Saturday, December 17, 2005


Now is durian season again... In fact, the King of Fruits, durian liulian is available almost all year round.. Err, I mean it's available almost every few months not like a decade or two ago, whereby it's only available once or sometimes twice a year. Yeah, I bought this yesterday night.

This post is specially dedicated to Cynthia. I know she misses liulian a lot :) Hope u will get to eat liulian if u come back home during CNY.


Jellyfish said...

i wanna buy durian to snap pic liao

specially for rabbit's meme
but still havent bought any durian yet :P

Chen said...

hah? Buy durian just to snap pic for rabbit's meme?
Good lah u :D
but at the end, after snapping photos, u can eat the durian as well :D

Jellyfish said...

buy to eat ma of course:D

but b4 eat, take photo 1st

Chen said...

I know lah... Just want to tease u only :D
syiok mah..

Cynthia said...

WAH LAU!!!!!! I wanna cry liaw~!! jellyfish, this post is specially dedicated to me.. *tears*
*cough cough*

i want durian!!!! im dying for durian now..
cynthia opens eye big big, saliva dripping like spring water.. GOSH!!! take me home!! I want durian!!!!

glutton rabbit said...

Too bad I'm not a fan of lulian... don't like lar soft-soft mash-mash...
Eh Jelly? Buy lulian for rabbit's meme? Aiyoh... this is a must read meme-lah like that... haha

Anonymous said...

durian so yummy...
chen, any tips to choose a yummy durian??

FH2O said...

Durians season already in miri? Lucky u!
Awaiting eagerly in kuching for its appearance ...

anonymous - call me 'sifu' and I'll teach u! ;o) 90% accuracy and gettin better all the time!

Loc Kee said...

yee... I missssssss Liulian alot. Due to SSMummy doesnt eat... me oso cannot eat lo :<

Chen said...

pass tissue to Cynthia :)
*Hug Hug*

Glutton Rabbit
Nowadays, I don't fancy durian as much as previously :) But anyway, I still like it.

Any tips ah? I know little bit only lah..
Eg. Shouldn't choose a durian with dry stalk, cos the fruit is not fresh.
Choose durian which is not so heavy, cos heavy durian will have lotsa seeds and less flesh.
Don't buy durian when the it rained heavily the day before.. etc etc

Since fh2o offered to teach when u call him sifu, then, why not?

Mr Sifu, hahha... what u want to teach your disciples? :P

Loc Kee,
I have a colleague with fate same as u..
Her hubby doesn't like durian. So, she ends up not eating as well although she loves durian :)

Anonymous said...

sifu fh2o... teach me how to choose yummy durian pls... :)

Alicia said...

-.- me wan eat durian

FH2O said...

Picking good durians like kayaking is an art and cannot be learnt overnite! Ahem.

But here are some basic pointers. The rest u've to see yours truly 2 learn in person (after offering red packets!)

1. Must be light
2. Stalk must be present
3. Scrutinise carefully to ensure that there are NO holes (worms lah!)at all
4. Asymetrical shape (not round or perfect symmetry)
5 ...
Eh! gave too many secrets away already! Durian sellers will kill me lah!

Chen said...

Go and get some for yourself :)
Give yourself a treat (u deserves a good treat)

Point (1) to (3) I know about that already..
Point (4) is something new :
No other extra points ? :D
Durian sellers won't kill u lah..
They dunno u let out the secret :P

FH2O said...

5. Shake the durian. Must have a 'loose' feeling.

Other points requires red packet lah!

Everytime I go to buy durians - the sellers see me they got no mood already!

Robin said...

looks like white chicken on Hainan Chicken Rice plate.

(using the clip to block my nose.. it looks smelly)

Chen said...

Give u a red packet without any content.
U mention red packet only mah, so given to u liao..
Mmmmm.... or giving out empty red packet doesn't sounds nice.
I write a thank u note inside the red packet loh..

huh? the sellers can recognise u?
Sure u frequent the durian stalls a lot :P

Hahaha... durian become "pak cham kai"? :D

Anonymous said...

fh2o sifu...
thanks for ur tips... :)
hmm.. how to pass the red packet to u?? :p

day-dreamer said...

DURIAN!!!! I watched "I Do, I Do", a Singaporean movie. There was a scene when someone said, in an English class, "L for Liulian." LOL!

I'm liulian ong! In fact, my whole family is. All of us appreciate good durian. I could practically wolf down durians for lunch/dinner. Hehehe... geng leh?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
That's the Malaysian or Singaporean way of pronouncing, Liulian, Liulian... nice mah :D

down eat too much liulian leh...
Very high calories woh..

day-dreamer said...

Yalor... whenever it is durian season, I tend to put on weight. But lately dunno why, eat liulian till a bit scared of it liao. Perhaps it is because we got a few chau geng geng. LOL!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Nowadays I don't fancy liulian as much as before..
Tastebud changes a bit liao :)