Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today is the day (*ahem*. I mean Mooncake Festival). Where were you during the Mid Autumn/Mooncake Festival over the last few years? Most of the time I were outside Penang. This year, I won't be in Penang either, but I'm still in Malaysia.
Mid Autumn Festival :
2001: can't remember where was I..
2002: Kelantan, Malaysia
2003: Germany
2004: China
2005: Penang , Malaysia
2006: Brunei Darussalam
2007: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2008: ??? (Sarawak?)
I wonder where will I be the next Mooncake Festival in 2008? Will I be in Sarawak? Time will tell. I haven't spend mooncake festival at home for ages. I guess the last time I spent mooncake festival together with my family in Sarawak was.. mmmm...15 years ago? Gosh..


JL said...

i'll be at home tonight to makan moon cake over a cup of green tea with mama :)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

papercrazy said...

U IN KL????? No wonder the sudden silence in msn/ym

we going japanese tonite

rinnah said...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, chen!

Will Ah Boy look at the moon tonight and miss you?

Just a simple home-cooked dinner for me tonight... nothing fancy. And mooncakes after that! Yummy!

mich said...

hee...drink chinese tea and eat mooncake outside with family..watch the moon..hahah
yum yum..and celebrate my chinese birthday too...since mummy say 2mrw is my chinese birthday..hah

angel said...

You know what? I have NEVER eaten mooncake with green tea, under the moon on this very day... u think I is so the ULU??? HOW CAN???

Happy Starcake Festival!!!

ehon said...

u enjoying mooncake with angel har? eheheheheehehe. u guys got spoon onot? *ahem ahem*

Giddy Tiger said...

Doesn't matter where you will be as long as the company's good. Yes?

Kenny Ng said...

I never celebrate since 2002 lor... anyway, Happy Mid Autumn Festival to u.

L B said...

I can't wait for Lormaikai Festival...

Doreen said...

I'm no any better than you. It's been 12 years for me! Homesick......

may said...

I can't remember if I was always in KL during this time of the year, except for Uni lah. well, at least I know I'm here now! LOL!

kyh said...

this yr is my first time celebrating the day outside my hometown... but actually din celebrate at all la... too busy with my studio works and assignments.... HAIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Bee Ean said...

hmmm, at least you get to eat some mooncake from Malaysia. The Chinese store close by here doesn't even bother to order some. Luckily my SIL passed some to my family when they came visiting in Aug.

yenjai.net said...

I have the same situation with you

The last time I have mooncake festival at home ... 15 years ago

jelly the cute fish said...

we go kuala selangor eat mooncake while see fireflies

amacam? :D

jelly the cute fish said...

i mean next year 2008 :P

Leonard said...

happy belated mid-autumn festival!!!

i was exercising under the full moon, then at home, rushing my homework, eating mooncake, look at moon, fireworks at chinese garden!!

day-dreamer said...

I didn't celebrate mooncake festival this year even though I am at home. Haha.

winniethepooh said...

wow Chen, u hv such a good memory! I dont even remembered things that is 2/3 years ago even..me old liao :)

happy belated mooncake fest, hope you had lots of 'sweet' moments with ur loved ones

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Dr Chen,

Wah....you can remember each an every year to as far back as 2002!

Me? Pass years, I was in KL and perhaps for a couple of years in between, I was somewhere on planet earth.

_butt said...

doc chen oh doc chen, where for art thou doc chen... lol

are you in kl now? :D

to angel: that makes the dua of us!!

tonight the moon shines just as bright as last night too... wherever you are, hope you have a great time! :)

keeyit said...

I think every year I also stayed at home..

lynnx01 said...

Wah, I never keep track of when and where was I every mooncake festival.

Pink Cotton said...

is it a hobby not to stay at home for mooncake festival?heehee

wah nice pic wo...where is my D40 ho?? so long din see her,hope can still find her somewhere...HEEEE

mistipurple said...

wah, you eating moon cake until don't want to blog is it?
know you away la, not easy to find time to blog.

L B said...

Hahahah!!! Ready? Ready! You're TAGGED!! Wheeee, isn't life fun?! You're #1

Simple American said...

15 years ago? So when you were 10 years old? Kkkkkk!

rinnah said...

You're awarded coz you're fab!

Chen said...

i were in MVM together with Angel, having Thai food to celebrate Mooncake festival, but we didn't eat mooncake nor drink tea.

Happy MCF :)

Yeah loh, pergi sana for work related attachment. One week manyak panjang. Almost fatt mou there.. Glad i'm now finally back home. Phew....

One little bird told me u went Italy instead of Japan leh :P

thanks Rinnah. Happy MCF to u & your family too. Ah Boy ate jelly mooncake leh during the mooncake festival. Bah.. he so hang fook :D

I didn't eat any mooncake last Tuesday :D

Chen said...

frankly speaking, i have never eat mooncake while drinking tea and looking at the moon leh through out all these years :D

Most of the time, we ate mooncake indoors ;)

Happy Belated Chinese Birthday, Mich. Hope all your dreams come true :)

aiyah, dun say lidat lah..
if u are ulu, then i'm ulu too...
coz i never did that before in the past leh.. LOL

Happy SunCake festival ;)

Yeah, we had Thai food together..
too bad no Thai mooncake. LOL
and no tungku mooncake either :P

Hug hug got lah, but not "sudu" nor "garpu". Kakkakkaka

Chen said...

giddy tiger,
Yeah, and I remembered the time in China and tasted their mooncakes, including those fruity mooncakes. Pretty dry and not oily as the one available in Malaysia.

And this year u can't celebrate too, coz u r in a far-far away land :(

Happy belated MCF :)

LMK Festival coming soon. A little bird told me it's somewhere next month :D


Chen said...

wah.. both of us are dua kali 5 :D
did u ask your parents to buy and keep the durian mooncake for u? ;)

Aiks, i terlupa to look at the sky leh last Tuesday. Dunno if there's "full moon" or not tim..

Hahhahah... yeah yeah, i know where u are this year :P

well well, at least u r doing something meaningful too.. studies related stuff :)

Did u manage to eat any mooncake that day? I bought few ping pei vegetarian mooncake two weeks ago and they tasted good :)

Chen said...

bee ean,
yeah, mooncake is easily available over here and the prices are increasing year by year. There are new varieties coming out every year, including those exotic flavour and paste such as cheese mooncake which i haven't try out yet :)

Wah... apa pasal u tak balik kampung woh? I tarak balik coz my kampung is "oversea" mah.. over the South China Sea ;)

jelly fish,
not tengok bulan and sai ngeet kong ah? i know i know.. u dowan to get "moon-burn" :P


Chen said...

Happy Belated MCF to u and your family too :)

I didn't look at the moon nor eating any mooncake last Tuesday. Too busy eating the Thai food together with Angel ;) hehehe..

day dreamer,
Hahhahha.. so weird geh u? At home but didn't celebrate mooncake festival pulak? :P

winnie the pooh,
Happy belated MCF to u and your loved ones too :)

Hehehe, i remembered coz of the mooncake. I dun remember where were I during the other festivals. LOL

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
the magic lies on the mooncake. Other festivals i dun remember liao where i was :D

I still remember watching the fireworks display in China in 2004, which lasted for almost half an hour. That was indeed a grand event :)

Happy belated MCF :)

I was in KL for almost a week, but now i'm back to Penang liao, back to home sweet home :)

angel + butt + me = three :D

That's nice.. spending moon cake festival at home with your loved ones :)

Chen said...

hahha.. i dun actually keep track, but it just happened i remembered, cos of the mooncake :D

pink cotton,
it sort of becoming a trend liao..

TQ TQ, i took that picture last year with my old camera, not with my DSLR :P

yeah loh, where is your D40? later berkulat then u know. u buy liao then throw it aside ah till u forgotten where u keep it?
ai si loh... hahahha

Chen said...

Hahhhaa... i stay in hotel leh in KL. No free wifi. Broadband RM 10 per hour. si beh mahal... so i hardly go online loh ;)

wah.. kena tagged again ah? TQ for tagging me :)

Kkkkkk.. i tot we did the same tag liao early this year? I remember u posted the KFC wallpaper.. LOL

15 years ago i was in Sarawak, celebrate with family loh.. 14 years ago i was in KL liao, celebrating together with my coursemates in Lake Titiwangsa. 10 years ago? i was still in KL.. but didn't celebrate loh :D

Thanks Rinnah, for the award :)

Anonymous said...

Waaaahhhhhh .... Happy mid-autumn ! Wish i was back home to eat the mooncakes ;)

Moscow , Ru .

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to u too. I wonder if mooncakes are available in Moscow?

Happy Weekend :)