Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mongolian Feast

LB brought rain to Penang, Angel also brought rain to Penang, and now it's my turn to bring rain to KL? Raining kucing and anjing in the evening of my arrival causing flash flood in certain areas. Gosh, the weather was so unpredictable as the weather was still hot and sunny half an hour earlier on. Met up with Angel in the late evening and since we were neither here nor there coz of the time constraint, we decided to go the Inner Mongolia Restaurant in Jalan Pudu early. Since we have ample time, we sampat analysed the menu (written in Chinese) in great details. The pig brain sounds good, as I haven't eat it for ages. LOL.. but if I order that, Angel might piaks me with her Doraemon Bag Miss Whatever Bag. hahahhaha

Soon, King’s wife and her two lovely daughters, Laundry Amah, Rinnah (who seem lost and asking the waitress for the directiontable, and she was almost pointed to another table till Angel yelled RINNAH..) , Nyonya Penang, NarrowBand (versus BroadBand?) arrived and filled up the seats..

This is our "Mandarin Duck"(well, this is what they wrote on the menu), I mean The Ying Yong (鸳鸯) Mongolian Steamboat with Herbal and Spicy Soup base (with a thick layer of spicy chili oil on top). Angel said the spicy soup tasted like the Maggie instant noodle curry flavour woh.. My verdict was.. it's mild not that spicy. I was hoping for something really hot and spicy judging from the red colour :P

Moooo...... The Fei Ngau / 肥牛 (Beef Rolls Slices)

Lazy to take photo and the only photo I took was the specialty 肥牛 Beef Rolls Slices (from Mongolia?). We also had a Tungku feast with all the abalone mushroom, chinese mushroom, golden needle/enoki mushroom bla bla... Laundry Amah cracked laughters with her laundry tales and the 特别服务 (special service) jokes. And not forgetting the highlight of the night ~ sucking the Foochow fishball (which resemble nipple?) scene. Ngek ngek..

Since we were still hungry, the night was still early, We went for second round - Dessert at KTZ @ Fruitti Stall Speciality Restaurant in Imbi. What else if not the signature Mango Loh? And some light snacks with wonderful names which amused us such as Ham Chin Band (instead of Ham Chin Peng/咸煎饼) and Wall Band (锅饼).

Btw, today is the fatt hao Ehon's 21st Cow One. Happy Birthday Yee Hon. Big Boy liao and don't misuse your "key". Kekkeke, and I will eat something nice for brunch on your behalf later on :P

40 comments: said...

the beef rolls look yummy

Doreen said...

I want that Mango Loh!!! Looks soooo yummy. What is it anyway? Never heard of it one.

Monk[+]Icon said...

wah... yummy pics again! beh tahan~

L B said...

Waa, never asked me along anymore.. Merajuk...


Rain? No rain here.. Come Come!

ehon said...

hehehehehehehe. thanksssss!!! :D so much foood!! didn't call me along also *merajuk with lb*


narrowband said...

Ham chin band was misleading! It wasnt like those we normally find with yau zha guai wan. The least they could do was leave the sacred suffix '-band' alone.......... ;p

Chen said...

There are many other different rolls - chicken rolls, mutton rolls, pork rolls etc but i didn't take photo :D

It's called 芒果露 in Mandarin. It is basically shaved ice with Mangoo puree and mango cubes :) This is the second time I had it. The first time was end of last year, together with Angel, Nyonya, May and gang in PJ :)

Hehhehe, u haven't have your lunch yet? I had chicken & century egg porridge with yew char koay as brunch today :)

Chen said...

Kkkkkkk.... cos u r hiding inside FaceBook mah, very hard to lure u out from there. LOLOL

No rain in Italy ah? It rained cats and dogs again over here in Penang. I woner if it is rainy season liao?

Happy Burpday Ehon :D

Happy Birthday Ehon

kekkeke.. call u also no use mah, cos u mabuk somewhere liao.

Hahaha, yeah the name is indeed misleading. And the hilarious part is there is actually ham inside the ham chin band. LOL

mich said...

hey..should go to hong la qioa..there lagi nice...the ma lat base nicer...even more spicy...

may said...

I also don't get asked along anymore... *sigh*
*dreams of steamboat* *very stim*


Bibik Nyonya said...

wow those meat rolls look so so yummy!!

Chen said...

*jot down*
next time i will pay that place a visit. I still drool at the Sichuan steamboat (四川麻辣火锅) I had in China. That one is really hot :D

and I'm now back to Penang, and I won't get asked along anymore too.. :(

Happy Birthday EHON

bibik nyonya,
Hehhehe.. and the slices are perfectly cut. I wonder if we can eat it raw. hahhahhaa...

angel said...

Sampat! Kekekek!

Now working! BBL to sampat more!

day-dreamer said...

WAHHHH!!! Sai mai lou... I also want!!!

*jots down in Must-Eat List when visiting KL soon*

Chen said...

u working today ah?
so kolian...
DHL Penang fruit rojak over :)
(i know u r hungwee mah, cos i'm hungwee too) :P

day dreamer,
hehhehe... u going back to KL soon?
eat more "loh" or "lou" on my behalf ;)

Today, I ate peanut snowy on your behalf, LOL

angel said...

OK, back to sampat again :p

Yeah, had something to do just now, do until blur blur but after come back, no more blur... cos kena kick in FB kkkkk..

Last nite, I went rojak hunting and found Jusco mya foodcourt in IOI Mall got sell rojak! Altho' not that nice but at least got satisfy the idaman a bit lor... your fault... ei, why FB dun hv rojak to give hor? Cheh...

I jz finish my sampat homemade BKT... wah, had to finish it in 3x! Really sampat... kkkkk...

OK lah, good nite!

mistipurple said...

food glorious food. with good company somemore. donno when iPort ready hor? i want to join eat too.

winniethepooh said...

must be lots of fun, laughter n with nice nice...that mango, yumyum!!

mich said...

wa..see this pic now early in the morning havent take breakfast..makes me time we go eat spicy stuff..see who cant tahan..haha

keeyit said...

That is "Ma Lat" soup which very spicy one ! your friends all also bloggers ? Hehe..

Winn said...

happy bday ehon! that spicy soup looks like very oily lor

Chen said...

Kkkkkk... i'm sure u have fun kicking other's ka chng in FB. So u r now a professional kicker liao.. LOL

Imagine throwing rojak in Food Fight. Muahahaha.. that will be damn messy and sticky (and smelly too). Muahahahhahaa..

Walao.. can i have some of your homemade BKT? I will BBBB :)

come come.. i'm hungwee again..
it's time to buka puasa soon :P

Yeah, with all the actions and laughter. Hhahaha.. I hope we didn't attract much attention from the other tables that night :P

Chen said...

Hahhaa.. u love to eat hot and spicy stuff too? Great. There are not many out there who enjoys spicy food ;)

I love spicy food. Salivate thinking of the spicy foodstuff I had in Thailand last year, including the Bee Hoon.

We must go out makan together one of these days :D

But it's not spicy to my standard leh, cos i love hot & spicy foodstuff. Yeah, I know them thru blogsphere.

Kkkk... Yeah loh.. Oily Red Soupm but drink liao won't die wan ;)

Too bad Winn Winn was still in Penang at that time :(

mich said...

aww..makes me even more hungry now..hahah though just finish dinner..haha..
after exam we go eat hong la qiao..
see who stop first..haha

Chen said...

kkakaka... too bad no hong la qiao in Penang woh :( I need to go to KL liao if wanna enjoy the spicy food in 红辣椒.

i love chillies
i heart chillies

mich said...

i know where got nice nice steamboat...go tambun..add extra chili

Chen said...

Tambun? Wah.. So far away...
hahahahha... Those who stay in the island (i mean myself) dun really like to cross the Penang bridge unless necessary, hahhahah...

There are nice steamboat in Penang island too, but not those extreme hot & spicy stuff loh :)

mich said...

we bring our own chili paste..muahahaahha

rinnah said...

Ahahaha... 'nipplegate'! LOL!

Chen said...

hahhaa.. i lazy lah to carry the chillies around. I see some of my friends carrying chili padi to China even. And they have to ration the chili so that they have enough stock to end till the last day. That one i really salute :D

Hhahaha.. i can't remember whether u took any photo or not on that.
I didn't but Angel did !! Hhahahhaa....

mich said...

i volunteer to chili padi's is from indon wan...that one eat d...telinga berasap

Chen said...

chili padi from Indon?
sounds so canggih.. o.O
u get the chili from Indon or the chili are locally grown here wan (but Indon species)?

mich said... it from indon..aunt got it back..and now..i am growing it at my garden..suka suka go pluck and

Chen said...

so syiok. I wonder if u ever eat the chili padi as snacks? :P

mich said...

eat those seasoned chili for fun got la..
go eat dinner outside..wait till sien d for food..i will eat the seasoned chili..wahahah

Chen said...

same here..
I also eat the green seasoned chili while waiting for the food to be served. And my friends will look at me "one kind".. LOL

mich said...

lol..ppl scold me geh leer

Chen said...

nice mah..
too bad those ppl dunno how to appreciate and enjoy "yummy" foodstuff :P

mich said...

yea lor..hey i posted the chili padi pic into my blog just for u..go see la..ahhaha..see u lau hou sui or not..hahha

Chen said...

Thank u thank u
I will hop over to have a look :D