Monday, November 28, 2005

Kam Pua Noodle (干盘面)

Sarawakians, will know what is Kam Pua Noodle (干盘面). This is a popular and yet simple dish back home in Sarawak, especially in Sibu and Sarikei. I wrote a post on Sarikei few months ago, and included kam pua noodle inside there :) It's found in most of the coffee shop or hawker centre or food court in Sarawak, and available in almost every coffee shop in Sibu & Sarikei.

The kam pua noodle looks similar to wantan noodle in West Malaysia, but the taste is totally different :) There's two different version of kam pua noodle. One can opt for kam pua with or without soya sauce ~ I still prefer the kam pua noodle with soya sauce. The noodle is served together with few slices of char siew(pork) on top and a bowl of soup (normally it's just the plain ajinomoto soup :D ), and chilli sauce.

kam pua noodle with soya sauce
This is the kam pua noodle with soya sauce. I ate this in one of the food court in Kuching. Taste nice and up to standard, but the one available in my hometown (Sarikei) is even better :P

plain kam pua noodle

I tasted the above kam pua without soya sauce in another coffee shop in Bintulu. They didn't put the red colouring flavour to the char siew pork meat as well :)

So far, I have never see this dish outside Sarawak. Can only get to eat it when I go back home to Sarawak. This is one of the dish that I will not miss out when I balik kampung (go back home).

There will be more upcoming posts on popular food/dishes in Sarawak...


carcar said...

finaly! the photo we are waiting for are on board! woo hoo!
i love kam pua very much!
last time when i was in sarawak, i had it for 3 meals per day! hahaha....and still find it not enough!
i found one kolo noodle here in singapore, not bad! but still miss the sarawak original taste!
thanks for all the photo sharing as well!

babe_kl said...

funny, i never liked those char siew stained wid colourings. any difference of kolo mee & kam pua mee???

Chen said...

Err.. U also likes eating kam pua noodle? :P
3 meals per day summore? Hahha...

Kolo mee is different from Kam pua mee. Different taste. I don't really like kolo mee cos I find it very oily :P

I remember one kampua noodle stall owner in my hometown in Sarikei told my mum previously that he had to put colouring on his char siew, cos some of his customers complaint.. that the char siew looks plain.

I prefer eating the char siew without colouring :)

Jellyfish said...


looks similar to my favorite gon lou min :P

Cynthia said...

the one with soya sauce seem better. I love to try!! cant wait to go to Sarawak to eat~!!

hornbill said...

check out my comment about Kuching's food...

day-dreamer said...

The char siew my mama cooks has NO colouring and it tastes just as nice, if not, better!

The kam pua mee looks super nice! You must treat me to some one day, doctor!

Chen said...

In Sarawak, there's another type of mee called kolo mee (which means gon lou min :D)
I don't like to eat that noodle (kolo mee), that's why I never bother to eat it during my current trip back home.

This is one of the must eat item when u visit Sarawak in the future :D


okie dokie :)

Day dreamer,
home cooked char siew is always the best :)
btw, u can only eat kam pua mee in Sarawak lah..
it's not available else where in Malaysia :)

Selba said...

looks pretty much like the noodle in indonesia... yummy... it makes me hungry :)

Chen said...

oops... I think u haven't eat breakfast yet? ;)

Anonymous said...

I miss Sarikei Kam Pua Mee very much !

Anonymous said...

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