Friday, December 16, 2005

Kueh Chap (粿汁)

Kueh Chap(粿汁) is one of the Teochew (潮洲) dish. Flat rice noodles served in dark coloured herbal soup together with pork (lean meat and fat) and innards (intestines and stomach), pig skin etc... (This might sounds yucky to some, and definitely it's non halal) and sometimes together with tauhu pok and hard boiled egg. The taste is superb and unique. I had this during my previous trip back home. Too many nice and different food to savour in Sarawak. I still couldn't manage to eat all "the wanted to eat things" in my list. :(

Kueh Chap also available in one particular stall in Penang (from what I know), but the one here tasted totally different from the Kueh Chap in Sarawak :) I still prefer (and love) the Sarawak Kueh Chap ;)


Jellyfish said...

i obviously see more spare parts than other things


Wilson said...

yumm~~I will go for Kueh Chap tonight.. =P

Robin said...

Cholesterol, Cholesterol, Cholesterol.. tsk tsk tsk

But I like it... and willing to die immediately after a heart attack!

day-dreamer said...


I can't find kueh chap in Ipoh... so sad. I love it so much!

When I go to Penang, you belanja me can? Along with a cup of Jelly Juice!

:D :D

Loc Kee said...

cant find in KL juga... :<

but i tried in spore before and dont like it so much... mayb salawak is diferent.

alorstarman said...

there's a really good one in alor star

JoeC said...

*stomack makin noise*.... I love the pig intestine with pepper soup! yumyum! have a nice weekend, cheers!

carcar said...

loc kee,
ya, can't find any frm kl, can try from jb, not bad! and sgp have good kuey chap, must find the right stall, pls come, i belanja u!

jelly juice? wat is that?

Doc Chen,
Last two months, out of a blue moon i was craved for kuey chap, then i seek high and low for a good one! hehe, i found one at a shopping mall, not bad lah..and you know , sometimes chilli play an important role too. haha

Alicia said...

kuey chap.. ~.~ so far.. me got to try oni those instant ones leh .. dun b so mean with the pic pls?

fred said...


never tasted one before, but I predict the taste will almost be the same as bak kut teh.. wil try it someday...

day-dreamer said...

Carcar, Jelly Juice is made from Jellyfish. First, catch a Jellyfish, clean it, put into a blender, add some water, turn on the switch and blend it. Best served chilled.

Our dear Chen here is an expert in making the country's BEST Jelly Juice. I have put down my order. When is your turn?

:D :D *wink wink*

Chen said...

Spare part? Luckily u didn't mention spare tyre :P

So nice. Remember to snap some picture :)

Somehow the tasty food are always the unhealthy/high cholesterol/oily food :D

Day Dreamer,
But the kueh chap in Penang doesn't taste nice (to my standard)
If u want, no problem..
But jelly juice? Hahhaha... I don't have jellyfish with me at the moment :P

Loc Kee,
They use the different ingredient for the soup (comparing Penang Kueh Chap & Sarawak Kueh Chap)

Alorstar man,
Huh? Available in Alor Setar as well?
Where's the stall? :)
Must go there and try out...

We can eat every part or organ in pig..
Very valuable animal :D

If I visit Singapore, then u must bring me to makan :D

Huh? There's instant kueh chap as well?

It's different from bak kut teh..
Must go & try.. Since it's widely available in Sarawak (but not in Sarikei though..)

Day Dreamer,
Walao.. later they will sue me for murdering jellyfish...
Kakakkaa.. I can substitute jellyfish with jellybean but definitely the taste won't be the same :P

alorstarman said...

it's at kedai makanan cola, taman berjaya

day-dreamer said...

I miss Taman Berjaya... in fact, I miss Alor Star too!! *sob sob*

Last time I tasted Kueh Chap near the Sentosa Shopping Mall (is it still there now?). Not bad...

Chen, I was only telling Carcar, don't worry!


Winn said...

Foood !!!
just stalk jellyfish's blog filled with food n now food again..

i love this.....minus all the spare parts la

Cynthia said...

i dont really like this dish since i was little, i like the meat, not the noodle. =) my grandma is tewochew, she knows how to make lotsa nice teowchew dishes.. ekekek

Chen said...


Day Dreamer,
Seems like u have been to lotsa places already :)

Hahhaa... We like to eat... not eat to live... , that's why :)
That's why we can see food at every corner :)

Wow... So nice :)
Next time must go to your place to makan when u balik kampung time

Jellyfish said...

make me as juice?

aiya... got live one u girls dowan :P:P

Chen said...

Seems like lotsa people likes to drink jellyjuice woh..
So, u better watch out :D

LIVE one ah? I have no comments lah..
U ask the girls loh.. :P

Jellyfish said...

they din reply me oso :P

see la... no luck in finding gf

Chen said...

Someone is not in town leh...

glutton rabbit said...

Hai Doc,
Thanks for the info. Where is the stall in Penang that you had Kueh Chap? I would like to try it. So far, I only tasted PAMA brand instant Kueh Chap and I thought it was a Thai food... ;p

Chen said...

glutton rabbit,
The one I had is one of the hawker stall in Kimberley Street. This morning, I noted another hawker stall selling kueh chap as well, near the old Lai Lai in Ayer Itam.

fish fish said...

Hehe... me too very like Kueh chap. But it is Kueh without the Chap. :P Hey, next time if we meet in Kuching, let me bring you to the lists of Sarawak food that I like. My favorite stalls. ;)

Chen said...

Fish Fish,
Sure, looking forward to that day :)
We go and sapu the food :D