Saturday, February 18, 2006

Parit Fall (Cameron Highlands)

Several months back, I still consider Parit Falls in Cameron Highland as a good site for photo taking. But after my recent visit to Jiuzhaigou, China and after seeing all the magnificent waterfalls there (including the Nuorilang Waterfalls and the Pearl Shoal Waterfalls).. Mmmm...

These photos were taken few months ago during my last visit to Cameron Highlands in September 2005. Wonder if anyone of u noticed anything from the picture above? If u look carefully, u will notice there are bundles of rubbish nearby the mini waterfall. So unsightly.. What a disgrace. Why can't the people throw rubbish at the proper place? What sort of mentality is this? Not that rubbish bins are not available.. There are rubbish bins nearby. Sigh :(

Initially before I reached the place, I wonder why the place is called Parit Fall. I guess the name derived cause the waterfall is just like "parit"?? (Parit = Drain in Malay Language). No wonder the place is fulled with rubbish :P

Luckily there are still areas which is still "clean"."unpolluted" and "free" from rubbish in Parit Fall..


fish fish said...

It is so sad and shameful to know such a beautiful nature is polluted like this. :(

Kampungkai said...

I never wanted to enter Port Dickson's water after i visited Redang, Perhentian, Kapas, and Tioman.

Now that i've seen Thai's crystal clear seawater, i'm scared of going to Redang! Redang's water visibility is bout 5-10m, but Thai's water is 15-20m visible!

how sad to see that pile of rubbish, really an eyesore, sigh.

Chen said...

fish fish,
Aih.. Malaysians like to litter :( Hope they will kick off the bad habit..

One good thing about travelling is we can widen our knowledge.. What u mentioned is very true.. When small time, I will think how great is "this" or "that" but as I grow up, I will think of things differently and see things from different perspective.

Cynthia said...

well, it doesnt suprise me. Malaysia is alwyas like that one ..
thats why we always say Malaysia Boleh!! =)

Jellyfish said...

those rubbish is the actual scenery mar, waterfall is supplimentary only

Chen said...

well, well.. hahhaha.. this is our motherland and home sweet home :)

Look at the brighter side loh :D
Malaysia although is not the best, but IMHO, it is still better than some of the neighbour countries :)

I nearly pengsan when I read your comment :D
Like that also can?
Good leh u :P

agus said...

Unpolluted? I wouldn't bet my health on it. Visible rubbish is one thing, what lies beneath is another. But the view is still grand.

Chen said...

Well, our tape water and river water is never safe to consume without boiling it first :)

If one have fainted heart, then they shouldn't look at the tiny drop of water on the slide under microscope ;)

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Arhh I like the third shots. Beautiful tree fern goes well with our 'parit' :p

A good recap, thanks :)

IML said...

My family spend CNY in Cameroon highlands every year except this as the Grand old dame Merlin hotel has finally closed it's door last year. Such a pity. The 1st asean meet was held there. We spend most of our time jungle trekking around. Over the years Parit Falls has become more accesible and as a result dirtier. *sigh* Guess pristine spots are best left unknown.

Cynthia said...

true cannot find anywhere better than Malaysia. =)

Chen said...

Hahha.. what a nice description :D

its my life story,
oh.. I went there in late September last year and that was my second trip up there. Cameron Highlands is a nice place to visit.. I took several photos up there and posted quite a number in the September and October archive. We stayed in Heritage Hotel. Really had a great time up there. We will surely go back there again in the future.

And we can get all sort of good food here... :D

day-dreamer said...

I love the first picture... but the subsequent ones (with rubbish) kinda spoil it. :(

PhotoCrazy said...

I guess that is not the only parit got into Malaysia worst designer. It must be a joke by some Malaysian to design the place into such "beauty".. hehehe..

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Just pretend u didn't see the heap of rubbish loh :P

photocrazy, u made me confused :D

Pandabonium said...

Anywhere that people produce or consume packaged goods, there is rubbish. In Hawaii different groups - community boards, businesses, churches, etc. - "adopt" a section of highway or a beach, and twice a year go clean it up. It looks nice for a while, but it is a never ending cycle.

Parit falls and that stream are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Chen said...

Something that amazed me is Jiuzhaigou is free from litter.. That place is absolutely clean and unpolluted.. despite thousands of visitor visiting that place daily..