Monday, July 24, 2006

Interesting Medical Eponyms

I have mentioned about McDonald Sign recently...

There are several interesting signs or syndromes in Medicine or Medical Eponyms, such as..

Angel's Sign (Angel, syiok boh? Your sign woh.. but what issit about??)
Basically, it refers to performing otoscopic examination while the patient blows against a pinched nose. This increases sensitivity of otoscopy for detection of perforated tympanic membrane by demonstrating fluid or pus in external auditory canal.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome - sounds very comical, huh? Apa tu?
It means disturbance of one's view of onself with disruption of the sense of passage of time - basically means distorted space, time and body image. There is another different syndrome called Chesire Cat syndrome.

PSAS (Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome) - This sydrome always reminds me of "someone", who always has orgasms, hahahha... u know who u are, right? ;)
PSAS results in a spontaneous and persistent genital arousal, with or without orgasm or genital engorgement, unrelated to any feelings of sexual desire. In particular, it is not related to hypersexuality. I read about an article regarding a patient who suffers up to 300 orgasms a day.

Marfan syndrome = sounds like ma fan/麻烦 (troublesome) to me.
This one is an inherited connective tissue disorder, and the one suffering from this disorder has arachnodactyly (long fingers) with armspan more than height, high arched palate and association with Aortic Incompetence, lens dislocation, etc etc etc.

Munchausen's syndrome = ini orang tak ada sakit, cari sakit pulak !! Ini dunia semua pun ada...
A factitious disorder or mental illness whereby a person repeatedly acts as if he or she has a physical or mental disorder. The patient feigns, exaggerates, or creates symptoms of illnesses in himself/herself to gain investigation, treatment, surgery, attention, sympathy and comfort from medical personnel.

Baker's cyst = reminds me of our baker's (ahmay) in the house :) Bila your next baking session?
also known as popliteal cyst; a collection of fluid resulting in swelling at the back of the knee joint, at the popliteal area.

Buerger's disease = sounds like Burger to me ...
The other medical terminology for this disease is endarteritis obliterans - inflammation of arteries, veins and nerves with thrombosis in middle sized arteries which might leads to gangrene, found in male smokers.

And the list continues, but yours truly lazy to type liao, cos sleepy liao ............


angel said...

*pengsan first*

angel said...

angel's sign, syiokkk! but wait, wot's this pus pus thing?? aiyerrrrrr!!! tak mau!!!

waaa... PSAS, i also read abt someone who had quite a number of O's everyday... very liuliu... kesian oso hor... at first i wanna make fun of tis syndrome wan but thot better not lest nxt time I kena tat time, mati...

Isnin... Serasa... Labu...

_butt said...

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.. hmm.. sounds very X-file liked..

a^ben said...

haahhahah` how come dun have io kachng syndrome? ahahahah!! :P

Winn said...

amnwinnsia leh??? dun have ar?:(

plink said...

angel pengsan that wan because of O-liuliu ka?

may said...

*checks in the mirror*
*no cyst*

ntah, quite malas these days, heheheh! maybe this week... maybe... maybe not...

Chen said...

wah… pengsan for no apparent reason? This is dangerous.. Are u anaemic? ;)

Err… So fast u wake up liao?

U tak mau also cannot lah..hahha..

Counting days...moonday, liuesday, wedsday....

AIWS.. sounds cool leh..

We have LLS aka Liu liu syndrome earlier on.. Now we will start another eponym.. IKCS (io ka chng syndrome).. akkaaa..

Chen said...

wah.. amnwinnsia ah..
pandai pandai tukar amnesia jadi amnwinnsia pulak..
gua really tarak mata tengok liao..

I guess she pengsan cos too sexcited kua..

Hahaha.. provide u with a bigger mirror so that u can have a more thorough check :P

Apa tu maybe this week, maybe, maybe not? PMS ah? :P

Red Sponge said...

Heee...remind me of how I try to hafal my study notes last time. But I think ur these interesting medical eponyms are easier to be remembered. at least I know got Marfan, angel, alice in wonderland syndromes

zeroimpact said...

Nothing boy boy can relate to...
Or there is...
Heh heh heh

sengkor said...

Munchausen's syndrome got any links with World Cup?

That time many people go to get mc from the dr..

a^ben said...

whahahahah~ IKCS aye?

in other words..

I Know Chen is Siaw` (IKCS) ahahahahah!!!!! :D

Chen said...

red sponge,
hehehe, this is just tips of the icebergs leh..I choose the easy & interesting ones. LOL There are thousands and thousands of medical eponyms :P Most of them are hard to remember, especially the names..

if u want, sure there is something u can relate to one..
there are thousands of medical eponyms out there :P

those who "tipu" sakit to get MC ah during World Cup? Hahha, cannot label them as Munchausen's syndrome , cos these are totally difference :P
Different categories :D

si kia ah ben :P..
mai sua sua lai

lynnx01 said...

This is one good medical lesson for me. So I shall say a big thank you! Reading blogs while learning new things.. something great for me to do so that I don't grow mushrooms during my 2-month break.

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

300 orgasms a day? *pengsan*
psssst got say wat was the secret? LOL

angel said...

plinku & doc, i pengsan is to chup first wan... shhhh... kenot be so obvious maa cos nanti ppl say i got LLS :P

*LOL* at FF.
Hey big guy, u oso want 300 per day??? *LOL* I pulak yang pengsan... kakakkakakaka!

Chen said...

Hahah, u are very hardworking. When is your new semester? During my medical school days, I would like to stay away completely from medical stuffs during my holidays, hahaha..

wah, u also want ah? Fulamak, this is a disorder lah :P

Wooo... u pengsan cos u want to chup?*ahem*

I know u have LLS long time ago liao.. u & winliuliu & the liuliu anniversary :D

IML said...

Your blog topic never fail to amaze me!!

lynnx01 said...

I am starting 23 August. My sis goes for hospital attachment everyday at the A&E, she tells me things she learn most of the time. Interesting.. but I hope not too tough. I am bad in memorising things, that's a minus point when studying medic, eh?

Chen said...

I hope I don't bored u with some of the topics :D

I see.. Still have one more month to go :) Huh? Your sister taking medicine as well? If you are interested, i have written a lengthy post on Is it difficult to study medicine last month :) Just my point of view :)