Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sarikei 泗里街

Sarikei/ 泗里街, my hometown.., also known as the town of swallows. I guess not many have heard or know about this small town, except that Sarikei is always being mentioned in the weather forecast.

Sarikei strikes my mind just now when I read about a post by Fredy with the title "U know u are Sarikeian when"

hahhaha... it really bring back old memories.... Reminiscing the old days..

I was brought up in Sarikei and have my primary education in SMB St Anne; & my secondary education in SMB St Anthony. I did my Form 6 in SMK Meradong since there's no Form 6 in Sarikei town at that time. I get all my reference books for my SPM & STPM from Anthonian bookstore .. The only bookshop available; Well, it's the sole supplier of textbooks & reference books at that time. Nothing much interesting in this small town where I grow up. One can see a huge pineapple near the Sarikei wharf.

Talking about Sarikei reminds me of few things...

Swallows.. in the late evening, folk in Sarikei town will see a huge bundle of swallows flying in the sky.. hence , that's how the name "town of Swallow" was derived...

Foochow... Most Chinese communities in Sarikei & Sibu are Foochows; well, I'm not Foochow, but I can speak Foochow...

Kam Puah Noodle 干盘面 .. One of the "delicacies" in Sarikei town.. Well, there's not much food selection over here.. Kam Puah Noodle is the well known noodle in Sarikei & Sibu town.. Everytime I go back home to Sarikei, I will eat kam puah noodle as well.. since this noodle is not available else where in West Malaysia.

Pineapple 凤梨.. Sarikei is well known for it's delicious, sweet & juicy pineapple... But mind u, these pineapples cannot be consumed in large quantities cos it can "cut" your tongue or the oral cavity mucous membrane..

I get to know CooknEngr too because of "Sarikei". He is also from Sarikei, but we never know each other previously.. I have a homepage previously and somehow he surfed & visited my homepage by searching the word "Sarikei" (I still remember that was way back in 1998..) and since then, we keep in touch with each other till now.. And I met him few times as well during his visits back home to Malaysia.. And I just get to know during CNY 2005 that my late dad & his late uncle were good friends as well (gather this information from his family photos). What a small world :)

p/s : I just noticed there's an orange hairy ape by the name "Sarikei" as well in Chester Zoo.


hornbill said...

Kam pua mee is the best... yesterday, today and tomorrow. I hope the price will never change.

fred said...

thanks for the visit.
I have less that 3 weeks to enjoy sarikei now.

John Guinness said...


John Guinness said...

Is the Big Pineapple as big as the one in Sunshine Coast,Queensland,Australia?

Looks small fr the picture.

The one in Sunshine coast made fr Fiber Glass

Chen said...

yeah.. I do agree kam pua is nice, but there's lotsa other nice food out there as well :)

It's always nice to go back home.. home sweet home :)

I have no idea how big is the pineapple in Sunshine Coast, so I can't tell u the difference :)

cooknengr said...

what's up Doc. yap, small world indeed. I remember Yahooed "Sarikei" and got onto you site.

What's is the scientific explanation behind the Cut of pineaple ? I remember nose bleed from excessive consumption of Pineapple.

babe_kl said...

shame shame on myself, me foo chow mui but dunno anything about being one let alone speak the language hehehe... all lost at my dad's level cos my grandad did not passed on urrghhh

Gasman said...


Don't tell me the wan tan me so expensive one?? 10RM?? per plate?

Chen said...

yeah, it's really a small world.. and how time flies...
btw, I don't know what's the scientific explanation behind the "cutting" of tongue or oral cavity mucosa membrane with excessive pineapple consumption :) But I experienced that many times already previously.. :D Cos the pineapple is too delicious & juicy :P So

Babe KL,
woh.. U r foochow? From Sitiawan ah? Cos most Foochow over here are from Sitiawan.. I haven't talk in Foochow dialect for long time already.. Everytime I step down from the flight in Kuching or Sibu airport, I can hear that familiar dialect again :)

that's the local kampua mee, not wantan mee lah..
hahah.. u actually notice the RM10 dollar note beneath my plate.. Kam Pua noodle very cheap only lah.. Cos RM 1.70 in my hometown, Sarikei.. In Kuching, the price is around RM 2 to RM 2.20 :) In my hometown, we only pay for the food after we finish eating :D Something different compared to here :)

Gasman said...

It looks like Wan Ton Mee to me with the red roasted pork meat. For an anest, have to observe everything ma... luckily u didn't ask me the serial no... :P

babe_kl said...

ahchen arhhh u din see my nick meh?? kekeke me pure 100% KL including the whole fam :p

Chen said...

the look might be similar, but the taste is different :P hahah.. u are indeed very observance ;)

okie okie... earlier on I thought Sitiawan is your hometown mah & now u reside in KL.. kekeke... :P

Gasman said...

Of course. Don't forget, I love CSI, do you know what is that? So, notice anything strange lately? hehe...

Chen said...


CSI - crime scene investigation, right?
Although I don't watch the show, but I know what is it about...

btw, I didn't notice anything strange lately lah.. anything that I miss out ah? *curious* ..

kktan said...

i like kam pua mee... but the white type. ( i mean i have not tried the one with the black sauce.)

Chen said...


The original kam pua mee is with the black soya sauce.. That's how they serve kam pua mee in Sibu & Sarikei (the place of origin of kam pua). However, in Kuching, there's two varieties.. the one with or without black soya sauce.

There's another type of noodle in Sarawak - Kolo Mee (but I really hate eating that cos it's too oily..)

Dragon City said...

chen, i think kampua in white color is our kolo mee...hehe.

nice picture of kampua..too bad cannot find those here at KL..

Chen said...

Kolo mee different taste leh..
some more very oily..
I hate oily noodles.. that's why I don't like Kolo Mee :)

There is white kam pua mee also, without the soya sauce one :)

I have another post on kam pua mee written in november last year :)

Calvin said...

I am also a Sarikian but have been working away from Sarawak after I have completed studies at my home town. Which year did you complete your Upper Six at SMK Bintangor? Now it is known as SMK Merandong. Change of name for a good reason.

My email: mymodeborneo at

Chen said...

hi Calvin, nice to know another fellow Sarikeian. I get to know quite a number of Sarikeian through blogging :) I complete my upper six in SMK Meradong in 1992. During my time, the name is already SMK Meradong :)