Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Taman Sahabat

This is a newly built recreational park in Kuching ~ Taman Sahabat, located at Jalan Song . The site is still under construction, but I sneak inside for a preview. It's written there "Construction in Progress. Enter At Your Own Risk." Mmmm.. there won't be any objects dropping down from the sky, so it's safe to go in. Just watch out my steps will do.

This recreational site is specially built to commemorate the friendship between Malaysia and China.

Written there on the Friendship Globe ~
Thousands of Miles Apart and Friendship is all it takes to Bridge the Distance.
There's a huge Cheng Ho statue inside the Recreational Park. Since the site is still under construction, hence can see the signboard "Cat Basah" near the statue :)

Behind the Cheng Ho statue is a huge lake with a Chinese mansion at the other end of the lake.

This is a unique and nice bench (each end of the bench is hold by one animal.. Panda (symbolise China I presume) at one end and Orang Utan (symbolise Sarawak, I presume can't use hornbill cos hornbill is not so strong to hold the bench :P).

Cats, cats.... Yeah, cats again!! Kuching is Cat City, right? :) Like what I have written earlier on, one can find lotsa cats (statues) in Kuching. And there's two funny looking cats statue in the recreational park as well.. The cats are hugging each other.

Yeah... Hornbill !!! The artistic hornbill.... For those who don't know or unaware of, Sarawak is also known as the Land of Hornbills :) And for those people who wanted me to bring back hornbills to them, mmmmm..... there's no way I can get hold of an alive hornbill to bring back with me. So, this is what I bring back with me :)

I'm sure this will be a nice and comfy recreational park when the construction is complete. I will surely visit that place again in the future when I go back to Kuching next time.


Sharl612 said...

The cat hugging statue looks weird eh.

Peace said...

I love the orang utan n panda bench so much. How nice if I can sit on it now : )

Jellyfish said...

like this punya cats oso can?!!

Chen said...

Funny looking and weird :)

That bench is very unique :)


day-dreamer said...

I wonder why, but seeing this pics gives me a feeling of being in Putrajaya.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Putra Jaya? Mmmm... How come?
Putrajaya looks totally different leh..
There got big onion

Uchu Keling said...

The site used to be my playground when I was staying at Lorong Song 1A2A. Nice piece of art except for the ugly font used for the "Taman Sahabat" wordings. The City Hall having a bad taste on font used on their sign board and billbords.

fish fish said...

Heee... I'm going to see the hugging cats next time I go back. ;)

Chen said...

uchu keling
childhood playground? nice memory huh? :)
Now that area is one of the hot spot in Kuching..
Lotsa foodcourts nearby..

regarding the font used for the wordings, still acceptable lah :D

Chen said...

fish fish,
I hope the recreation park will be ready by CNY :P
I presume u will go back to Kuching at that time, right?

Jellyfish said...

CNY no need angpow... sponsor me goto the recreational park can d :P

Amstaffie said...

Looks like you will be having a very nice park to visit. Really like the panda bench.

fish fish said...

Nope. Only will be back for good in April. Are you gonna be in Kuching that time? ^_^ Let's go out makan together with mum-mum.

Chen said...

No need to sponsor lah.. No entrance fee.
U nak masuk sepuluh kali pun boleh :P

I'm sure after they paint the bench, it will look even nicer :)

Fish Fish,
I won't be in Kuching in April.. If u go back for good in Kuching, then I can always meet up with u & mum-mum as well as the others when I go back to Kuching in the future :)

cooknengr said...

What's up doc, Good thing this park is not anywhere near my house, it looks tacky.

izchan said...

gosh ... the cats look so ... mushy ... :P

Chen said...

Hahaha... will u pay a visit to this park when u go back to Kuching end of 2005?
Too bad I can't join you and the others in your 2006 New Year countdown celebration

Mmmm... I do agree with u on this matter.

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Wow, wonderful photos and place!

Sadly, I don't know the name of the plant - sorry!

That friendship globe sure looks nice!

Chen said...

Furkids in HK,
Sure Mark and Cream will love this place :)

Cousin Daniel said...

I kinda like the park. pretty artistic. Sarawak boleh!

Chen said...

cousin daniel,
Yeah, the park is nice, except the cat statue :)

FH2O said...

I 'hate' d cat statue too!

Kuching should be called the City of Ugly Cat Statues!They are everywhere and each and everyone is without exception SO UGLY!! ;o)

Chen said...

There are nice Cat statues as well, right? ;)

Robin said...

Nice pics!

fH2O.. ok lah, as long as they get a new fresh coat of paint every now and then..

I have seen more ugly ones...

Chen said...

Thanks :)

FH2O said...

Know what?

Glad that I don't have to look at the torturously intertwined cats everyday ... I used to live in the semi-det house right behind the cat! The house with the timber deck extension. Moved out about a couple of months ago.

No Kidding! ;o)

Chen said...

I think I know where u stay previously :D

U r glad u shifted out?
Btw, there's lotsa eating place nearby, very convenience...
but no doubt, the place is packed with people as well..

Robin said...

Haha, fH2o... I was just going to say that your house is now posted on this site!!!

haha, small world but big Kuching