Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Buah Jentik

This is the second time I tasted Buah Jentik (aka Baccaurea Polyneura ... ahem, u can just ignore the taugeh scientific name as this won't come out in exam. LOL) . My colleague introduced me to this fruit half a year or one year back. The orange-coloured fruits are small in size ~ 1.5 cm in width and 2.0 cm in length.

Buah jentik has hard and brittle skin. If you snap or flick (jentik) the fruit with fingers, the skin or the shell can be opened easily, hence the name Buah Jentik (or Buah jentik-jentik?).

The dark-orange shiny flesh is sourish in taste with tinge of sweetness. And you can even swallow the seed if you lazy to spit it out !! (Hopefully the seed won't grow and fluorish inside your tummy then, as in the midwife's tales). Kkkkkkk....


Cynthia said...

long time no see, loktor =P

buah jentik got season one ah?

mistipurple said...

loctor eating strange fruits again.. *runs*

nyonyapenang said...

oh, buah jentik, ya? first time seeing this type of fruit.
ho chiak ar?

Chen said...

Hehehe.. Long time no see :)

yeah, it's seasonal fruit.
I seldom see it in the market too.
Last weekend, I guess I was quite lucky :D

hahhahha... I presume u r not alone. I guess many dunno about this fruit too ;)

psss.. if u look out carefully in the market, u might able to find it too ;)

wanna belanja u some but mana tau u run away liao.. I eat the fruits myself then (Still have leftover mah..) :P

It's sourish. Cannot consume in large amount leh.. Cos can sense the weird aftertaste in the tongue. Summore sour mah.. hehhhee

Pink Cotton said...

u let it grow from ur tummy then u get to eat buah jentik everyday!!!

Good or wat???

*run quickly*

angel said...

Yeee... sour wan then duwan... not buah jentik... it's buah pelik :p

Chen said...

pink cotton,
muahahhahha.. evil lah u :P
if i wanna let a plant grows in my tummy, i will choose something nicer lah.. kakakkaka

angel only likes sweet stuff
no wonder didnt sing
jentik jentik, wo ai niii liao..

aiseh, change the fruit name pulak ah? ngai ti liao :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

eh...buah so cute leh...

like lil` got jual ar?

Cocka Doodle said...

*Takes buah jentik throw at Doc*

Ooops! Thought this is facebook tim..
Must behave....

angel said...


I beh tahan my dear Cocka... hahahaha!!!

ehon said...


really buah pelik ler. totaly never heard. but really looks very cute lor. but sour ler. :P not nice.

Simple American said...

How come not called orange also? Forget the scientific name. Cannot call it anything. :P

Leonard said...

never ate Buah Jentik before..

but i think i ate its brother before, its meat is white in color, everything else is the same! :)

Chen said...

woof meow,
The fruits are smaller in size in comparison with cherries. I bought the fruits in Penang last week, but the fruits are not frequently available.

*faint kaw kaw*
Take coconut and throw back at Cocka !!!

Ooops… not supposed to do so here, hoh? Kakkakaa…

Let’s continue throwing foodstuff @ FaceBook :P

Throw ice cream cone at Angel cos laffing at us

Or.. u preferred me to throw banana at u?

Chen said...

Throw pancake at Ehon for laffing so loud. Kakakaaaa...

Now u know the buah jentik loh!
Next time u can tell your fren about this fruit liao.

Cannot confuse people with the same name mah.. Since orange is being taken up liao :P

Scientific name is to torture people wan..
But I remember Homo sapiens !!
Other names I can’t remember liao :p

Wooo.. U ate something similar with white flesh? Might be that is the "unidentical twin" of buah jentik? :D

dom dom said...

the fruits looks like... err... nvm.

Giddy Tiger said...

Wah...I am learning so many new fruits from just reading your blog! Even their scientific names too!

L B said...


sengkor said...

it wun grows in the tummy.. it will grows on the head.. my fren says one..

Doreen said...

interesting....never seen or heard before. Looks really yummy and juicy. Does it smell nice? *steal one and put into mouth* er....sour geh! hehehe

may said...

so in addition to the assam laksa, remember to bring some of this down for me also, ok? kkkkk!

Chen said...

dom dom,
looks like wat ah?
reminds u of "something" ah?
*pat pat dom dom's head*
cute little doggy :)

giddy tiger,
Hahhahha.. blogs are educational too, right? Unlike wat the gahmen claimed. LOL

so many klang klang

Chen said...

grow on head ah?
will grow like palm tree lidat or not wan? Neh.. like those little kids who tied their hair on top of their head which resembles palm trees. Kkakakkakakka :P

it's not that juicy. hehehehe.. photo can tell lies and cheat wan.
cannot eat too much cos it's sour. Summore got a weird aftertaste if eaten too much :P

hehehhehe... can use this fruit to throw at others too (just like the flying peanuts) Kkkkkkk...

zeroimpact said...

Wah, this loktor teach people to plant seed in stomach
No good
But the flesh looks so nice
So sour

eastcoastlife said...

What fruit is this? Never see before. Even when I go to Malaysia also didn't see this fruit. You find so many funny fruits leh.

Chen said...

hahaha.. the seeds despite being swallow, will still be excreted mah. So no worries :P

The flesh ah? nice to look at, but not so nice to eat leh.. SOUR !! ;)

Up to date, all those who left comments here also never see the fruits leh, so u r definitely not alone. Hahhaha

There are many more exotic fruits that I had came across with throughout the years, but too bad i didn't take photos of them in the past :(