Friday, November 25, 2005

Greetings from Cat City

So fast, today is already Friday.. I'm now in Kuching (or Cat City ~ since kucing = cats in Malay language). It's raining most of the time over here, can't shoot nice pictures with cloudy weather. Can see lotsa cat statues over here and there's even a Cat Museum at the North Kuching region. I heard that they even put in the famous Cat cartoons character inside the Cat Museum, ie Garfield and Felix the Cat. I didn't visit this museum :)

The bad thing is now I'm having cough since few days ago and this morning, started to have slight fever. Think must be too much of running around over the past few days. Furthermore the weather here is hot, and my sister & mum are coughing as well over the past few days ~ transmission of gems :( Can't sleep well over the past 2 nights as well.. Will give myself a good rest at home today.. Pop in two tablets of PCM this morning and drinks gallens plenty of luke warm water.


day-dreamer said...

Yay! I'm the first to comment again!

Oh-oh! Doctor falls sick. *weeps* Me too!

Take care!

izchan said...

ah ... the common, doctor who can't heal themselve incident.

take some aspirins and call me in the morning. We can go have breakfast ... :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch,

you work in Sarawak General Hospital before... now they having construction rite? coz my friend(last time when I went over Kuching to visit him) is one of the side engineer.


Chen said...

day dreamer,
Hahahha.. Congrats for being the 1st one to comment, but no prize though :D

Poor u..
Fall sick during exam time is bad..

We are just human beings.. :)
Aspirin is reserved for other purpose lah... Furthermore it has lotsa side effects..Don't have to take aspirin to bring down the fever, just take panadol will do. Simple and safe as long as don't take overdose :D

Call u in the morning?
How to have breakfast in the morning? I thought u r in KL? :)

Yeah, I work in SGH before ~ many many years back from 98 till 2000.

I don't know what's the latest/recent ongoing construction going over there :)

Cynthia said...

hehe.. doctor, you gotta look after yourself la. Aspirin not good, can cause stomach upset. Paracetamol works better and safer, provided not over dosed. (Dose: 1g every 4 hours, up to 4 gram daily) =P

Trying to show off here.. ekeke.. no lah! im just bored.. =)

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Uh-Oh! Sorry to hear you're ill, but hope you have a speedy recovery.

That museum sounds interesting and a must-see for any cat lover!

Take care.

Jellyfish said...

this day-dreamer....

always the first to comment one

Jellyfish said...

ignore the first 3 letters nbj

it meant nothing, kekekeke...
type in the word verification, suddenly went up here :P

Icey said...


take care oh jiejie...

rest more yar..

speedy recovery...=)

Chen said...

The pharmacist speaks :)

yeah, u r right, aspirin has lotsa side effect, as u mentioned, GIT upset or gastric ulceration is one of them :) PCM or paracetamol is still more superior :D Cheap & safe :P

Furkids in HK,
Wonder if there's any dog museum ? :)

I thought u r scolding 3 letter words earlier on :P

Sure, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hey... was browsing around for vegetables in Sarawak. And saw some your fern and okra post.
Nice blog.


day-dreamer said...

Jelly: Anything illegal, being the first one to comment? You hup chou ar?

glutton rabbit said...

Hi Doc! Lucky you're a Doc! So do treat yourself and take care! Can't wait to see your photos!

izso said...


Doctors get sick? They should know better! (hehehe)

Jellyfish said...

i learned something.

to NOT get sick...

u need to have an intention to drink gallons of water, then think... oppsss... not that kua jeong, drink plenty of waters will do

Chen said...

Thanks :)

glutton rabbit,
I will post the photos soon :)

We are not immortal as well :)

Since u r jellyfish, u should drink water more than the others ;)
U live in the ocean mah...