Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Bundle of Jewels

While I was taking photos of the beautiful sceneries, I noticed the bundle of jewels keys on the table - something which I carry together with me all the times when I'm outdoors. Since I was taking photo, I took a snap shot of the keys as well. Yeah, I know I carry lotsa keys together with me - Apartment door & gate keys, Office keys, Car keys, Locker key, Mailbox keys etc etc... 15 altogether :P Might be I should weigh all these keys... Wanna guess how heavy are all those keys (together with my mini torchlight key chain) ?

**Updated on 21/7/06 @ 11 am**
The weight is 170 grams (all the 15 keys + car remote control + mini torchlight key chain )


Pink Cotton said...


chen chen...sorry for the ma fan tag ...but i thik its fun ma 'x'

_butt said...

IM SECOND IM SECOND!!! *squeals*

Guess the weight ar? OK. wild one.. 750 gm. *LOL*

But I'm pretty sure it's heavier than that..

Red Sponge said...

WAISEH, so many keys? haiyer...ur bag must be very heavy!

*counting* oops..i only hav 8 keys. No mailbox, No locker, No office

Hmm i think that's about the number la..

Chen said...

pink cotton,
hahhaha.. congrats for being champion for the day :P

tokking abt your ma fan tag.. Mmmm... indeed very ma fan woh.. LOLOL.. but no need to say sorry lah, as long as u belanja me Sarawak Laksa can liao, kakkakaka...

hahha.. congrats for being 1st runner up in the race :P Walao.. 750 gm ??? u think I carry gold meh? Mana ade so heavy geh? *open mouth big big*

red sponge,
I never count how many keys I have till today :P 8 keys for house keys & car keys? that's a lot too :D

sbanboy said...

Just realise that you drive a kancil right ??

Erm how heavy ah ... about 500 gms loh ... or more ... :)

Simple American said...

Oh I'd say 7 ounces. haha Grams! Sheez! No clue lah.

Thats a lot of keys, and for something as unintersting as keys might be, you managed to make them look quite nice Chen.

Myself I have a lot of keys to carry but I seperate the keys. I have four rings. One for my truck. One for my car. One for house keys. Another for work keys. I never put anything on my car keys. Someone told me the weight can hurt the starter. I don't know if it is true. But I prefer to avoid problems.

Jee said...

I would like to guess how fast your pocket will have a hole poked by the keys instead..

Chen said...

yeah, I'm driving Kancil, the SLK :P

500 gm? half a kilo?
that will create a hole in my jeans leh.. hahaha...

7 ounces ah? 7 x 28.35 = 198.45 = 200 gm.. Mmmm... quite close liao :D

Oh, issit? I always keep all my keys together so that I won't lost any of them accidentally :)

hahaha.. up to date, still no holes yet :P

kyels said...

Wow, it must be heavy to carry such a bundle of keys!


angel said...

haha... i used to hv a big bundle of keys too but at last becos so big, i separated it into 2 bundles (hse + office), plus my car key.

Errmm... 300 gm??

_butt said...


750 too heavy? Haha.. didn't know that.. cuz I oso duno how heavy is 750 gm :P

Btw, the mini torchlite key chain can work ar?

may said...

ermmm... 481grams?

I know that dit-dit car remote control, I have one too!! waaaaa! that one must count also ka? ok ok.. 873grams, final offer!

plink said...


Luanluanlai simply tembakking onry.... ;)

izso said...

that's a lotta keys. I only have 5 keys total inclusive of my house keys. LOL

I'm guessing 1kg. LOL

carcar said...

faster faster! need to buy TOTO leh :P

IML said...

I wonder if you have any space left in your ;)

Red Sponge said...

hehe...alot of locks. LOL! 285gm???

tsk tsk...200 gm = 10 * 20gm nescafe 3 in one dy! 'x'

zeroimpact said...

I say 700g...
Wah doc carry so many key ah...
I think if I do that it will take me an hour to open the house door...
Boy boy no good at finding key

sengkor said...

i think my whole family combine the keys also less than yours la..

my guess 394.43 grams.

Chen said...

It’s a huge bundle, but surprisingly the keys are not heavy :)

Oh.. u also have a big bundle of keys?
300 gm? Not so heavy lah..

hahaa.. 750 gm of course heavy lah.. imagine, one bottle of small mineral water is around 500 gm.. so u can roughly guess how heavy is 750 gm.. which is also almost equivalent to the weight of 2 cans of canned drinks :)

mini torchlight keychain is working well.. Next time I can shine it on u, hahha..

Chen said...

481 gm? Wah... so precise :P
yeah yeah, we are driving the same car model, that’s why same dit dit remote control :P

873 gms final? Wah.. your remote control = 392 gm? manyak heavy loh.. My remote control is not made of gold leh.. not so heavy :D

although u luanluanlai tembak, but your answer is closer..
more logic, hahaha :D Deduct that figure by 51 :)

*swallow saliva*
I can’t imagine myself carrying 1 kg of keys together with me everyday wherever I go :P

Chen said...

Hah? Use the number to buy toto ah?
Good lah u :D If menang, belanja me makan, okie? LOL

Mmmmm... What do u think ? :D

red sponge,
your guess is quite near too... deduct that by 100 will be even closer to the accurate answer :P

aiks, how come Nescafe appeared here... what to do with Nescafe? Hahha.. use the nescafe measurement & to compare with it pulak...

Chen said...

zero impact,
700 gm? Ini manyak berat ooi.. just like carrying 2 cans of coca cola, LOL

aiks, can recognize the keys mah..
each and every key is different.. No confusion lah.. :P

wah.. u are even better.. with decimal points.. very precise..
but too bad, the answer is not accurate :P

Up to date, among all the answers given, SA's answer is nearest to the accurate weight..

Wilson said...

hey doc, that's a lot of keyssssss

lynnx01 said...

That's a whole load! I carry around only 4 or 5 keys, that's the most for me so far.

zeroimpact said...

I want cola cola
Doc really know what boy boy want

Chen said...

Yeah, it is...

The number of keys will increase with time :D

I know boiboi likes caffeinated drinks...
Coffee lah, coca cola lah… :D

How about Cola Chicken Wings? ;)

carcar said...

u lagi best lah, use my menang duit to makan!

170gm ah, how to buy toto leh?

1707 loh!!


L B said...

I'M ALMOST LAST LAST!!!! Waaaa, you got a big bunch there, or you're just happy to see me?

zeroimpact said...

Ooo I like
Doc doc bring me eat la
Cola chicken
Cola crab
Cola prawn
Cola feast la

Winn said...

wah u got more keys than me!

i think my frens n family should nag me of carrying soooo many keys around..
coz comparing to u, my keys is nothig!:P

Chen said...

of course lah..
must share share mah..
sharing is caring :D

and summore...
有没听过...独吃难肥??? hahahaha...

Last is good..
hahhaa... no punishment for being last, so don't worry :P
err.. I am confused liao.. what to do with big bunch & happy to see you? :P ada kaitan keh?

pening.. where to find all those cola food?

i guess u mean they "shouldn't" nag u? I know I have too many keys... Hope u able to settle all your things soon & able to enjoy your coming holidays in peace....

jonboy60 said...

Omg, i tot my keys was loaded... 1 mountain got 1 mountain high o... u bring it at ur pocket?

zeroimpact said...

Dun have ah
*ducky lips*

day-dreamer said...


:O :O

Daniel Yiek said...

the most important key is the key to your significant other's heart!

Chen said...

if I wear jeans, I will put the keys inside my pocket. During working hours, I put the keys inside my white coat pocket.

LOL.. your pin chooi or ducky lips or merajuk face looks very cute leh...

day dreamer,
Cannot open mouth big big for so long.. Scared later flies might fly inside :P

Hahha, this is a good one :)

fred said...

nothing else to do aaa... :)

zeroimpact said...

Merajuk edi still make fun
This doc so bad 1

Selba said...

ah.. finally you are showing those keys!!! :)

Cynthia said...

should add a pepper spary, in case humsup low attack =)

Chen said...

jealous ah? :P

kekkee... I like to see people ping chui woh.. cos looks very cute leh :D

Yeah, I remember we talking about it previuosly :)

Hahha, I have one pepper spray, given by my sister in law.. but I dunno where I keep it liao :P

Red Sponge said...

kekeke...have to do some comparison that I can know how heavy is that 'x'!!!

Chen said...

red sponge,
cute lah u..
compare with nescafe :D