Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Balik Kampung

In few hours time.. I will be back home liao.. The last time I went back to Sarawak was in November 2005. Time really flies, everything seems like yesterday...

Hahha, I haven't pack my things yet.. Will do the last minute packing in a short while (as usual).. Won't bring much stuff back home, but I will definitely bring my palm Tx, digicam, handphone & charger etc :P

U notice something? The smiley faces & the aeroplane icons... hahaha.. smiley face cos I'm happy (on leave & no need to wake up early to go to work, of course happy lah...) I keep all my important appointments inside my PDA with Agendus Pro. Lotsa time I put an icon together with the date & time of the appointment, so that it is easier for me to glance on the monthly calendar.

Oops.. need to wake up at 5 am tomorrow morning....


carcar said...

balik kampung...woh woh woh balik kampung....

happy going back hometown ya.

don't miss me too hard ya, miss a little bit a day will do ok.

don't eat too much sotong also. bring back some for me ok. the pepper no need lah, my colleague brought a lot for me last month.

hmmm, some kong piah and kampua will be nice too.

do u need me to remind u again later at 5am?

Pink Cotton said...

such an early flight ya?!?!
kekeke...see you soon! :)

sbanboy said...

Have a great time Chen and I am still waiting for the Palm games :)

Well we can give u a wake up call at 5 am .. hehe

Chen said...

happy cos no need to go to work
happy cos on leave
happy cos balik kampung
happy cos can eat bilin jungle fern..
so many reasons to be happy hoh? :D

if i miss u, i will give u a call, kakka.. remember to bring your handphone together with u all the time, okie? ;)

kekke.. i will see what I can bring back for u :P Wake up call at 5 am? good.. manyak bagus :D

pink cotton,
cos I stay far away from the airport mah.. Need to take the flight from Pg to KL.. transit in KL for few hours, then only from KL to Kch loh..

See u soon :)

I will give u after your exam :P Cos i want u to concentrate in your studies now, okie? ;)

Wah.. u want to give me wake up call at 5 am ah? good, good.. I'm afraid I can't wake up leh at that time :D

phangan said...

wah happy-nya... :D

angel said...

Jom, balik kampung! Tanam jagung!

I dun care, u HAVE to come out with a Kay Elle list! :P

Enjoy the trip back home!

AceOne said...

Happy balik kampung !! Safe journey!!

Winn said...

so do u have smiley face on the 6th aug?

slurp! said...

oh oh if you can try steamed pitcher stuffed with savoury rice? got or not huh hehehehe ... almost forget these are protected species in borneo right? ;P

have a great trip!!!

izso said...

I want a PDA too! My life needs re-arranging!

And luicha is.. gross. Last time I had it I put about 30% chilli and 70% everything else with NO soup before I shoved it in my mouth.

Why? Cuz the taste was putrid and I didn't want to waste it.

Cynthia said...

Yay! Im so happy for you, I dont know why =) Seeing ppl go holiday.. ^_^ SHIOK mann!!

Chen said...


wah... *jot down*
i will change to balik kampung, makan jagung instead, hahhahah..

DYK, tat day hoh, I ask Winn the Great to draft for me leh (regarding KayElle list), hahhaa...

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

yeah.. a big smiley face on 6th August, cos can meet up with Winn the Great & many others :P

Chen said...

that one is available, I saw in one of my friend's post in the past... Hahha, but the place is far away leh.. (cos I don't have transport) :P

get yourself a pda ;)
u won't regret :D
PDA is better than ICE :P

TQ TQ... u can feel my happiness..
That's why I sayang u loh..

may said...

safe journey home, yea! and enjoy your days in your kampung!

sengkor said...

happy balik kampong.. hv a safe journey doc...

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

have a great time yah!

zeroimpact said...

Aiyah boy boy late edi... missed the flight
Still wish doc smooth flight la
Wait for doc ta pau k...

lynnx01 said...

5am is early... everytime I fly the first flight to KL I have to wake up that time too. Siennnnn nya. Haha.

miracle8 said...

Welcome Back!!! :D

cooknengr said...

Whatsup Doc, have a good one. shoot me some picutes of Kolo Mee ingredients...

Kristopher said...

welcome back Dr.... :)

domesticgoddess said...

have a great trip back home!
i'm very curious of how sarawak laksa taste like leh...

day-dreamer said...

*sniff sniff*

Big lo kun get to balik kampung, small hak sheng stuck here, envying those people who balik kampung.

Wah... so many things you wanna eat??! Be careful nanti fat fat oh... wakakakaka!!

Okay... First, have fun! Second, snap more pictures to be posted up.


dino said...

chen, enjoy ur trip..
remember to snap more pics ya..


Wilson said...

see u soon doc

Selba said...

Good to know that you already arrived safely back in your kampung :)

Looking forward to read your story during mudik kampung!!!

Chen said...

Thanks :) Reached Kuching yesterday late noon.. It's good to be back home... It's even better to wake up late in the morning, without the disturbance from the annoying alarm clock, hahah..

there are many flights a day leh.. so u won't miss any "flight", hahaha

I was lazy to wake up yesterday morning.. so I put my alarm to snooze for a while, then finally I woke up at 5:20 am.. :P

Chen said...

looking forward to seeing u tonight :)

kolo mee ingredients? Mmmmm... okie, let's see how things go :D

thanks :) if u r free, I can meet up with u one of these days...

domestic goddess,
mmmm... i will show a pict for u to have a look soon.. I have Sarawak laksa for lunch yesterday late afternoon :)

Chen said...

hahah, last time when I study in uni time, I only go back home once a year (nowadays too..). At least u are more fortunate, u can go back once in few months or once in few weeks :D So no need to sniff sniff liao :D

dial up is slow, (beh tahan), so I won't post so many pictures loh.. might be later when I go back to Penang time :)

Thanks :)

yeah, hope to meet up with u next week when u come back from KL :)

thanks :) I sleep early yesterday night.. Hahhaha.. really a good night sleep :D

Kristopher said...

Doc, u can ask Miracle8 to organise a small blogger meet ma.... :)

Chen said...

hehe.. i meet up with miracle8 yesterday night :P but will meet up with wilson & fishfish & others some time next week. Date & time not yet confirmed :)

domesticgoddess said...

eh doc, picture not enough lar... next time you cook and 请我吃 lah! kihkihkih

Chen said...

domestic goddess,
err.. i thought it should be the other way round? kekeke.. cos u r the domestic goddess.. :P u should cook mah.. LOL

Kristopher said...

doc, i see.... when the time and date is set, u can ask fish fish or wilson to sms me the place and the time.... :)

day-dreamer said...

Where got "once in a few weeks"?

My mama said I no need to go home before sem break leh... so cham. *sniff sniff*

You are a bit different mah, your kampung is not in Peninsular Malaysia, every sem break fly back to Sarawak more difficult, I understand. Coz I also got friends here who are from Sabah Sarawak, they said maybe CNY only they get to balik kampung.

Chen said...

okie, will keep u informed when the date & time is set :)

day dreamer,
okie okie, once in few months then :D
how many semester breaks u have in a year? two? three? or ?