia Buku Muka* ;)

ah boy,
actually hoh, u can catch and cook the fishes inside the aquarium and made it into Fish n Chips leh for Misti leh, since she loves it ;) said...

Can I kacau u too?

Winn said...

cocka told me he spent 3-4hrs on average playing soo mian at work everyday......

SHHHHHHHH.....hopefuly he doesnt see this...hehehehe

Redsponge said...

ooooo i just got ur invitation today le ;p

Leonard said...

ya lor, can do so many things in facebook!! i have drinks, writing on my wall, much so much!!

day-dreamer said...

Paiseh paiseh, I MIA for quite some time liao... LOL!!

Why no screenshot to promote this Soo Mian??? Wahahaha!!

Chen said...

Sure sure….
U are mostly welcomed to throw pie at me, and I will throw omelette or cake at u instead..

Food Fight !! ;)

Cocka only spent 3 to 4 hours only meh? He ti(p)u liao I think?
Hehehe.. coz hoh, he confessed here mah that day he only worked productively for one hour, and the rest of the time were spent exploring Soo Mian.

*better don’t let his boss read this, else he will be in HOT SOUP liao - become roasted kokokai* :P

red sponge,
Kkakkka… the invitation card got grow fungus oledi or not?
After so long mah..
Or.. did u see any mushroom growing on it?

Chen said...

And many more new features to explore. I get new invitations and added new applications every day
Beh Tahan…

And the latest one I have is the UFO and Alien thingy :D

day dreamer,
Welcome back to bloglands !!
u are deeply missed :D
I thought some notti alien abducted u liao to the outer space :D

Lazy to take screenshot leh..
Summore so many features on it,
Dunno which one to take liao..

U gotta explore it yourself to feel the kick. See u there !!

angel said...

And new Garden too... kkkkkk...


Chen said...

hahhaha.. thanks for planting the carrots in my garden. Tonight can have carrots party liao!

Lobak Boleh !!!
SooMian Boleh !!! :P

a^ben said...

benben on face book too! lolsss!

*drink long island tea, screw driver while playing with ice cubes and throwing donkeys lols!!*

Chen said...


wah.. trying to imagine how Ben Ben plays with the ice cubes. Kkakakka...

Dunno whether got throwing elephants feature or not? :P