Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yippeeee! I'm back

Finally I'm back home. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief. Hahahhaa... Have been away for almost a week for work related attachment. Where else is better than home sweet home? And I definitely miss my broadband connection. Haven't read blogs for almost a week. I will hop over to your places soon. LOL

And I almost get a shock out of my life when I log on to FaceBook.

So many requests.. I see till eye blur-blur liao.. Must go through each and every one of the requests slowly :P

And not only that, there are 161 new notifications.. Wow, u guys (& gals) are great. And thanks for poking me. No wonder there are bruises all over my body. Kakkakkaa.. I lup u all. Hugs and Muacks (and pokes...) LOL


angel said...

Welcome back!!!

Thot wanted to call u wan just now... but thot better not kacau u and ahboy :p kkkkkk...

Hehe... I got bored of the poking liao... now I wanna kick some ka ch'ngs liao! KKKKK...

Have a good rest! ;)

L B said...

LOLOLOL! WELCOME HOME!! You missed Ah Boy? No? I miss Ah Boy... Why is Ah Boy NOT on FaceBook wan? Faster, before that Liucat....

Kenny Ng said...

Welcome back! I stop play facebook already, no time and also too many features there, getting bored with it.

Chen said...

Thank u thank u thank u..
we haven't finish sampat-ing yet :P

psss.. Ah Boy sudah zzz liao ;)
He is such a sleeping handsome

Whose' ka ch'ngs u wanna kick?
Dun leave any foot prints behind woh. Kkaakka

thank u thank u thank u.
I heard that u sleep inside FaceBook over the last few days :P

Of coz i missed Ah Boy. How can i not missed him? HOW CAN? LOL

Cannot let Ah Boy join facebook. Later he gaduh with me again, rebut-ing to log on to facebook ;)

Thank u thank u thank u :)
getting bored with FaceBook?

hope u can come back home to Malaysia soon :)

Doreen said...

You're back! Wohoo!

How's PJ? You met up with Eve?

Quick quick tell lah

ehon said...

my facebook is much much worse lerr.. sighs! got soooooooo many invitations. but i never bother. hehehe. :P

welcome home!!! :D :D as for me, I'm going back to australia in a few more hours.. :( :( :( sighsss!!!

Chen said...

Thank u thank u thank u
i didn't go to PJ leh, only in KL area. Tak jadi meet up with Eve leh, she cannot come woh..

Hahhaha, i need to do some clean up (those inactive ones) liao, cos too many applications till i see liao also eye blur blur
but i'm lazy..
see lah one day :P

so fast time flies, have a safe trip back home yah.. Hope u enjoyed all the good food and good companion while u r back home. U will be back again soon, right? in two months time... :)

Wennnn said...

Welcome bek.... Fai tit go Muka Buku.....

Chen said...

i was already @ Soo Mian, enjoying kicking ppl's butt at the moment in FaceBook. LOL..

At the moment, my highest record was 153,244 m (kicked till the bishop nose also kemek.. cos i kicked Cocka mah..)


rinnah said...

Chen is back! Ok ok... I go poke poke you on facebook now. LOL! said...

Sorry for last night.
Not trying to call to disturb you

Chen said...

yeah yeah yeah..
i sudah balik..
now busy kicking orang mia butt @ FaceBook, haven't go blog hopping yet! LOL

hahhahha... i was waiting for my luggage when u called.. hehehhe.. just came down from the flight 5 minutes earlier on ;)

why say sorry woh, u r not disturbing mah.. nice chatting with u, although it's just a short chat :)

may said...

welcome balik! eh, how come I didn't see my name on the pokes wan... you mean I never poked you?! how cannnn?

faster add this, add that, dun kick my butt so much ok!

Chen said...

kkkk.. u didn't poke me in the past mah, heheh.. i noticed u poked me today liao, luckily not on the eyes :P

That kick ass application really kick ass!! LOL

_butt said...

i wana poke also, but don't dare :P so i gave u a gift instead! haha

have a good rest this weekend! :)

Chen said...

why dun dare woh?
i won't bite u wan..
(might be i will bite u, but in facebook lah.. not in real life)

i just kicked Ah butt's butt in FaceBook :P

Thanks for the gift
Happy weekend :)

mich said...

wahhh..where u go la??
sigh..miss u so much...muaahahah...
glad u are back..from where ever u went to.. =)

Chen said...

I was just somewhere nearby last week, in KL :)
so far yet so near..

u miss me so much? hehehhehe...
so sweet of u :D

angele said...

You're so right!
No place is better than home!A shame we only realise it when we're gone for some time =P

Have a nice Sunday!

Chen said...

Yeah, Home is always the best and there is no other places better than our own places called home sweet home. ;)

Happy weekend to u too :)

mich said...

miss ur post in ur blog.. =)
but didnt cry

Chen said...

luckily u didn't cry, else i dunno what to do liao.. hehehehhe

Will said...

hahaha lots of poking in FB huh :P

Chen said...

yeah, but now I prefer kicking ka chng instead :P

Bernard said...

*poke* *poke* .. *smack* .. *booot*

Adino said...

Welcome back! :)

JL said...

wow... Chen meletupz! so happening! phewwittt...

Chen said...

*kick harder*
*kick till u fly & landed up @ the moon*


thank u thank u :)

Luckily i'm still in one piece..
*tweet tweet*

slurp! said...

*phew* thanks for the "warning"
i got a couple of invites for facebook, but from the look of this now, nay no way i gotta signup facebook LOLz

Chen said...

Kakkaka.. why don't u give it a try?
u might love it :D

Pink Cotton said...

where's my name???

*beh siao lee*

Chen said...

pink cotton,
cos u didn't poke me with u thumb mah... Kkkkk.. Okie, let's have a food fight over there in FaceBook :P

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