Sunday, July 23, 2006

Food for the Day - Milk?

Winn hates milk. Angel dislikes milk. Day dreamer cannot take milk cos of lactose intolerance. Adoi.. why like that? Mmmm... but I LIKE milk. See? I'm different from the others. Lain daripada yang lain. I still remember Winn saying this in the past "I dunno why people always assume babies like milk and choke them with milk!! Babies hate milk. That explain why all the babies vomiting or burping milk right after feedings". Although she mentioned this long long time ago, but I still remember it clearly cos I like her so called hypothesis, hahaha....

Anyway, yesterday morning, I noticed I have 3 cartons of Daisy low fat milk (1 litre per carton) inside the fridge, expiry date on 7/8/06.. Err.. that means I need to consume all these milk products within 3 days... or in other words, 1 litre of milk per day. Cos I'm leaving Penang in 3 days time. Wah.. milk for breakfast, dinner & supper for 3 consecutive days ? Shouldn't be a problem since I like milk.

Okie, I have enough milk for the day.. Eat something nice in return.. The sinful Duck Egg Char Koay Teow bought from one of the popular smoking CKT hawker stall in Burmah Road (The CKT was fried along the five foot way in front of the coffee shop). Can't remember what is the name of the coffee shop, which serves nice laksa too. I opted for duck egg cos it made the CKT taste much nicer, and not forgetting the nice aroma... (hahah, of course more expensive too!!) The CKT was fried together with the sinful traditional lard, which made it much tastier, compared to using vegetable oil... And not forgetting the prawn, sotong aka squid, cockles, bean sprout etc... all for RM 3.50.


a^ben said...

fulalalal` itu cha kuey tiaw k not see the kuey tiaw at all` ahahhaha :P

may said...

duck egg char koay teow? that's a first! eh, bring some duck eggs to KL, we go to CKT store and ask them to add it in while cooking for us... haha!

I like milk too, must have with kopi (except when drinking espresso lah!!).

Selba said...

I LOVE fresh cold milk!!! and of course I LOVE also cheese :)

During my high school time in the USA, the students were force to drink milk during lunch...

lynnx01 said...

I love milk!! But seldom get to drink. Maybe it's the rarity that makes me appreciate it. I read sometime ago that taking dairy products (milk included.. especially full cream milk) make you stay slim despite the fats. I don't usually take diary products, no wonder I'm fat. As for my friends who drink lots of milk, eat chocs constantly and treat cheese like staple food, they are slim!!

And oh man, that charkueytiaw is soooo tempting!!

Cynthia said...

holy cow!!

i love milk with cereal =) Milk is like EVERYTHING here, if im cooking western food, it is quite hard to survive without milk. if making curry, also hard to survive without it..cos we have to use coconut milk mah! =) LOL

angel said...

Yerrrrr...char koay teowww!!!
I've not eaten... time to do that!

Oh ya, milk... yuckkkkkkk!!! :P

cooknengr said...

Whatsup Doc, we'll see you in this

advertisement next year.

Nike said...

the food looks great !

day-dreamer said...


Always use CKT to tempt people, you are very bad lar!!


plink said...

CKT with duck egg, so nice!

I wonder if anyone remembers 'some' years ago in schools in Malaysia, where we were made to drink milk... just like Selba. ;)

Chen said...

Hhahah, wat to do? too much ingredients on top of the char koay tiew liao.. obscuring the koay teow liao :P

kakaka, aiyak, no duck eggs for sale meh in KL? LOLOL.. I wil bring 10 duck eggs then... cannot lah.. I'm flying to Swak first.. later telur semua pecah :P Duck eggs really made a difference, made the CKT taste much much much nicer :P *slurp*

still cannot resist this --> expresso with extra susu :P LOL

I don't like to eat the cheese alone per se but I love cheese cake :P

Forced to drink milk? If u don't want to drink, then what will happen? :D

Chen said...

Some people are born with high metabolism rate, so whatever they eat or regardless how much they eat also won't made them put on weight :P Life is unfair, huh? :D

That CKT is indeed good... *thumbs up*

wow.. u are another milk lover :) Welcome to the club ;)

next time u come back to Penang, we go makan Char Koay Teow.. in this particular stall :D

Aiyak, don't say yucks to milk leh.. so delicious woh..

Chen said...

Hahah, that is a nice one :D

yes, it is.. indeed.. It's finger licking good.. Oopss.. should be it's chopstick licking good :D

day dreamer,
Your place also have nice food to eat lah :P

u mean Projek Susu Sekolah? Nice woh... the chocolate milk :) Saya suka, hahaha.. That was many many many years ago liao.. during my primary school times :P

zeroimpact said...

I also like but only low fat and chocolate... sometime strawberry also
Doc if no kolo mee can ta pau this duck with lard kuey teow ah LOL
will be waiting...

carcar said...


your CKT really funny, have description on the food some more, can ask whether the hawker uncle want or not? print them one piece for advertisement purposes! wahahah!

i love milk!

still have one bottle in my fridge!

Chen said...

Boiboi also like to drink milk?
yeah hoh.. boiboi still a little boi, growing up phase... must drink more milk :)

hah? u want me to pack the duck egg Char Koay Teow to Sarawak, put inside the fridge then bring it over to KL ah? grow kulat liao by then, kekekke.. Errr.. I guess not, no chance to tumbuh kulat, cos I will curi makan the CKT liao inside the flight before I reach Sarawak :P

I tangan gatai mah.. go & label the ingredients.. kakkaka... The cook is an aunty lah, not uncle :P Might be I should print this out for them.. so that next time I go makan there, I can get discount.. LOLOL

Another milk lover :)

Welcome to the club - Kelab Susu ?? Members : Me, selba, lynxx, cynthia, may, zeroimpact, carcar.. still recruiting...

sengkor said...

i love milk too..

but dr, y after i consume cold milk for few days in a row, i will get stomachache?

Red Sponge said...

*scratching head*
WHY...Penang got so many delicious food? and HOW ladies in Penang can maintain to be slim?

hmmm chen, there is this special roti by indian with banana to call it? erm is abit like banana pancake...I like that one too.


zeroimpact said...

milk club...
I like...
Nevermind la doc this time doc come, bring you go makan la

Winn said...

LOL. wah u still remember!!!


bleh i stil hate milk lehhh.

the CKT looks good...

is this CKT same as the old CKT i seen on ur blog last year?
differnt CKT? hahha..CKT, BKT, DY, NBTD..wahhh u al very imaginative lehhh....

day-dreamer said...

*high five with Winn Winn*

I also hate milk.


Chen said...

stomachache after drinking cold milk few days in a row? I dunno what is the exact reason for u. Might be, u have mild degree of lactose intolerance, or lactose maldigestion?

red sponge,
Penang is well known liao for it's delicious hawker food or street food :P That's a known fact leh.. :D Err.. not everyone here is slim lah. , haha...

Issit roti pisang u r talking about?

zero impact,
Kelab Susu aka Milk Club :P
We will serve milk for all the members, hahaha...

Woh, TQ TQ :)

Chen said...

hahha, of course I remember lah..
cos I like your hypothesis :P

U also have good memory woh, remember I posted Char Koay Teow before.. but tat one was different leh.. This one I just took yesterday one, fresh from the oven. Masih panas lagi, hot hot :P

When we have NBTD, we will start to create abbrevation loh.. :P

day dreamer,
I know... u have lactose intolerance mah :P

may said...

spoil lah, espresso with susu! *blek*

I'm not even sure if we could buy fresh duck eggs here! it's kinda weird eating any other eggs other than chicken eggs... I think it's psychological, yea?

_butt said...

I wonder if ppl who don't like milk don't like cheese too.. but I loved both.. :)

Ahh.. CKT with duck egg!! Looks sinfully delicious (cuz havent tried yet).. :D

Chen said...

espresso with susu nice also lah :P *hiding*

Come to think about it… true also hoh..
I never buy fresh duck eggs.. so far only buy fresh chicken eggs.. :D

I like milk but I don’t like cheese (but I like cheese cake :P )

U must try CKT with duck egg one of these days .. indeed sinfully delicious..

Alicia said...

xD i luv both of it.. i waaaaaannnnnnnnn

Pink Cotton said...


how come we don hv duck egg CKT here yet ho?chen!mebe u shud open up a branch here..WAHAHH i can bcome ur regular customer

btw..I LIKE MILK TOO! ^_^

Chen said...

u want? No problem.. I will pour one glass of susu for u… recruiting more members to join Kelab Susu :D

sorrylah, no more duck egg CKT liao.

pink cotton,
ask me to open one branch in Kuching ah? Hahhaa, tukar kerja pulak goreng CKT :P I guess can earn more $$$ than my current job.. LOL

Another susu lover :) Veli good…

Red Sponge said...

Yayaya, i think should be the roti pisang...ok, maybe you can post a photo on that...I can eat it through photos...learn this from pinkcotton! 'x'

Chen said...

red sponge,
wah.. eat through photo?
special kang hu ah?
so keng chau geh... LOL

if i eat roti pisang next time, i will snap a photo, just for u :P

_butt said...

Aiyak.. cheese and cheese cake same ma..

Chen said...

different leh... eating cheese cake is much nicer than eating cheese alone :P