Thursday, July 13, 2006

Food Sign in Medicine

I guess not many (with exception of those working in medical field) realise there are several signs or diseases with food related name in medicine . There are certain pathological conditions which resemble various types of food, hence that is how the name arise.

Conditions which resemble :
1) meat dishes -
*sausage finger,
*hamburger sign,
*anchovy pus,
*egg shell calcification.

2) fruits -
*berry aneurysm,
*apple core lesion,
*nutmeg liver,
*strawberry naevi,
*pear shaped bladder,
*banana sign,
*lemon sign.

3) vegetable -
*hyperplastic onion skin,
auliflower ear,
*celery stalk metaphysis.

4) drinks -
*port wine stain or hemangioma.

5) dessert, cake, bread etc -
*chocolate cyst,
*honeycomb lung,
*swiss cheese endometrium,
* bread and butter pericarditis,
*donut sign,
*omental cake,
*popcorn calcification,
*rice grain calcification,
*cottage loaf sign,
*pancake vertebra,
*licked candy stick appearance.

6) condiments, cutlery etc -
*coffee bean sign,
*dinner fork deformity,
*champagne bottle deformity,
*salt & pepper calvaria,
*champagne glass pelvis.

And the list continues.... Hope you enjoyed the Buffet of Food Signs and I hope nobody is salivating... Google if you are interested to know more about the sign or the associated disease... I am lazy to write the details here, and furthermore, the details are hypnotizing...

Btw, there is one medical condition by the name McDonald sign - whereby the uterine corpus and the cervix can be be easily flexed on each other due to softening of the uterus at the junction between the cervix and the fundus during the first trimester of pregnancy.

My buffet of food for the night : McDonald Sign McDonald fastfood !!

French Fries


Spicy Beef Foldover

Ahmay said I should get some real food for dinner instead of McD.. Never mind lah, I only take fastfood once in a blue moon.. The last time I visited McD is few months back liao ;)


may said...

ok, now you're making me want to eat McD's!!

but wait a minute... what's this I read... "first trimester of pregnancy."


_butt said...

Realli got this sign wan ar? Oic..

*jaw dropped at the sight of the list*

I'd actuali laughed at anchovy pus and cauliflower ear.. *haha*

Yea, skip the fastfood. Not good for health :)

Cynthia said...

hehe... once in awhile is ok.
McD in oz has lotsa 'healthy' selections.. kononnya. I prefer subway if i realy want to eat nice take-away. no choice here mah! *lol*

Chen said...

wah, u are fast. LOL.. u better eat real food leh instead of McD :P

Err... why O.O?
First trimester of pregnancy = first 3 months of pregnancy.

Of course all these are real lah.. U think I make up all these meh? LOL

anchovy pus = anchovy like pus in amoebic liver abscess

cauliflower ear = cauliflower-liked growth on the pinna secondary to auricular hematoma.

yeah loh.. Cannot eat fastfood too frequently, cos unhealthy mah.. High calories unhealthy stuff..

Mmmm... "healthy" selection? Wonder wat issit about :P

Winn said...

how abt sotong?? heheh

angel said...

*looks at the list*
Better look at the food :P

slurp! said...

good anti-Mcdonald poster
hahahaha ...

Chen said...

yeah hoh.. forgotten about sotong liao.. need to go to wet market this weekend to buy sotong :D

aiyak... u eat sotong just now, tat's why become blur-blur? :P I still prefer the prosperity beef burger... but can only eat that once a year.

hah? Anti McD poster?

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

where's the ice-cream?

Simple American said...

Do they have MacSotong burger with cheese?

I don't know when I will eat fast food again. Though I suspect I will go to Whataburger when I do break down.

izso said...

Your blog is very disturbing la Chen.. First it's all about food, then anchovy pus and chocolate whatnots.. then graveyards then food again... aiyo.. dunno whether to be freaked, hungry or woozie.


IML said...

I think I am fast losing my appetite!!!

domesticgoddess said...

is the beef foldover good?

Pink Cotton said...

gahhhhhhh someone help me...
its a good thing u din post any pics o_o

lynnx01 said...

Makes me interested to get into the medical field all of a sudden.

carcar said...

hey chen, very good close up and angle of food photo taking!

i love both three, and the font style and color selection for your blog addy down there is just nice and not blocking the photo.

i don't know how to describe lah, but overall i love this series of pict. nice!

Chen said...

Mmmm… might be in the near future :D

AFAIK, MacSotong burger with cheese is not available here, but I might be wrong, cos I don’t usually frequent McD outlet.. only once in few months time :D

Haha, cos I write whatever that comes to my mind :)

At least I don’t post up bloody pictures or eerie pictures or pictures taken when surgery is in progress :P


Chen said...

domestic goddess,
I would say so-so only.. But talking about food, what is nice to me might be not nice to you, and vice versa. Haha, cos each & everyone of us has different taste buds.

I still prefer the prosperity beef burger which is only available once a year :)

pink cotton,
Hahha, cos the pus from the amoebic liver abscess indeed looks like anchovy sauce. Hence, that is how the name derived :P

Cannot post those picture leh, sked later everyone lost appetite :P

Yeah, you will get to learn lotsa interesting stuff in medical field..

Thanks :) I enjoy shooting photos from different angles (including close up shots). I finally get what you mean, although I’m a bit blurred earlier on.. But after digesting your words for a while, I get the meaning..

zeroimpact said...

Boy boy drools...
Boy boy still waiting for big mac value meal large...
*stomps feet*

babe_kl said...

aiyoh those food dont sound delish at all cos i start imagining the med conditions of them hahahah yucks

L B said...

Very interesting list! Makes for great bedtime reading! I like the Stiff Banana symptoms..

jonboy60 said...

spicy beef foldover good or not? hehehe...

Chen said...

boiboi finally wants to eat liao? Good, good... I tot boiboi dowan to eat for the past few days & I'm worried :)

Hahaha, are u interested to see the real picture of the med conditions mentioned above? ;) The anchovy pus is the worst among all.. LOL

Bedtime reading? Mmmmm... Reading alone is not sufficient, might be u should watch the pictures as well..
More interesting then... LOL

Stiff Banana symptoms? o.O Wah.. cakap keluar tajuk liao...

To me, it taste so-so only... Nothing great :)

Kristopher said...

McD!!!! i loving it....

look delish....k not eat 1st cos now sore throat + flu for almost 1 week liaw cos too much fast food last weekend..hehehe

agus said...

yay! I liked to looks of the foldover too. But after tasting one, I'd say it could use some more refinement. oh but the fries are always good!

P/s: good thing I don't know the looks of the food related medical conditions, otherwise I'd have a hard time eating the food, you know, with images of the medical conditions in my head, eww...

Chen said...

yeah loh, u eat so much fastfood lst week :D KFC, pizza hut.. mmmm.. and what else? Many fall sick lately cos of the hot weather. Hope u get well soon :)

Yeah, I prefer the french fries.. McD fries is one of the better ones, of course not the best lah...

Hahha, my philosophy is... don't think so much when eating :P I can still remember talking about food when performing autopsy in the past :P

a^ben said...

last night when u just posted this` I was like staring at the front part of the name only` dun even bother about the back` hahahahha :P

_butt said...

How I know wor.. tot u so free nothin to do go and create all this creative names.. *LOL*

Chen said...

i know u mata juling lah.. LOL

wah, if i can create all these names, then good loh.. can become famous liao ... Might be there are more on the lists that I can't recall at the moment :)

slurp! said...

>> hah? Anti McD poster?
oh, i think i have to explain furthur.
the food "signs" along side with the food photo ... surely will that makes the food looks more disgusting

Chen said...

okay okay ...
I get what u mean :)

day-dreamer said...


Thao said...

It is actually Belgian fries since fries were originated in Belgium, but cause the country is small, people have taken France for credit ;-)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
speechless ah? LOL

oooh, I dunno about that..
Thanks for the info :)

CLP said...

That is a really good list!

Hope you don't mind me pointing my medical students to that whenever we need a break from mundane stuff!

Chen said...

you are mostly welcome to do so :)