Monday, February 20, 2006

Food : Fish Cracker & Sarawak Acar

Sarawak Acar

This is one of my beloved dish - Sarawak Acar. Best to eat together with keropok fish crackers or prawn crackers. One of the Must-Have food during Chinese New Year. Sarawak Acar is different from the acar in Peninsular Malaysia. The acar here comprise of long bean, carrot, cucumber, cabbage and chillies and best eaten with rice. The Sarawak Acar comprises thin slices of dried cucumber, raw papaya, carrot, chillies, garlic, vinegar, sugar etc. Tidious to prepare cos involving lots of work. I used to help my mum to prepare the ingredients and cook the Sarawak Acar during my primary/secondary school days. I love both version of Acar. Both have their own unique taste.

Fish Crackers/Keropok Ikan

When eat together (I mean the Sarawak Acar and the Fish Cracker), the taste is... heavenly :)


Jellyfish said...

i like the cracker minus the acar cos i like to feel the cracking sound

Jellyfish said...

1st to comment

any prize for me?

carcar said...

the sickness of jellyfish is coming back again! *sakit perasan*


hey finally i get to know what is acar with cracker! oh..was told by cynthia that sarawakian love to eat acar in this i SEE!

hehe..will check with you again on the 'recipe' i want to learn! hehe..

Chen said...

hahhaa.. we haven't play this "first to comment" game for long time liao :D

aiks, u like the cracking sounds ah?
eat together with Swak Acar, then nicer loh :P

Prize ah?
Give u one piece of Keropok since u like the crack crack sound :D

let him be loh..
He hasn't reveal his perasan sickness for long liao :D

Yeah, this is how the famous Sarawak Acar looks like :)

Alicia said...

yumm yumm i think it's sweet rite xD

Cynthia said...

haha!! this is the one i was talking..sarawak acar n cracker.. eh! jellyfish, u (most west malaysian) dont understand one =) not till you really know a 100% sarawakian, right Chen?

Chen said...

the taste ah..
sweet + slightly sour (cos of vinegar) + hot :)

yeah, those who hasn't tasted it before won't know the wonder of Swak Acar :D

Pandabonium said...

Looks delicious, but do you guys ever prepare foods that do not taste hot?

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

SIGH! I hate you for the day doc. I'm darn hungry and I see your mouth-watering pics. :(

agus said...

Yeap! It's heavenly alright! Any chance you might have the recipe? Without the acar, the next best thing to accompany the cracker would be a chilli ketchup.

fish fish said...

Oh yes, Sarawak acar, that's the thing that make New Year celebration an even worthwhile thing to wait.

Acar pleaseeeeeeee...

Loong said...

Speak of the devil ... I just had some yesterday. The acar is not visually appealing, however its appearance belies its "heavenly" taste. Hehe ... it looks positively radioactive - much like Cynthia's Penang Assam Laksa.

Anonymous said...

wah lau, here i am on fruit fasting (coz over-eat during CNY in penang) and i have to see sarawak acar & keropok!! TORTURE TORTURE. i LOVE keropok, esp. fish keropok. ok, when im back in penang, can you cook sarawak acar? have not tasted it before.

jellyfish so cute...

Chen said...

Don't worry, there are several dishes out there which doesn't taste hot :D Well, there are Malaysians who doesn't like hot dishes as well. But since I love hot & spicy dishes, so most of the time I will concentrate more on these dishes :D

Furkids in HK,
Ooppss, hate me just for a day, okie? :P

I agak agak know the recipe only, can't remember the exact measurement :D When Swak Acar is not available, I will eat the keropok with Maggie hot chilli sauce or the garlic chilli sauce :)

Fish Fish,
I still have half a bottle left ;)
My family brought it over for me when they came to Penang last week :D

Hi 5 :D

Do u like Penang Assam Laksa? That's my favourite too.. I prefer Penang Assam Laksa more compared to Sarawak Laksa :D

fruit fasting?
why want to fast on fruits? Fruits are something very nutritional :D

Aiks... preparing the acar ingredients is something very tidious :D Have to slice thinly the cucumber and raw papaya etc and dry them under the hot sun :D

Winn said...


i tot the 'acar' is supposed to eat with porridge..
y with keropok wan

Chen said...

this is Sarawak Acar .. To be eaten together with keropok :D
This acar is different from the acar in Peninsular :)

Jacky said...

The cracker is my favorite! Make my mouth watering...

Anonymous said...

what i meant is i only eat fruits at the moment - trying to lose the central obesity.

Chen said...

talking about crackers, I prefer fish crackers much more than prawn crackers :) Nowadays there are lots of different varieties available in the market.

kekkee.. I c :)
misunderstanding :)
Then u should use the word dieting instead of fasting loh :P

IML said...

Tell you what chen, you send me the sarawak acar, and I send you my MIL's home made keropok. She makes the best authentic keropok!!

Chen said...

it's my life story,
oops.. then have to wait till CNY next year loh :P

Dragon City said...

arca ...yummy...forget to bring back some during my CNY holiday at hometown sarawak.. = ( .. now miss it liaw..

Chen said...

oh? u r Sarawakian as well? :)
which part of Sarawak?

Sharl612 said...


I too brought this combo back: Keropok (Prawn) and homemade acar. I have to get my sister to fry the Keropok for me first before I can eat with the Acar.

Chen said...

So nice :)

I just bought 3 packets of keropok this evening - prawn, fice and potato :) Readily deep fried crackers.. Ready to eat :D

Dragon City said...

yeah.. Sarikei. How abt u ?

Chen said...

Huh? u from Sarikei as well?
Great.. I manage to meet few Sarikei folk online. That's my hometown ;) What a small world !!

Hahah.. I wrote few posts about Sarikei in the past.. The last time I go back there was 2 years ago.. in early 2004.

Sarikei 泗里街
Top 10 reasons u were from Sarikei
XinHui Dialect etc..

Dragon City said...

wow..what a small world..i also from st.anne,st.anthony and smk meradong..graduate year 1997. How abt u ? ^_^

Chen said...

what a small world.. I graduated much earlier than u :) I graduated from university in year 1998 :D

U from Science or Art stream? I guess u might know my sister cos she is a teacher.. teaching in SMB St Anthony previously..

dane said...

halo, may i know more about your sarawak acar recipe? thanks ya.

Hairbrain said...

From what I read the acar sounds delicious and would love to make some for my family. Would you be so kind to share the recipe? If so, please send to Thanks a ton. Hairy

Tyng said...

I would love to get the Acar recipe from you if you still remember how to make it, been looking around but no luck so far...

nathandjill said...

Can someone please email this recipe of Sarawak achar? Email is

Thanks so much.