Friday, July 21, 2006

Clothes Tag

Pink Cotton really has NBTD (Nothing Better To Do)... Hahhaa, Cos she syiok-syiok went & created this ma huan clothes tag, hahahha... asking the victims lucky ones who kena tagged to post up the photos of the clothes he/she is wearing as he/she answers the tag.. Sounds easy, but at the same time.. consider difficult & leceh as well. Taking photos of the clothes that I'm wearing is not an easy task leh...

Since I have NBTD tonight, so I decided to do this tag :P These are the clothes I'm wearing right now..

My Dark Blue Cheetah T Shirt

Black Cheetah Shorts

Who to tag? I syiok-syiok juga nak tengok pakaian apa ni orang pakai... Nak jawab keh atau tak nak jawab pun tak apa... Remember, I tag you all cos I sayang you :P
1) Angel
2) Carcar
3) May
4) Cynthia (She knows I tag her cos I sayang her..)
5) Zeroimpact (The Ducky Lips Boiboi yang tengah merajuk)


Simple American said...

Chen no sayang me. :( wakakakaka

And Chen is a cheetah? Didn't your momma teach you cheetah's never win? hee

Kidding Chen. No shoe pick?

a^ben said...


ka chng io io io ka chng~~ wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~

Chen said...

of course I sayang u lah..
cannot tag so many people lah..
later overflow :P

I'm human lah, not cheetah :D
cheetah never win ah?
no wonder lah..

Shoes ah? I don't wear shoes nor slipper at home leh.. bare foot :P

fatt hao ah?
hiao lah lu..
io ka chng cos happy cos I didn't tag u? LOL

bila nak post your lengchai pict ?

Selba said...

iyalor.... chen... no sayang me either *sob*

kekeke.. no lah... I know.. I know.. why you didn't tag me... coz' I already kena tag by red sponge... and u sayang me, right?

day-dreamer said...

Whoa! We have a big Cheetah fan here...


angel said...

kakakkaka!! OMG! so liuliu this tag!

But I got 2 questions... what abt bra?? wat about panty?? u no wear them???

*jaw terbukak bosar-bosar*

*LOL* :P

angel said...

TQ for the tag lah!

Pssst pssst... if like dat, when do the tag tat time, must strip? is that wat u did? :P

Chen said...

of cos I sayang u too.. hahaha, as u say, u r tagged by redsponge earlier on :P So I don't have to tag u again :D Still waiting for u to post up your Garfield slipper pict :D

day dreamer,
not consider fan yet lah :P I have lotsa other brands shirt & shorts as well :D

liuliu hoh? kkakaa..
amazed u r still awake at that hour.. after the hangout till late at night or should be late early morning :D

bra or panties ah? kakkaka... mana ada orang ambil gambar macam tu one.. kakkaa.. u can, if u wanted to :P

don't understand woh.. apa maksud when do the tag time --> must strip?

lynnx01 said...

Black and cheetah? Hehe! Cool..

fred said...

I wonder what you wear before making the Clothes tag. :| :|

Chen said...

I prefer black or dark coloured clothings :) Come to think about it, I have lotsa lotsa black coloured baju leh...

I was wearing my working attires together with my white coat earlier on before I came back home from work :D When I reached home, I changed to those t shirts & shorts in the pict above.

sengkor said...

1 set? like sportswoman like that? got sponsorship ke?

carcar said...

im wearing a giordano collared tee and a nice weekend ¾ pants :)

photo? ok, i try my best later :)

lynnx01 said...

Wouldn't it be hot? :)

Chen said...

hahha.. I wish I have sponsorship :P Sad to tell u.. I don't have. Semua ni I beli guna $$$ sendiri.. :(

giordana tee? Now I'm trying to imagine wat colour is your clothing :P I really have NBTD hoh...

Now I'm thinking about food pulak.. cos hungry.. should I made Cola Chicken Wings?

no lah, sort of used to it liao.. but depends also.. hahaa.. don't stay outdoor under the hot sun for too long, then it won't be hot :P

Cynthia said...

hehehe.. chen SAYANG me! *ahem* paiseh to others..sorry ah! I just gotta mention again chen SAYANG me! hahahha!! perasannya :D

zeroimpact said...

Doc like cheetah ah...

Pink Cotton said...

every1 scold my tag ma fan *pouts*


GOOD MA like this!..WAHAHAH this is what i want...look at wat ppl wear ma ..kekeke.. bleks

may said...

alamak, I was trying to hide from this tag, heheh! ok ok, I took photo of my clothes after reading this, but will post up another day, ya?

Chen said...

yeah cynthia. I always sayang u, and in fact I sayang u very very much :P kekeeke

wake up wake up..
don't pengsan on the street...
manyak orang tengok, u tak malu keh?
Cheetah clothes nice to wear mah :D

pink cotton,
must collect rotten eggs & throw at u, kakakaka.... all your fault loh..
this should be considered as a kay poh tag hoh? see wat clothes ppl wear :P

hiding under the table? hurry.. :)

Jeryc said...

Cheetah t, cheetah short, cheetah sandals, soon you gonna have spots all over ya! :P

Chen said...

walao.. long time no talk, u still so mulut jahat? :D No cheetah sandals woh.. so I'm safe :P

Winn said...

no more holiday!:( oni saturday!:(

Red Sponge said...

wah...u tag so many ppl!!! lol!!

Chen said...

poor winn winn :(
Hope u can have your vacation & visit Vienna soon...
hug hug winn winn..

red sponge,
kay poh mah.. only once in a while lah :P