Sunday, February 19, 2006

How Old Are You?

The "How Old Are You" Tag.
Mmmm.. Actually I'm still young Selba tagged me few days back, and I decided to join in the fun :)

1. Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed.
***Chow Yun Fatt (周润发)

2. Name a cartoon of the old days.
***Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (My favourite cartoon is still Walt Disney Cartoon).

3. Name a singer/group of the old days.
***Anita Mui (梅艳芳)

4. Band of the old days.
***scratch head... ? Beyond can be considered as Band, right?

5.TV Series of the old days.
*** One of the Cantonese tv drama series that I enjoyed previously was 上海滩 (Shanghai Beach). Love the drama songs with the same name, 上海滩 by Francis Yip (叶丽仪).

6. Actress of Old Days.
***DoDo Cheng (郑裕玲)

7. Fashion of Old Days that you miss the most.
***I guess none :)

8. Movie of Old Days.
***mmm.. Inspector Chocolate Chocolate Inspector (神探朱古力)

9. Music Video of Old Days.
***无言的结局 (this is really the 金典老歌) by 李茂山 林淑容

10. Coolest Song of Old Days.
***童年 (childhood days) by 刘文正

Who are the people who will go through the same torture??
1. Cynthia. Hahaha.. She is my constant victim. Always kena tagged by me :) She has a great sense of humour. I really enjoy reading her post.
2. Carcar. Malaysian in Singapore who writes good poem.
3. Alicia. She owns a Min Pin too.. but her notti boi is brown in colour, and mine is black :)
4. Winn. Yeah, I sayang u, that's why I tag u again :D
5. Sbanboy. Take a break and do this tag if u are tired of studying. Gals, he is still single and available. Eligible diamond bachelor.
6. Jellyfish. How can I leave out my dear KSL? Anyway, I guess he is very busy at the moment and no time to do this..

**By the way, my Rule of Thumb still applies.. u don't have to oblige to do the meme if u don't feel like doing it.


Cynthia said...

wah lau!! you scared me.. i thought I have to tell the whole wide world how old am I , as in my age in numbers.

day-dreamer said...

Eh, first comment! Wah... long time no grab this post liao... ;-)

Erm... one thing I can conclude: you are definite older than me. Ha!


Cynthia said...

hahah..sorry day-dreamer, ME, first!!! =)


Chen said...

kekekke... cool down, gal :D
Have a kit kat :)
sorry for giving u a shock in the nice Sunday afternoon :P

day dreamer,
glad to see u r back in action again :) Too bad u r 11 seconds late :P

Hahaha, of course u r younger than me lah..

Winn said...

woo..nice. thanks for the tag! i so like being tag arrrr:p

i blog on saturday coz 'kum ngam' today i get to go online

too bad i got no net access at home. if i have internet connection at home i sure blog my crap everday one. :p

Loong said...

童年 by 刘文正 ... how does it sound like? I got some memory of a song called "Red Dragonfly" .. but not sure of lyrics.

Anonymous said...

errr... what do LOL and KSL stand for?

Chen said...

I know u "enjoyed" being tagged, blek :P

KSL = Kai Sai Low or 契细佬 (god brother)

LOL = abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud

Chen said...

errr... how to describe how the song sounds like? Don't ask me to sing the song leh.. 张爱嘉 also sings this song.

Iive u the song lyrics..

童年 (歌手:刘文正)

等待著下课 等待著放学

嘴里的零食 手里的漫画

一天又一天 一年又一年

就这么好奇 就这么幻想

盼望著假期 盼望著明天

一天又一天 一年又一年

I totally forgotten about 小虎队 and 红孩儿. Red Dragonfly (红蜻蜓) is sung by 小虎队.

Cynthia said...

loong: you had that song lah! last time you burn from my CD while you in Perth. Der.. =)

Chen said...

ooh.. Loong has the song. I guess he didn't know the name of the song then :)
That song is nice, right? :)
I have it in my PDA too, in mp3 format :D

Jellyfish said...

that is chocolate inspector lar..

i have that DVD :P

Chen said...

hahahha.. didn't realise I write it "upside down" pulak..
Chocolate Inspector becoming Inspector Chocolate :P I will edit it, thanks :)

*I have the dvd too ;)

IML said...

Definately can't be a day over 35.
Why? You still remember Shanghai beach. Gee..suddenly the song just seeped into my head.

Sisuahlai said...

Wah, I guess you are pretty big on canto-pop. Nice meme answers.

Robin said...

上海滩 by Francis Yip (叶丽仪).

***DoDo Cheng (郑裕玲)

***无言的结局 (this is really the 金典老歌) by 李茂山 林淑容

***童年 (childhood days) by 刘文正

Oh dear.. what's that? must be before my era, from the last generation.

hmmm.. generation gap?

Selba said...

hehehe.. finally it's done :)

chow yun fat, especially his smile in God of gambler and the mini series in Macau, he acted as a mafia (can't remember the title)!!! love him too as same as liu the hua :)

Selba said...

Robin: am wondering how old are you actually? 33 years or 88 years old?

Chen said...

it's my life story,
hahhaa.. good guess :D
Shanghai Beach nice song, right? :)

canto pop nice :)
used to like canto previously..
but now I hardly listen to the new songs.. Still prefer listening to songs from the 80s till early 90s

I like to listen to old songs :)
Jellyfish also like to listen to old songs.. :D Singers from old days are good, not like the newer generation singers.

What generation gap pulak :D

Peep at his IC then u will know his real age :D

Jellyfish said...

coincidentally, i have the original theme song of shanghai beach too as well as 'god of gambler' series of DVDs.


Chen said...

sounds like u really have a huge collection of songs + DVDs :D
Can open shop liao :P

day-dreamer said...

Yer... this Cynthia ar... After I post my comment I still see it as first.

Today when I come again it kena kicked to the second place liao... how can?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
dunno ah...
but her posting time is earlier than your posting time leh :D
11 seconds earlier :)