Saturday, December 17, 2005

My new pc

Finally my new pc arrived. I didn't log online for the past few nights cos I had dismantled and disconnected all the connections from my previous desktop computer, making space for the arrival of my new toy. My old pc is really getting old already and needed to be admitted to ICU soon. That's why the new one coming in the picture.

My new pc is Pentium D processor-based PC with Clock Speed 2.80 GHz and Front Side Bus 800 MHz and Motherboard D945 GNTL with Hard Disc Drive of 200 GB (set to 3 partitions). Yep, since this new pc has 17 inch LCD monitor (Samsung 713N), so can save quite a lot of space on my table. In fact, I put my printer behind the LCD monitor. Just that I'm not used to the multimedia keyboard ~ much smaller than my old keyboard and the arrangement of certain keys on this MM keyboard are different. But I believe in few days time (or few hours??) I will soon get used to it :) Yours truly will be busy installing new programmes and softwares for the next couple of days.


fred said...

wah.... new PC lah... I see a Samsung SyncMaster *drool* every uni student dream...

Jellyfish said...


lets see...
(some are unrelated to your new pc, kekeke)

17" LCD
DVD rom drive
CDRW drive
cordless phone...

the behind LCD printer must be canon bubblejet BJC1000 SP

am i rite?

Chen said...

Yeap, Samsung SyncMaster 17 inch LCD 713N :)
high performance screen, with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels and 600:1 contrast level.
Produce great picture.
No regrets :)

Wah... sharp eyesights leh..
correct, correct...
But u missed out the ADSL streamyx modem, microphone, optical mouse and scanner :P
The microphone is next to the LCD monitor.
The optical mouse is infront of the subwoofer.
The scanner is behind the subwoofer, PDA and cordless phone.
The ADSL modem ah? I guess u can see it by now :)

Jellyfish said...

i saw those things la... :P
the mic, mouse n especially the modem (a blue transparent ADSL modem) its on top of cpu

but din type it out only :P

Chen said...

Oooh.. Okie okie, u have good eye sights..
U consume lotsa antioxidants ah? ;)

Jellyfish said...


dats not consider good eyesight la
everythng is there in the pix wat :P said...

you have pda and mobilephone too

Cynthia said...

wu la mak!!!! the CPU look very canggih man~!!!!

Chen said...

then... at least u r observance loh...

That phone is actually my cordless house phone :)

What I will say it's much(X 10)better than my old PC :)

Daniel said...

Intel's Pentium D processor means it has Dual core per processor. ie 2 brains per processor for multi-tasking. Very Cool PC.

babe_kl said...

i think dats the same monitor we had at home

day-dreamer said...

I am soooo envious!

My computer arh... kelaur masuk ICU sehingga doctors announce that it cannot be saved anymore. It's just practically waiting for The Time.


Chen said...


Babe KL,
nice monitor, huh?
I have no regrets.

day dreamer,
aiyak, u study hard and work hard, next time u can earn lotsa $$$ and get yourself a new pc loh..

phangan said...

wah... new PC wor.. kekeke

Chen said...

not as canggih as yours :)