Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I took this snapshot one late evening in one of the street in Bintulu. This fruit stall owner is very creative. Most people will just cut the water melon into two or cut into slices for display.. But, he did something different and this really caught my attention :) He removed the outer layer of the watermelon (the rind) carefully, to reveal the smooth inner layer of the red coloured sweet juicy watermelon flesh.. Hard work though, but.. it's something different.. He did the same thing to the yellow coloured flesh melon, as well as the pomelo.


FH2O said...

See! "Now Everyone Can be Creative!"
(with apologies to Tony Fernandez ...) ;o)

Jellyfish said...


luckily the owner din craft jellyfish pattern on the red flesh

Cynthia said...

my friend told me watermelon means 我的美人.. smile

Chen said...

seeing your statement "Now Everyone Can be Creative!" reminds me of Air Asia "Now Everyone Can Fly" :D and it reminds me of Air Asia giving out free tickets as well... but I didn't go & grab for any free seat or discount seat :)

or should it be the other way round?
Actually what u want to say is "Er, how come the owner didn't craft jellyfish on the rind???"

watermelon means 我的美人 ?
Hahahha.. how come I never think of that before? :P

Winn said...

i love pamelo..
guess they dun have pamelo juice eh?

how abt pamelo anderson?

Jellyfish said...

oh... craft at rind too common.

Chen said...

I love pomelo as well, especially the mini pomelo..
See lotsa mini pomelo back in my hometown in Sarikei previously.. The size is slightly bigger than the grape fruit :)

Pomelo juice? Mmmm... I never think of that... :D
Might be can open up a stall and sell pomelo juice ;)

Pamelo Anderson pulak?
This reminds me of an old post by Jellyfish during his early days of blogging..
whereby he posted a picture of himself eating pomelo...
and someone mentioned pamelo as well :D

Craft at rind too common?
So u want something special, like craft at the flesh? :D
susah lah tu...
At least I never craft anything on the rind before :)

Robin said...

Wah, The watermelon seller can be a neurosurgeon..

just like the brain surgery where you remove the skull to reveal the brain.

Oops.. too gross for some I guess..

Chen said...

true also... how come I never think of that?
This looks like craniotomy and removal of the rind is just like removal of the scalp and bone skull to reveal the brain matter, But not so extensive loh :)

Might be the watermelon seller childhood ambition is to become a neurosurgeon?

Robin said...

Aiyo, btw, wat's with this site address of yours appearing at all the pics. Rather unsightly lah.

Afraid that people will steal your pics meh?

Haha.. more Kiasu than Singaporean leh...


Chen said...

Singaporeans and Malaysians are neighbours, and friends as well..
so no harm learning from each other :D
We learn the good thing, and at the same time we will absorb some "bad" things as well..

Btw, this is not called kiasu lah..
this is to prevent ppl from stealing ~ which is quite rampant. (don't u think so?)
There are even ppl who steal/take things from others and proclaim it as their own :D
Well, I have seen these sort of cases many times already.

It's just like the idea of copyrights or trademark or patent :)

agus said...

Eh, do you happen to know how he does it? How people skin watermellon and other fruits? care to share? Might come in handy when trying to impress friends, future inlaws...when all things failed.

Robin said...

Now, now, we are talking business here.

If you read my profile carefully, I am legally trained (no judegment)and I can give you some tips in Intellectual Property.

The Internet has the lowest IP protection, as the identity is often masked by the IP address.

You may want to put a small small copyright mark at the lower right hand corner of the pictures, if it is going to be an oscar winning shots. This will not destroy the beauty of the picture and at the same time if anyone copies your picture, you can bring them to task since your orginal has the word copyright, even though the copy cat may remove it. (my free advice - no charge)

As for me, I would be most happy to let anyone copy my pics and I get famous for it or least know my pics are wanted by someone so desparate.

Certainly, an object of beauty should be appreciated by all. Ownership should not result in self destruction..

Which bring me to another story: during the Japanese occupation, many beautiful women made themselve ugly so that they would not be targetted as Geisha. Some go to the extend of scarring their face and shaving the hair and eyebrows in a act of self destruction.

Now, now, hopefully, this is not the case here.

FH2O said...

Tony Fernandez is Air Asia! He started the company and it's fast looking like goin to overtake MAS with the recent multi billion dollars purchase of 100 Airbus A320!

Hmmmm 'bin, sorry Robin has a point. Was wondering what the rampaging site address watermarks was all about. We're an amateur sites right? But if say someone profits heavily from stealing one of our pics (rather unlikely); it can be easily proved as we have ownership of the original high resolution file (u're not shooting VGA are you?).
Defaced pics would end up in the eh, bins!

To each his/her own; but it must take quite a bit of work/time to put all those watermarks all over the places. I admire your patience!
Happy posting n watermarking!

"Now Everyone Can Watermark"! ;o)

Chen said...

Sorry, I have no idea how he did it..
Hard task, I presume..

Thanks for your tips..
Yeah, I have read about your profile before proceeding to your weblog page. This is something that I will always do before proceeding to the blog. Since I get so used to getting patient's presenting complaint and past medical history etc.. Some sort of habit already.

Regarding your legal tips and advice, yeah.. I do know something about the matter since my hubby is a lawyer as well. I don't know whether u knows him or not. If u are from Penang, then might be u will know him.. Well, even so, I seldom ask him questions or things on legal matter. But of course, I do know something which is related to my profession or the so called medico legal issue :)

Just a side issue, I hate to receive subpoena asking me to attend court to tender medical report or to answer queries on medical related cases like road traffic accident etc.. Why so? cos the case here always being postponed and I have experience of attending court few times and only get to know the case was postponed to a later date on arrival :( Really wasting my time :( I don't know how's the situation in Singapore.

Chen said...

hahahah... now happy watermarks pula?
This is nothing difficult, just few clicks and few seconds will do :) provided u have the time..
And in return, happy kayaking to u..
When will u say, "Now, Everyone Can Kayak" ?

hornbill said...

Chen...i never 'prasan' with the any special cut with the watermelon. All that i care is... is that watermelon sweet or not. hehehe

Robin said...

hehe.. now, there are two types of court subpoena.

One is the expert witness, where u get money whether attending or not, at least at S$750 per attendance of 1 hour. Testing teh good old Bolam Test. So this type, attend as many as you like... keke.. (dun quote me)

The other type is when you will not be paid.. avoid this at all means.. (I am sure your hubby will teach you how)

Medico-legal... did any one call me?

Happysurfer said...

Site address is good as advertising in a way. I've read of people having their website URL on their vehicles - to boost readership of course.

Great post on the jetty.

Doc said...

I love watermelons!

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Yum, both so juicy and sweet.

Chen said...

U r very practical...
That's what most of us concern at the end ~ whether the watermelon taste nice/juicy/sweet or not?

regarding the payment, the pay in Singapore is much much much more higher than the one being paid here..
Over here they only give a small token of money even if it takes the whole day (per case basis regardless of time taken)
But still not worth it although $$ is given.
And for certain cases, as u mentioned, they won't pay a single cent..
Eg. They give me subpoena to attend court back in Sarawak (the case which was few years back already) when I'm working in Penang. Very troublesome, right?

Hahaha.. I know u r involved with medico legal cases.. ;)
So, if I have any inquiry in the future on this matter, can I consult u free of charge? :D

Thanks :)
I've lotsa people put their website address on the signature as well.

Doc and Furkids in HK,,
That's my favourite fruit as well..

FH2O said...

As 'commanded' by the rampaging watermarked good doc; hear ye hear ye; I hereby say
"Now, NOT Everyone Can Kayak" - well not like Dr Hannes Lindemann, the other good doctor who paddled solo across the Atlantic Ocean!
Care 2 emulate? Or 'Thanks but no thanks?'

Read all about it on my latest posting ... ;o)

Jellyfish said...

suddenly so many comments one

Chen said...

Well, well... I think I will opt for "Thanks but no thanks" :)

U just add in another one :D
Btw, I will post the special post that I told u earlier on, likely on Friday night or Saturday..

day-dreamer said...

Nice watermelon!

Tambun pomeloes are the BEST!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
No doubt tambun pomeloes are nice, but I have tried the nice in my hometown in Sarikei as well :D

glutton rabbit said...

Yaloh, I've never seen watermelon displayed like this before. Creativelah Bintulu people...

Chen said...

glutton rabbit,
Yeah.. Nowadays I brought my digicam together with me most of the time..
So that whenever I see any nice views or display, I will take a shot :)