Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gigantic Chempedak

Chempedak - the stinky, ugly looking fruit with sticky & yucky white saps. Either you loves it or you hates it. Hahahaha.. Does this reminds you of durian?

This is not the "normal" chempedak, but the Gigantic Chempedak. As you can see from the photo, The pulp is huge, and it's gigantic. It has a thinner layer of husk with less sap (yeah!) . And of coz, it's much more expensive.

The fresh is thick, sweet, juicy and creamy with small seed, (in comparison with the normal chempedak). First Class ichiban mouth watering good stuff. I feel like taking a bite again... Lao Hao Sui... *Heavenly*

p/s: I bought the Gigantic Chempedak in Kuching, Sarawak (nearby The Choice Daily Supermarket in Tabuan Laru, Kuching) in May 2007.


Daniel Yiek said...

This is like a cross between a traditional Sarawak cempedak and jackfruit. The bumps on the skin is flatter. Both types avai in Johore and S'pore now...

Peace said...

Wow, I am salivating. This is one of my favourite fruit. Smell so nice. Eat fresh or fried, both taste good.

angel said...

Yummmms... long time nvr eat liao...

Camplak camplak, wo ai niiii!!

Haha :p

mistipurple said...

salivating liao. drip drip..

Kenny Ng said...

Ahhh... long time never eat Chempedak! So miss it la.

day-dreamer said...

I just had fried ones few days ago... hehe... yum yum!!

As for fresh ones, I prefer nangka. :D

ehon said...

hahahahahahaha! i don love it or hate it. i don mind it. :P but like durian, must eat with spoon. so hands wouldn't be smelly. :P

eh, ur family members think u weird anot? everytime before eat something (esp fruits) must snap snap snap! lol!

TZ said...

I'm enjoy eating Chempedak and i don't mind the strong smell. In fact i like the sweetness of the fruit. The only things that i could not overcome is the sticky hand whenever you eat it straight after open up the fruit.

So, to avoid the unwanted sticky feeling, i normally buy the cleaned package from Supermarket or fruit store... hehehe... :-)

Firehorse said...

Looks delicious, akcerli I like them better if they are deep fried with batter :P

papercrazy said...

i like....

the only one thing i dun fancy abt cempedak is the difficulty in swallowing the flesh..uwek said...

How much it cost eh?

eve said...

Oit...Cempedak season meh?..How come Bernard and you oso cempedak one?..
Eh this is really besar hor..have not seen it b4..

lynnx01 said...

Yummy! U miss eating these local fruits. Funny til this day, I still cannot differentiate cempedak and jackfruit. Wakakakak

Chen said...

This new chempedak hybrid pulp size and the seed size is similar as jackfruit, but the taste is the chempedak taste. I haven’t come across it yet in Penang :)

yeah, it is tasty both fresh or fried. Except the fried ones has better aroma :D

Kkakaka.. haven’t hear u singing that "xyz xyz wo ai nii" song for ages liao. I forgotten about it already :P

*reminiscing the pre facebook era*

Chen said...

hahhahha… *OPEN*
then I can throw one chempedak pulp (together with the seed) inside your mouth :P

*wonder if we can throw chempedak or not in FOOD FIGHT?*

Time to have some,
since it's now the chempedak season ;)

day dreamer,
I haven’t have chempedak goreng for months already. Might be I will look out for it one of these days..
The stall is located nearby my working place :D

Chen said...

U dun mind it means u love it loh..

Wah, u so "good life" aka "ho miah" geh, got someone to open and take out the fruits for u. So what u need to do is just scoop and eat?
really emperor life liao :D

I have been taking photos for ages already lah.. I take photos of everything leh, not only food :D
In fact I take all those snapshots out of interest, not for blogging..

Hehehe.. I have taken more than 60,000 digital photos up to date.
So it’s a norm for them to see me taking photos ;) Sometimes my mum will ask me, u don't want to take photo ah? :D

Chen said...

Wow.. there is even cleared chempedak package sold in Supermarket or fruit store in KL?
We dun have it here. Only for nangka or jackfruit, but not chempedak. We still need to dirty our hands if wanna eat chempedak,
Unless buying those cempedak goreng from the stalls.

Yeap, the sap and the sticky feelings on the hands is indeed annoying. U can try to rub your hands with oil.. If still cannot remove the sap, can sprinkle some flour on your hands following that.. This can help to remove the sticky sap from the hands.

Chen said...

Cempedak goreng !!
That one is yummy..
One lao hao sui stuff…
Can smell the aroma from far away.. :P

the fresh difficult to swallow meh?
Might be for little kids lah..

Or u talking about the seed ah?
Kekkekke.. coz the seeds are also edible. Bluek :P

The whole fruit for the new hybid costs RM 10. 2 to 3 times the normal fruit price.

Chen said...

Now is indeed chempedak season leh.. Can see chempedak everywhere on the street. But I haven’t bought any yet this round.

Bernard is now on Chempedak Diet again. That was his status @ FaceBook. LOL

The Chempedak in the photo were taken 3 months ago, during my previous trip to Sarawak in May.

Kekkeke.. this is the Chempedak hybrid. Syiok to eat coz so huge :D

Hehehe… a mini lecture to u here :D

Jackfruit or nangka is bigger in size, and the fresh is more crunchy.

Chempedak is round in shape and smaller, and the fresh is sticky and much sweeter. And.. the chempedak seed is edible ;)

Doreen said...

*Doreen steal one and put into her mouth* WAH~~~~ *faint* (too yum liao)

Giddy Tiger said...

So THAT's where the smell was coming from! kekeke

Aiyah Nonya said...

Hi just passing through and saw your delicious looking chempedak. Can't resists stopping by for a taste. :)

Chen said...

hehhee.. you are mostly welcomed. Do help yourself with the mouth watering chempedak :D

giddy tiger,
Shhhhhhh... don't say out so loud
paiseh mah :P

aiyah nyonya,
Come come..
come help yourself.
mari makan..
we won't get to eat gigantic chempedak very frequent ;)

Cocka Doodle said...

The skin can fry and eat also hor?
Then the stem can hollow it out and slide a vibrator inside to use also. LOL

sengkor said...

wah, this one i likey!! sedap...

Simple American said...

Now I have never seen this. Hmmm...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! I like this fruits! After eating my pe*e & big discharge also smell like it! Have a nice weekend!

plink said...

Dry crispy cempedak!!

may said...

mmm, long time no eat. shall I venture for some this week? mmmm...

Chen said...

wah.. ini cocka manyak pandai dan manyak cekap. Kkaakak...
Gam Dou Dak?
Salute kaw kaw liao.. :P

Yeah, today is your DAY
Happy Burpday KokoKai ;)
Eat more ayam to celebrate this day

This one Liucas got likey or not?
Like Father Like ... :D

Earlier on u have not seen it,
Now u seen it liao..
Hehhehe... More stuff for u to try out when u visit Malaysia (provided if it's the chempedak season when u come visiting loh) ;)

Chen said...

hor ny ang moh,
Issit ah? hehehe...
At least this one is not as bad as the red Dragon Fruit. Tat one eat liao the poo will also become purplish colour. Those who eat it for the first time we sure will get a shock out of his/her life.

Never tried the crispy dried chempedak leh.. The crispy dried jackfruit i pernah makan loh. Tat one manyak sedap (and mahal too) :D

Welcome Back Home to Malaysia :)
Should, of coz u should..
I presume this is not easily available in Oz, right?
Sapu and hantam all the tropical fruits !!

Kenny Ng said...

Hey Chen, maybe I can't join you sampat when u come to KL liao... I'll not in Malaysia for dunno how long... :(

eastcoastlife said...

It looks like jackfruit! I don't like cempedak, especially the smell. I love jackfruit. It's not available in Penang?

Anonymous said... 喜歡音樂的你與你分享 =張克帆=(兩個世界)

Chen said...

It's alright. I read in facebook u r going to Dubai soon (very sudden and short notice from your company). We can always meet up again some other time :)

So far I haven't encounter nor come across the hybrid chempedak yet in Penang. I bought one "normal" chempedak today.. Still on the kitchen floor, haven't open up yet :)