Thursday, December 15, 2005

Refused Surgery cos of ....

Most Chinese (I mean MOST and NOT ALL) are reluctant to undergo elective major surgery during Hungry Ghost Festival.

I recalled one incident in my hospital which occured during one of the days in the month of Hungry Ghost Festival. One chinese patient was scheduled for elective surgery. He was admitted to ward as scheduled. All the pre op assessment and investigations were done accordingly. And he consented for the surgery as well and signed the consent form.. He was pushed to the Operating Theatre (OT) as scheduled on the operating list on the day of surgery. And on pushing inside to the operating room (OR) then only the patient conveyed his wishes not to undergo surgery on that day cos it's hungry ghost festival, and wanted the surgery to be postponed or deferred to a later date.

Aiyoh... If he really doesn't want to go for surgery at theat period of time, then inform earlier lah.. why inform at the last minute???? Till being pushed inside the Operating Room, then only informed? Really wasting all our precious time !!! And he took up the slots which can be offered to some other patient since there's a long waiting lists for patients who needs operation...

What's your opinion in this matter?


Jellyfish said...


1st to comment!!!!!! :P

maybe he saw ghost inside the operation room?
thats y he postpone it last minute

JoeC said...

hey i'm the 2nd! cookie plz!

I must say dear doctor, that I'm baffled with people who are soo into mambo jumbo nowadays, where is science when we need them? If our fate is being determined by the cosmics or somthing rather, just dig a hole in the ground and stay in there. Truely, for goodness sake, have the surgery and get on with it.


Tibbar de Gniw said...

Wow! Superstition to the extent of risking his life? So what if it's the hungry ghost festival? I've never met any ghosts and I don't think I'll ever meet any...

Chen said...

Finally, u made it ;)

See ghost? I presume if he sees ghost, he will ran away fast...
and not waiting for us to push him slowly ;)
Well, there are so many people inside the operating room, the surgeon, anaesthetist, GA nurse, few scrub nurses, circulating nurse etc etc...

Give u M&M choc then..
What I can say is, some people are just too superstitious ;)

Chen said...

tibbar de gniw,
The surgery scheduled for him is elective surgery, not the emergency surgery,
so it's not to the extend of risking his life yet :P

But the surgery still needs to be done.. :)

Yeah, I hope u won't meet with one in the future as well :D

Robin said...

Perhaps he saw something he should not when being push into OT. Are u sure u didn't see anything special during 7th month?

I used to tell people I am working between Heaven and Hell. I work on the fifth floor. Below me is the Onco (cancer) ward.. sure got people die every day. And Above me...

You guess right. The O&G (delivery) ward.. sure got babies born everyday.

So this is how I reach enlightenment.. if you know the Diamond Sutra.


Chen said...

Hospital is never a clean place..
There are so many people dying everyday..
There's endless ghost stories in the hospital :)
I can write a book as well if I compiled all the stories :D

I do believe that there's spirit everywhere and they might be around u or me at this moment,
just that we couldn't see it with our naked eyes, right ? :)
And the spirit is wandering around everywhere regardless of time.
We need not fear of them :)

Robin said...

Not right...Who says we can't see them?

and who says we should be afraid?


Chen said...

Hahhaa.. u r fast.
Actually, I'm not talking about u.
Have to be careful with my words when talking to a lawyer :)

Err... u can see them? I hope not :D
But definitely it's not nice to see a headless being walking down or ? floating from the staircase.
Nope, I didn't see that, but someone else did, and this happened in the hospital.

Good to know that u are not afraid of them.

Jellyfish said...

everything will be ok if u get used to it


Chen said...

The professor speaks :)

Nothing related with this topic, but just out of interest, how's the progress of your psychic power?

Robin said...

Incidentally, I would like to introduce you to a beautiful blog with fantastic pics, to show you that even professional does not put taglines on their pics everywhere.

sbanboy said...

Hey robin .. checked out the blog ... awesome pictures ...

Hmm about that guy cancelling his operation the last minute .. maybe someone really scared the night before.... sometimes the mind plays tricks and it can be really real sometimes ....

Sharl612 said...

May be hospital should practice asking question before surgery likes: Are you superstituos? Are there any days or time of the day that your body cannot be operated? *lol*

day-dreamer said...

Why is this Robin so against inserting taglines into pictures??

Anyway, you can't blame certain people for being too superstitious. Sometimes, things are not up to you to believe or not (translate into Chinese)...

Cynthia said...

my opinion?

Bloody chinese..

let's say the conversation is abit like this:

"sorry ar, doctor, today is hungry ghost festival, i want postpone my surgery,can or not?"

ok, Cynthia's responses..duh! if im the doctor la, k? =)

1) " you want to join the hungry ghost fast fast issit?"

2) "you never die before ar? wasting my time here?" holding the surgery knife, eyes open big big, starring at that bastard.

3) "ok, you want the postpone, i duno when is the next time already, but i can tell you when you going to die."

4)"now you are the doctor or I AM THE DOCTOR??"

Blooody chinese....they think what? preparing a surgery procedure is very easy? mother never teach one issit? no big no small punya patient.

=) whatever la.. i rest my case. smile

Chen said...

Thanks for the beautiful blog.

Well, it's just that different people have different school of thoughts :)

sban boy,
Only the guy himself know what's the reason behind it. We can only guess.

If talking about "Are there any days or time of the day that your body cannot be operated? ", then the best is they go for surgery in the private hospital, hahahha.... Good for us, less cases :D

day dreamer,
Just that different people have different school of thoughts..
Or one man's meat is another man's poison :)

I know about the existence of spirit in this world..
Well, but if not keen, don't do it at the last minute.
wasting the taxpayers money..

Hahhaa.. good lah u :)
love your option No (2) :P
Yeah, preparing a patient for surgery involving lotsa works..
It's not something easy or simple.

Sam I Am said...

durring the Hungry Ghost Festival the living show their concern for the dead. Who are the ghost!!!

Loc Kee said...

haha thats the typical Cina AhPek style la. do whatever thing also have to choose date from the Tong Sheng.

hey talking about this... i think donating organ after they pass away ma lagi tough lo :<

carcar said...

cynthia, i like your 'add on' dialogue! farny leh!

jelly, ya, i agreed with u, maybe he saw the ghost standing besides the operating bed...wahaha!

doc chen,
ya, fear not! we have Him the greatest one inside us! who shall be against us! haha...give me five!

Chen said...

Sam I Am,
Some do believe that the spirits will roam around freely from hell during the seventh month or hungry ghost festival :)

Loc Kee,
Talking about Organ Donation...
It's more difficult actually to persuade the Malay for organ donation compared to Chinese if there's case with brain death diagnosed in the hospital.
Overall, the pledge for organ donation is still very low.
Most people still couldn't accept the organ donation thingy.
They want to passed away or wanted their relatives/family members to pass away intact

give u 5
Yeap... He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.