Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lembu Oh Lembu...

Nowadays, susah nak cari makan.. Even cows are affected. The hungry and desperate Moo Moos have to search for their own food.

Nowadays the cows manyak pandai. Since they couldn't manage to find the fresh juicy grass in the field, they went to do marketing in the wet market instead.

A group of hungry and desperate Moo Moo visiting the Wet Market in Penang.

*Photos taken with my camera phone in early July 2007*


Doreen said...

Go buy durian lah, good for you wor. moo~~~moo~~~ Dunno if the Moo Moo Misti got things to eat or not leh.

Jemima said...

I like your analogy, Chen.
We're all work like cows in reality. *sigh*

Doreen, Misti will definitely have moo-moo milk. :p

mistipurple said...

someone mentioned my name??
*sets up stall in side lane*

Wennnn said...

Waa nowadays Moo Moo veli clever liao... They know where to get their supplies...

ehon said...

hahahahahahaha! why so many lembu one? Penang attacked by cows! LOL. :P

nyonyapenang said...

ehhh...that one 'cow-a-thon' or are the lembus taking part in 'The Big Walk' ar? ...Finishing line at the market to claim their prizes.

angel said...

kkkkkkkk! sampat! kkkkkkkkk!

moomoo moomoo wo ai niiiii!!!

may said...

hahaha... you should see the cow I got for Mudpie's little Nellie! moo... moo...

a^ben said...

keekek chen` rupa-rupanye you are not a doc` you're pengimport lembu?? akakkakakak :P

zeroimpact said...

I can't stop laughing
Heh heh heh
I we must make sure they eat well if not no milk milk later

day-dreamer said...

Wah... nice one! Haha.

Happy Sunday!

Kenny Ng said...

Cow not eat grass only meh? Go to wet market ah? Buy nasi lemak bungkus ma... LOL

Chen said...

Hahaha, Those Moo Moo thought of buying durians too, but now durians are almost out of season liao..

Must make sure Moo Moo Misti has sufficient food to eat, else how to produce high quality grade A milk leh? LOL

hehhe.. although we work like cows, but at least we have more food choices.. Those poor cows can only eat grass :)

Hhahhaa.. talking about cows will always remind us about Misti ;)

Kkkk.. Can i become your first customer? I want to buy 2 litre of fresh Moo Moo milk :P

Chen said...

Nowadays Moo Moo sek nou wan (eat brain). They have high IQ wan. hahahah

On and off, we will see a herd of cows on the road or crossing the road. Moo Moo very powerful wan. All the drivers have to stop their cars or vehicles to give way to the cows :P

Kkakkaka.. Lembu BOLEH !! Wonder what is the first prize? One year free supply of milk? Oops.. cow don't drink milk one :P

I see another herd of COWs two days ago on my way back home. Cows are everywhere !!

Chen said...

who is sampat?
The Moo Moo?

Teacher teacher wo ai niii too ;)


I want I want I want !!
I want to see little Nellie's cute Moo Moo.. Can I curi and play with it for a day? LOL

Kkakakaaa.... I'm only pembeli susu lembu :P

Oops.. I just remembered I lupa beli fresh cow milk from the supermarket tim.. Cham liao, no fresh milk to drink liao tomolo :(

Chen said...

Hehehe... glad u have a good laugh ;)
Yeah loh, if cow-cow dun produce milk-milk, then we really cham liao. Cos milk manyak delicious n manyak nutrient ;)

day dreamer,
hehe.. Moo Moo always ROCK wan

I learn the followings from Winn:
Q: What do you call a grumpy cow?
A: Moo-dy

Q: What do cows do for entertainment?
A: Go to moo-vies.

Hahahaha.. might be coz they bored of eating only grass all these while liao? Dunno whether they buy nasi lemak Sotong or not tim :P

lynnx01 said...

I pity the cows... so thin!!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

ha..i know that place...golieb or goblieb or watever-the-spelling are road ya? heehee...=P

alwiz see lembu-lembus passing that place...

mistipurple said...

i was looking for lembu on kl road. don't have. last time got.

Chen said...

Yeah, those cows are thin, but i have see even thinner cows in the cemetery area. Can even see the ribs clearly. :(

woof meow,
hahha... it's Gottlieb Road ;)
Yeah, can see Moo Moo passing by and crossing the road frequently. And all the vehicles have to give way to the cows :D

Hehhehe.. I can't imagine the sight of seeing cows in KL leh. Penang is different mah ;)

psss... When u wanna visit me & Ah Boy in Penang woh? ;)

Cocka Doodle said...

Fire up the barbeque!!!!!
We are having steaks tonight!! said...

I lived in Menglembu for many years.
You can see huge 'cow escapade' every morning and evening.
Of course, when they past, the road will be full of ....

eastcoastlife said...

Cows in the city. I didn't see them wor. Oops. I didn't leave my hotel room. kekeke.....

The cows starved until can see their ribs.
*slurp... think of BBQ ribs*

Chen said...

Wah.. dun bully the poor Moo Moo :(
abuthen, steaks are yummy

Menglembu = Town of Lembu?
The road will be full of..
Mmmmm.... good source of natural fertilizer. Can use to fertilize groundnuts plants, the yummy Menglembu kacang tanah liao :P

u didn't see the cows, but the harmless and friendly wheelchair instead :P

That night, anyone had steak for dinner ah? I think none.. Should have ordered steak hoh? Now i feel like eating steak pulak :P

Pink Cotton said...

eeee so dirty punya cows =x

King's wife said...

The poor lembus...even the sayur at the wet market is contaminated.

Kok said...

moo moo on the road? so keng one? hehe

Chen said...

pink cotton,
wah... u talk bad things about cow pulak? :P

king's wife,
very kesian hoh? Hopefully the cows are not mad. If not cham loh.. we dowan "Mad Cow Disease" woh.. :D

It's a common sight over here - seeing one herd of Moo Moos crossing the road :D The cows are not stupid, as they cross the road in a group, not alone nor crossing one by one. Then the vehicles will have no choice but to give way. Hahahaha..

Leonard said...

Holy cow! who let's the cows out.. moo...mooo....mooo....

Chen said...

wah.. i love this "new" song

♪ ♫ Who let the Cows out
Moooo... Moooo...
Who let the Cows out ♪ ♫

hahhaha... fantastic :D

Simple American said...

Last stop before McDonalds. :P

Chen said...

Hahahaha.... The Moos going to McD to makan or to be makan-ed? :P