Monday, December 05, 2005

Sarawak Laksa ( 叻沙)

Sarawak Laksa is totally different from Penang Assam Laksa. The Sarawak Laksa soup is curry based, with it's own special Sarawak laksa sambal paste. The curry based soup is different from other curry based soup in other states. Sarawak Laksa (meehoon/vermicelli served together with egg shreds, prawns and bean sprouts in a bowl of curry (spicy sarawak laksa sambal paste) based soup with santan/coconut milk. It comes together with a small dish of belachan (shrimp paste) and a squeeze of local lime.) is nice to eat when the laksa is served hot

I had this exactly on the morning prior to my departure back to Penang... I mean four hours prior to my departure :D Must taste this dish even though at the last minute or else I will regret. Hahaha... too much nice food to sample back home in Sarawak and it's impossible to finish savouring all the food. I still missed out some cos I can't eat too much at a time. The Sarawak Laksa I tasted from this particular stall is so-so only. There are nicer one else where.

I have eaten more than a hundred bowls of Sarawak Laksa already, and no doubt it's nice ... But, I still prefer Penang Assam Laksa compared to Sarawak Laksa :P Anyway, this is just my personal preference.


Jellyfish said...

jeng jeng jeng.....

1st to post :P

hmmmm.... when wanna sponsor me to sarawak? :P

Chen said...

I thought taukeh should be the one who sponsor? :D
since u are taukeh, and I'm not.. :P
(taukeh = boss)

Cynthia said...

this sarawak laksa looks somewhat weird to me. I love Penang laksa.. =)

Chen said...

kakkaa... don't mention the word weird lah..
Kian Seng will frown if he heard this :P

Darryl said...

It's truly WEIRD! :D Who on earth eats laksa with sambal? Goodness! Or am I the weird one here?

Winn said...

Aaaaaaaaarrrrr...another morning n i reading food blog again.....

i wld say that street food's m'sia delight. everyone here love street food coz they are the best

Doc said...

Hi Chen..Penang Laksa Rox, but I like the Sarawak one too, my friend made some for me. But my favourite is still the Thai Laksa with santan...mmmm.
Still Assam laksa is frequently the cause of gastroenteritis here.

Sam I Am said...

I guess I am going to be on lunch for a long time .Just left jellyfish. nice:)thanx you

carcar said...

hi chen,

i tried the sarawak laksa while i was in sarawak, and again last two months in singapore, the same stall as the kolo noodle here.

and the mirin i tried as well, my fren in sarawak called it 'ye cai'..
i found it a bit 'weird' too..oops...haha... waiting for another dish that i never try before...


Jellyfish said...

duno wat to say

JoeC said...

i get strange bowel movement whenever I take laksa lei, better with curry. Thx for the word. Cheers!

Peace said...

Hi chen, have you tried Singapore Laksa? I tried Penang Laksa... dun like it as it taste sour. I love singapore laksa - katong laksa - v nice.

I have added you to my food blog at .

Chen said...

That means... there's still lotsa food out there awaiting for u to explore :)

agree with u :)

I prefer Penang Assam Laksa compared to Thai Laksa as well :D

Sam I Am,
Enjoy your meal..

Wah.. Sarawak Laksa is available in Singapore as well? :)
U find Bilin taste weird? :P
Hahaha... Give me your share next time :D
I will sapu all :D

Dunno what to say? Then just act like good boiboi & remain quiet loh :D

Ohhh... And, btw, I noticed u change your profile picture very frequent :D

Singapore Laksa @ Katong Laksa ? This one I never try before.... I will put this in the to eat list if I visit Singapore.

The Penang Laksa is Assam Laksa, that's why it's sour :) Adding the shrimp paste inside & chillies ~ tasty :D and I like it very much...

Thanks :)

Cousin Daniel said...

My ranking:
1. Singapore laksa - very rich flavour with thicker beehoon
2. Sarawak laksa - the thin beehoon is nice...but the 1/2 sliced prawn is too little
3. Penang laksa - wierd taste (my personal opinion)

Doc said...

You should eat all three, the one which does not give you diarrhoea is the good. The one you still eat even though you get diarrhoea, is the best!

Chen said...

cousin Daniel,
Then I must give Singapore laksa a try :)
Sounds delicious :D

Hahhaha.. U are so hilarious :)
This is a good one :D

Sharl612 said...


I still love Sarawak Laksa. ;)

Chen said...

Yeah, most Sarawakians that I know of love Sarawak Laksa..
I love it as well, but just that I prefer Penang Assam Laksa more :)

YeePei said...

Huh? S'pore adopted the laksa already ah? You get the same sort of curry laksa in JB as well, actually. heh. but maybe it's 'cos both places r so close to each others... *shrug*

Anyway... do u know that it's really really bad to read your blog in the middle of the nite when I'm dying of hunger?? sighhh... *tummy growling*

Chen said...

It's time for me to visit Singapore again :D
Hahaha... then read the posting only after u makan loh :P

day-dreamer said...

I love laksa... Penang Asam Laksa and Laksa Lemak! Simply irresistable!

Must try Sarawak Laksa when I have the chance. Wow! It's served with prawns?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
yah yah.. ada udang di sebalik mee :D
served with prawns..

day-dreamer said...

LOL! Udang di sebalik mee!! Mana pi itu batu?

Chen said...

day dreamer
tu batu sudah jadi batu api, so mee can & take over batu's place ~ as replacement :D