Sunday, November 27, 2005

Journey to the West (西遊记)

It's indeed Journey to the West.. Cos I'm flying back from East Malaysia to West Malaysia :P 西遊记 or Journey to the West is one of the novel/comic I read during my primary school time :D Why I suddenly come to think of this title? Cos I saw the comic book in my nephew's room during my visitation to Bintulu last week :)

Of course I will not miss the chance of shooting few shots of cloud when I was inside the aeroplane... The clouds look so fluffy.. Reminds me of the cottonwool candy or candy floss aka 棉花糖 :D

The feeling of flying on top of the clouds is nice :P Since I can't walk on the cloud, well, at least I can fly on top of it :) Just like the feeling "on top of the world" Hahahhaa....

Finally, I'm back to Penang.. After leaving this island for almost 2 weeks, now I'm back. (Travel from one island ~ Borneo Island to another island ~ Penang island).


day-dreamer said...

Welcome back!! (to Peninsular Malaysia)

Nice shots, by the way!

So, now waiting for your holiday photos.
And oh yeah, I haven't forgotten about the tag, you know.

Chen said...

day dreamer,

Too many photo shots liao.. I will post the holiday photos later one :)

Aiyak.. I thought u forget about the tag liao :P
I will do it later on loh.. :D
Since no deadline.. kekkee....

Cynthia said...

can i purposely forget the tag ar?? pls pls??

Sam I Am said...

Welcome back AWESOME PIC,
thanks for the smile:)

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Welcome back (and sadly to work).

Those clouds look so fluffy and nice.

Can't wait to see your other holiday pics!!

Take care and have a great week.

Jellyfish said...


like this oso can think of cotton wool.. u r good la

Icey said...

welcome back, jiejie...


Chen said...

Hahhaa.. u also have amnesia on and off as well?
Actually I forget about that matter already, since u brought it up, now I remember.... :P
Suka hati u loh :D

Sam I Am,
Thanks :)

Furkids in HK,
That's the sad part after hols ~ Work !!!

learn from u loh.. Can relate everything to anything :D

thanks :)
Your gift from Slenz is still with me ..