Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mayau (Kucing/Cat)

One can see several cat statues in Kuching. As we all know, Kucing = Cat in Malay Language, and mayau = kucing/cat in Iban language. ( I understand little bit of Iban language, little bit only. Must ask Hornbill to teach me. Planned to meet up with the hornbill during my previous visit to Kuching, but, too bad I can't made it :( )

Welcome to Kuching, the "Cat City"

The first confrontation with the cat statue (for most people) was the huge and majestic white cat. This cat stood right in the centre in front of one of the huge roundabouts in Kuching, next to the beautiful Chinese gate of the city. That was a favourite spot for picture shooting for tourists/visitors to Kuching. Hey, I took one snapshot in front of the huge cat long long time ago, together with a friend of mine, in 1991 (went there for prize ceremony) whereby the cat statue was just newly built... It's just a simple statue at that time.. Yeah, the cat statue was there for more than a decade already.

I took these shots from my sister's car. (I was not driving btw and I took these snapshots while my sister made a turn on the huge roundabout next to the huge gigantic cat statue. U can see the side mirror of the car on the second picture).

There are several other cat statues available. One of them are located nearby the Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel, just opposite the traffic light. Hahha, can see the McD signboard on the building behind the cat statue.

Another cat statue in town. This picture is dark cos the sky was cloudy and it's going to rain soon, when I took the snapshot (from the moving vehicle as well).

The miniature "huge and majestic white cat" statue.

Another cats statue.. All the different types of mayau with different coloured fur..

The above pictures are taken from Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Selatan (DBKS).

So, in conclusion, u can find cat statue everywhere in Kuching?? (No lah, this is not true :P But u can indeed find lotsa cat statues in Kuching, but not everywhere...)

This photo is taken in a tea kiosk not far away from the famous Sarawak Museum. (I will post on Sarawak Museum later on). It's sweet the see the kittens hugging each other while sleeping :) Didn't see many "live" cats wandering around in Kuching though :P (Well, Kuching is a very CLEAN city.. )

And not forgetting the One and Only famous Cat Museum, which is located in the North City Hall in Kuching. Even Garfield and Felix the Cat is featured in this unique museum as well :) I didn't go inside this museum, so no picture. Might be I will do so during my next trip back home.

And... last but not least,

Happy Birthday to Carcar.

This post is specially dedicated to u, on your birthday :)


day-dreamer said...

Yes! I regain my first-place again!

Nice pics, but I don't like cats too much. :( Wahlau! Kuching really is cat city huh?

Happy Birthday, carcar!!!

agus said...

shesh, i thought i was going to be first day dreamer...anyways, great pictures of mayaus in kch. The live kittys look cute sleeping all bundled up together. My youngest would feel so 'geram' if she sees cute little kittys, anywhere. She simply adores them.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Kuching of course is Cat City loh.. What else u think it is ah ??? :P

I prefer dogs compared to cats :)
But there is no Dog City :P

One of my cousin has a big fat mayau..
The mayau looks like the boss in the house :D

Small little kittens are cute :)

Tibbar de Gniw said...

The kitties are sooooo cute!!!
I've seen the cat statue in the third photo the last (and only) time I was in Kuching.

Cynthia said...

bloooody hell. i hate cate =P
i only touch few cats that i know very well which including "GARFIELD"~!! =)

kcyap said...

wah wah wah......u take so many pictures of the cats. Actually i just wanna blog about it but too late. being taken by u already. Did you check up travilion mall ? They have party every night till 24 dec ler....

Chen said...

Tibbar de Gniw ,
So, u have been to the Cat City as well :)

wow.... u better don't mention that u hate cats when u r in Kuching akin Cat City, or else the cats there won't let u enter their city, kakkakkaa...

To me, Garfield is not a cat lah.. It's actually human in cat's skin. kekkeke...

Chen said...

Hahha.. u can still blog about cats, since I'm sure what u write is different from what I have written :D

I'm no longer in Kuching leh..
How to check out Travillion Mall then? :)
I will just wait for u to post up pictures in Travillion :)

truth said...

Wah...banyaknye kuching!

Chen said...

u want to take one back home? :)

glutton rabbit said...

So many cute cat statues! I love the photos of the kittens hugging each other... really touches my heart. They look a bit pitiful though I wonder why...

Chen said...

glutton rabbit,
those kittens are stray kittens.. :(

carcar said...


thank you chen! thanks for your sweet gesture! ...very touching! thank you! thanks for this lovely birthday present to me! *hugs*

guess this is the most special and precious gift to me on my birthday this year!

i am a happy happy gal la lalalalala.....

Jellyfish said...

happy belated bday to carcar :P

Chen said...

hug Carcar; glad u like your gift :)

babe_kl said...

my boiboi wud go crazy in kuching! he simply loves cats.. i oso dunno why??

Chen said...

babe KL,
boiboi mayau lover? :)
Then u should bring him for vacation in Kuching, the Cat City :D
Sure he likes it & will enjoy himself very much :)