Monday, July 24, 2006

I want to eat .......

In less than 2 days time, I will be back home, to the Land of HornBills aka Sarawak... My Home Sweet Home :)

I want to eat....
* my mama's home cooked food
* Bilin Jungle Fern (a must !!!!! something not to be missed !!!)
* Kam pua Noodle/干盘面
* Pien Neek/扁肉
* Kompia/光餅
* Ting Bian Hu/ 鼎邊糊
* Sarawak Laksa
* Kueh Chap/粿汁
* Lui Cha (Hakka vegetarian food). Would like to try out this stall recommended by unker :)
* might be Kolo Mee ?? (Not my favourite... but no harm eating).
* the yellow-orange Native Brinjal/Iban Brinjal
* Bamboo Clam aka ambal
* Sarawak Acar (slurp)
* Sarang Semut (don't worry, I am not eating the ants' nest. This is the name of one of the local snacks..)
* what else? MMmmmm....

Hope can eat some of the local Sarawak fruits too - Jungle durians, local Sarawak longans etc.. Dunno available or not.. I haven't eat these fruits for more than 5 years... Aiyks... Nostalgia


a^ben said...

wahhahahahah` bring a check list and loads of money` hahahah I will try to bring you to eat` hahahaha :P

Cynthia said...

3 days 'kau tiem' all the food? =) LOL Have fun!!!

Pink Cotton said...

Must try kolo mee...wahaahha

oh and LAKSA!!!


sbanboy said...

Wah so much to eat .... yummy ... have a great time at home :)

Chen said...

hahaha.. of course lah.. I don't go back often :P

3 days? cannot lah.. I guess one whole week? ;)

pink cotton,
kolo mee is not my favourite leh.. but if u belanja, i don't mind, hahhaah...

sure, sure. It is always good to go back home ;) Home sweet home :)

may said...

remember to tapau some authentic sarawak food for us... drool drool drool!! safe travels, yea... see you in KL in a couple of weeks!

Red Sponge said...

WAH WAH WAH...your LIST!!! So long!

Yeah you wanna try the LUICHA!!

Are you here on weekend too? Hee...if yes, then maybe I can help mama to prepare you the NICEST luicha.

Chen said...

hahha, tapao ah? wat u want me to tapao for u? Tapao pictures can anot? LOL.. Thanks. Haven't pack a single thing yet.. going to do so tomorrow night. See ya in KL soon ;)

red sponge,
yeah, I wanna try lui cha. Yes, I will be there on the weekend too.. till early August.

ni heh hak kah yin? Ngai not hak kah yin :P Pass boh my hakka? can kelentong a little bit, hahhaa...

wah.. i want to try your NICEST lui cha.. I want, i want :P Start wiping saliva liao ... LOL

AceOne said...

Halo, My first visit here, whoops..izzit Midin or Bidin? I love that too. and Kolo Mee and Laksa..and Kueh cahp..yummy ..yummy.!!
Wat is Pien Neek? How cum I neber heard of it wan.

angel said...

Ei ei, give us a To-Eat List for KayElle also yeah! I demand for the list! *LOL*

plink said...

Bamboo Clam! Bamboo Clam!!



_butt said...

Hmm.. wonder how 'sarang semut' looks like..

Maybe you can post a pic of it for us when you get back home? :D

Happi Balik Kampung!! ^^

Pink Cotton said...

chen chen..when u go back to penang ler?

IML said...

"I want to join you....."

zeroimpact said...

Kuih Sarawak!!!
Remember to ta pau ah
Have fun doc

Alicia said...

~.~ hungreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Red Sponge said...

OHHH...hee...okla...I check with my mama first! =)

cooknengr said...

Whatsup Doc, Mama Wong wants to show off her 這個我也會 Mongolian steam can FishFish can contact Ann if you wanna join the feast With Antonian, Kuching branch.

Chen said...

hope u enjoy your stay here :D
there are several different names for the jungle fern.. Bilin, Bidin, Milin, Midin... all refer to the same thing.. That is my favourite - sambal belachan, rice wine, garlic, whatever lah.. Semua pun sedap. Something not to be missed :)

Pien Neek is similar to wantan :) It’s one of the foochow dishes.

KayElle ah? Tat one u write for me loh.. I dunno what is available in KL, but I dowan KFC, hhahaha..

nice hoh bamboo clam :) We call it as ambal.. Some called it as monkey d*ck LOL

Chen said...

Sarang semut ah? Looks a bit like the dried crispy beehoon.. but it’s not beehoon :P

If I get to buy and eat it, I will definitely snap a photo for your viewing pleasure..

pink cotton,
I will be in Kuching from 26/7/06 till 6/8/06 - one week plus. Going back to peninsular on 6th August morning :) When are u free to meet up? Tangkap your beloved Red Sponge sekali :D

Sarawak welcomes u with opened hands & big hugs :)

Chen said...

I hope I can remember, hahaha :D

Give Alicia a glass of milk to satisfy her hunger feelings :P

Sure, sure...No lui cha also never mind lah.. We can go out makan other things :) Bila free to meet up? Kidnap pink cotton sekali :D

Sure, sure... I will meet up with Fish fish too.

13th Panda said...

Hmm~Kuching has a lot of nice food!

I don't like luicha :-p even though ngai hei hakka ngin

carcar said...

tonight i will sms u a list on wat you can bring back for me :P


enjoy yourself ok, don't worry about me, kakakaka!!~

Jeeu Teck said...

Hi there, I found out your blog through Red Sponge's. I am a Sarawakian too, now studying in Liverpool. Is it okay if I add your blog to mine? Thanks and nice to meet you.

Chen said...

13th panda,
I will start savouring the yummy food tomorrow night ;)

wah.. hahahha....
waiting for your sms then :P
thanks thank..

I won't worry about u, cos I can still syiok syiok call u for no reason.. make sure u remember to bring your handphone out hoh :D

jeeu teck,
hi Jeeu Teck, Nice to meet another Sarawakian :) I have never been to Liverpool. Only been to London once, and that was 3 years back :)

Please go ahead, it's my pleasure :)

lynnx01 said...

Are you going back to Sarikei? or is it Kuching? Oh.. you really gotta eat Sarawak Laksa!! Rocks!! Hahaa... but too bad, not such fruit season now. The other saw durians sold for RM15 per kg. What a killer!

Red Sponge said...

Oh forgot to giv u your grade in hakka, 'B' la! LOL!

Only 1 sentence, and got some can only give u 'B' lo.

Hmmm blogger is like pen pal! Should we hold a red rose when we meet???

Jellyfish said...

i hampalang pun mau!!!

Chen said...

Going back to Kuching :)
Yeah I know :P

red sponge,
Grade B ah? very good loh, u very kind.. frankly speaking, i dunno how to speak hakka, i just bluff bluff a bit only with the few limited words i know, hahhaa..

hold a red rose?
u should hold a red-coloured sponge instead :P

I sent u liao my handphone number via email :) u tell me what clothes u r wearing & vice versa can liao lah... :P

Jellyfish said...

u know la... KSL ma... must hampalang oso tapau wannn...

kekekekeke..... :P :P

Chen said...

aiyoh, this KSL...
hampalang mau?
hampalang tapau?
hampalang sapu?
sent u straight to Sarawak easier :P

carcar said...

i will always bring my handphone (hopefully) ..remember to call me ok :P

not sms u tonight leh...


not to disturb your last mins packing mah.. :)

Chen said...

sure sure..
u remember to pick up the phone when I call u :P

wow.. now almost 11:30 pm liao..
time to pack my stuffs :P

fred said...

back to sarikei? enjoy ...

day-dreamer said...

Same like Jellyfish, I also hampalang mau!!!!!!


Alicia said...

milk saja tak cukup oo xD

dino said...

can u bring back all the food that u have listed to me?? hehehe...

Chen said...

going to Kuching :) Thanks

day dreamer,
sent u & jellyfish together to Sarawak.. then u can hampalang sapu :P

mmmm... susu tak cukup ah? give u tengok Sarawak Laksa punya gambar dulu lah :P

hahaha.. u can fly together with jellyfish & daydreamer to Sarawak.. kekeke... then u can eat all the food listed above.. LOL.. with AirAsia, nowadays everyone can fly (buat free advertisement bagi Air Asia pulak) LOL

dino said...

chen, must fly togetehr with u mah...
then u can b my tour guide, bring me go here n there to makan mah... :p

Chen said...

hahaha.. okie okie :D