Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Time really flies.. Another year has passed and it is the time of the year again !! Nope, I'm not talking about HGF nor the coming Mooncake Festival, but... none other than my dear pink gal, Pink Cotton's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Pink Cotton

Wishing you many, many, many, many happy returns, my dear Pink Cotton, with lotsa hugs and muacks and kisses !! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and so many more to come. And... don't forget to save me a piece of birthday cake ;)

Happy Birthday Pink Cotton
Selamat Hari Jadi & 生日快樂

p/s: Unable to write and post this up earlier on coz the broadband connection here sot-sot jor and went cuckoo :(


angel said...

Oi! Belum tido????

Happy Burfday Pink Kapas!!! May you have a pink pink day, pink pink year!!! Oink Oink! ;)

Chen said...

I tidur early today cos sleepy mah, summore broadband went cuckoo. Kkkkk... so now i wake up loh :P

Going back to slumberland again in a short while. Cham loh.. Now i hungwee again !!!

Winn said...

PC happy bday!!!!

angel and chen memang nite owl

ehon said...

happy birthday pink cotton!! :D

papercrazy said...

lokter always hungwee wan.....

happy birthday pink cotton.,..hope your feet will be beaten by crocs


mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday Pink Cotton!
may you always remain in the pink of health!

Jemima said...

Happy Birthday Pink Cotton!

May all your birthday wishes come true. :)

Alicia said...

waaa sound so lesbi.. dear pink cotton :P kekeke

Will said...

happy bday pinky

plink said...

Happy Birthday to Pink Cotton!

Chen said...

I mana ada night owl woh?
I always sleep early wan leh..
only teacher sleep late
she afford to sleep late coz she is teacher mah.. good chewren & guai student have to sleep early wan :P

happy birthday Pink Kapas

happy birthday Pink Kapas

might be coz my stomach has 4 compartments? That's why???

happy birthday Pink Kapas

p/s: Kkkkkk.. jahat lah u, say till lidat :P

Chen said...

She always pink wan..
pink pink tei is her motto mah :P

happy birthday Pink Kapas

Her DSLR camera wish comes true liao.. Hehhehhe...

happy birthday Pink Kapas

Kakakakkaka.. mana ada lesbi woh.
so sweet woh :P
siu sei ngor liao :D

happy birthday Pink Kapas

Pink Cotton said...


i want the pink pig wo...the one can blow candles der...so kiut...kekekeke

so touched...wake up at 2am purposely to post up this post???sob sob...*cry on your shoulder*

Chen said...

today u no sing song geh?
I still remember u sing the napet song for Winn Winn. Ooops.. not the napet song, that napet song is for different event. Kakkaka..

happy birthday Pink Kapas

happy birthday Pink Kapas

pink cotton,
u r mostly welcomed :D
Kakkakak.. got another pink oink oink wearing bikini wan. I see liao beh tahan.. LOLOLOL
really siu sei ngor :P

wah.. don't wet my shoulder leh..

p/s: and.. don't bully my o-kui :P

happy birthday Pink Kapas

cdason said...

was looking around, and stumbled upon your blog.. interesting....

and Happy Birthday!!

Simple American said...

Happy Birtday Pink Cotton.

Lots of piggy hugs from the big fat ang moh man.

zeroimpact said...

Happy pinkyday to pink cotton
But why got so many piggie one

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by. I hope u enjoyed your stay here :)

Hehhehe.. the pinky cotton will surely enjoy the piggy hugs wan :D

why so many piggies ah?
cos she is a pig mah..
ooops.. i mean she likes pigs lah

Kok said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Pink Cotton,
Happy Birthday to you!:)

Ah Boy said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Pink Cotton jiejie

Chen said...

hehehe.. so nice, got birthday song here. Thanks on behalf of Pink Cotton ;)

ah boy,
ah boy, i remember she said she wanted to pull your ears leh :P

L B said...

Happiest B I R T H D A Y Pinkie Cotton!!! BIG HUGS XXXX

may said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Pink Cotton! many many wonderful wishes to you!