Monday, December 05, 2005


*update @ 11:25 pm 6/12/2005*
Suddenly, everyone or almost everyone started too see they are visitor no ?? today... The lucky one who hit the jack pot is.... Sharl612. Check out her post, visitor no 8888 on this matter, with screenshot of the great moment :D
I just noticed this.. 8808 visitors on my blog since 20th May 2005. Wonder who will be the 8888th visitors? That person sure is a very lucky one, since so many 8; 8 is the prosperous number for the Chinese people. 8888 = not only 發财, but 發大财 :) I'm sure many people, especially Chinese wants to own a car with the number plate 8888 :D Although I'm not superstitious, but it's nice to own a car with number plate 8888.

This picture was taken using print screen when I noticed the 8808 figure :) If I can take the 8888th visitor figure, then it's even better :P

Will u be the lucky & prosperous one ~ the 8888th visitor?


Cynthia said...

Dr... how you can tell who rich 8888th ler??? =) hopefully not that perasan jelyfish lah! if not later he swims far far buy Lotto empat ekor ~! =)

Cynthia said...

Oh yeah.. by the way.. I want number 4!!! all chinese are so typicl.. they all want number 8 .. no one wants 4.. i pity 4.. might as well. =) 4 is my number!

Chen said...

Definitely I won't know who is the lucky one :P
Unless that person printscreen the page when he/she hits the pot :P
Hahahha... if the perasan jellyfish is the one, I don't think he will swim to buy nombor 4 ekor, he will fly instead :D

*alamak*, talking bad things about jelly hu pulak :P
Sorrie sorrie :D

Chen said...

U are the gal..
Good lah u :)
Different from others :P

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

I certainly wouldn't mind being the 8888th visitor, as well as being 8888 in real life too!

Wishing you many many more visitors to your blog.

Have a nice week!

truth said...

cannot see I am the no what visitor oso!

Sam I Am said...

How wonderful is that.
Have a nice day .

Jellyfish said...

got any prize giving ceremony for the 8888th visitor or not? :P

JoeC said...

err, how did you get that bit of figure there? got angpow ah for the 8888th visitor? cheers!

Winn said...

am at 8864 now...:p

Chen said...

Furkids in HK,
Hope u r the one then :)
and 8888 in real life as well :D

How come u cannot see?
Or u need to wear spec liao?

Sam I Am,
Hope u have a wonderful day as well

prize giving ceremony? Apa lu cakap ni? :D
Blur Blur..

Angpow? Empty angpow can or not? :P

Tik Tok Tik Tok.....

hornbill said...

I'm the 8874....

Loc Kee said...

aiya me 8880... should i reload the page for few times to hit that laki num?? hehe :p

Tibbar de Gniw said...

Damn! I'm 6 visits short! Too bad... But I'm visitor number 8882 ;3

Sharl612 said...

Yes! I am visitor 8888th!!!!!! YeeHaa!! Chen, for this, do I get a prize or something? *hehe*

Chen said...

Too bad :P

loc kee,
reload the page for few times to hit that lucky number?
That is called cheating !!!
hahaha... cops shouldn't cheat :D

Tibbar de Gniw,
ar... so near :)

Huh? u r the lucky one?
Congrats :D
The prize u get is ~ a kiss from ah boy :D
And... let me think think first :P

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, how about 666 ? many years ago, I was on assignment to drive to Utah. I checked the then DOS base mapping software and the result was from Bakersfield to my destination, it's exactly 666 miles. As I started my journey, I set my trip meter. I drove east...then I drove north bound higway 666 (they changed the name in 2003
infrastructure/us666.htm) when I reached the town, I drove around before I parked at the hotel, and I looked that the trip meter, guess what ? I still have the picture.

Chen said...

666? What a devilish number :D

Hahha.. u mean u really drove 666 miles? :D
I want to see the picture :D

Sharl612 said...

Sound creepy eh. 666 is bad number for Christian; devil or something(?)

Check out the screenshot of my 8888th moment at my blog. ;-)

Chen said...

yeah, 666 is the devil number :P

Congrats again for being the 8888th visitor..
I check out your post liao..
I update my post as well, include in there you as the 8888th visitor with link to the honourable moment on your website :D

phangan said...

hehe i got 8878 yesterday...

izchan said...


Chen said...

8878 got three 8 figures as well, not bad :D

8888th over already
aim for the 9999th next time :)

Chen said...

8878 got three 8 figures as well, not bad :D

8888th over already
aim for the 9999th next time :)