Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hatyai, Thailand : Bee Hoon / Rice Vermicelli

This was what I had for breakfast on the day of arrival in Hatyai, Thailand. A delicious bowl of Bee Hoon/Rice Vermicelli Soup. The chicken meat is very tender and the bean sprout is crunchy. Well done :) I like hot & spicy dishes. That's why I poured in so much chilli powder to my bowl of bee hoon ;)

These are the DIY (Do-it-yourself) ingredients which are available on each table, which consist of :
*chilli powder
- hot & spicy taste,
*vinegar with chilli paste - sour taste,
*sugar - sweet taste,
*soy sauce with chilli/salt - salty taste.
Another important ingredient, the aromatic fish sauce (not inside the photo) is available as well. One can add in these ingredients to their food according to their taste :)

I had Tomyam Bee Hoon/Rice Vermicelli the next morning as breakfast. See what I did to my Tomyam Bee Hoon ?

Hahaha.. Colourful, right? I love my food hot & spicy, that's why ;) Slurp..


L B said...

OMG, how to make pie out of these?!!! I got some tom yum paste in my fridge though... 1 year old, almost.. Might risk it, after seeing this...

L B said...

ps: Happy Bejewelling!! ....zzzzzz... actually, it used to be my bedtime story kinda falling asleep device..

may said...


Cynthia said...

tom yum for breakky?

er..remind me of PUD=peptic ulcer diases.

*cold sweat*

_butt said...

Wah, see the flaming red color oso know very pedas d.. *slurrp*

Too bad I can't take spicy food :(

izso said...


Why are you always in Hadyai or some place in Thailand? Got guide there or you just simply go here go there? Teach la.. I also wanna go there and food-blog! XD

IML said...

sooo.....delicious!!! wished I was there too

Kristopher said...

WOW!!!! u sure can eat spicy stuff....

Alicia said...

i think i had something similar to the rice vermicelli in bangkok.. it's nice~

PhotoCrazy said...

What loud eh! The amount of chili in the food is fantastic. You sure you didn't scoop it out after the photo session? I did that once upon a time. Now less less.. old already..

agus said...

Haha, from no color to devil red. That's hot!!!

Chen said...

No beehoon pie but sure u can made tomyam paste pie. Tomyam chicken pie is nice. :) Ichiban! Reserve some for me :D but oops.. I just remembered your tomyam paste is one year old already.. expired already or not? :P

Bejeweled is a devilish game ;)
Very addictive.. hehe..

tom yum… the name tells it.. yum yum.. yummy :)

aiyak… PUD ah? I hope not :P
I’m used to eating hot & spicy stuff liao leh..

The flaming red colour ;) Hot & spicy is nice.. Too bad u can’t take hot stuff, oops.. I mean spicy food

Chen said...

err? I thought u pass that title to Alicia already?

I’m not always there lah.. The last time I go to Thailand was 3 years ago ..

No guide.. Can just simply jalan-jalan here & there .. with map :) There’s skytrain in Bangkok.. easy to move around.. And in Hatyai, tuk-tuk is widely available at affordable cost ;)

I guess u like hot & spicy stuff too? ;)

yeah, I love hot & spicy food. No spicy, no syiok :D

Chen said...

Much nicer than the one available in Malaysia, huh? In comparison, their hawker food is nicer than the food in Penang.

Scoop it out? No lah.. once I pour it in, I won’t take out already :D
Cannot waste chilli ;)
I like to eat hot & spicy foodstuff.

Before & After picture :) Hehehe.. to show the differences :D

carcar said...

tom yam yum yum!!

looking for authentic tom yum gong neh!!

LB, tom yum pizza is nice! but don't think tom yum pie. Maybe you can stir fried some vege (ie: brinjal) and beef, stuff it into the pie crisp and bake it.

i bet it will be nice, Tom Yum Pie!

chen, i love the DIY ingredients! and the 'yu lu' fish essence is nice, it can enhance the food!

boo_licious said...

Did u try the suckling pig? They have lots of it around Hatyai. My fav place is the mkt - can buy lots and lots of dried longan and snacks there.

Robin said...

wah, how many glass of lime juice did u take that with..

hope you are not constipated after this meal..

Chen said...

I have several servings of tom yam in Hatyai :) Slurp ..
I love the sour & spicy taste ;)
Err… now I kinda miss Thai food :(

Nope, I didn’t try the suckling piglet. We saw it but didn’t give it a try.
I bought lotsa cashew nuts & cuttlefish :)

lime juice? Nope.. I only drink half a glass of plain water; that's all :D

I’m quite used to hot & spicy food , cos I takes chilli very frequent – part of my staple food ;)

JoeC said...

Ahhhh, nice nice, did not know wat typical this eat... so this is street food yes? hmmm, very spicy dishes for spice pplz. Cheers!

a^ben said...

My gosh look at all those cili powder thingy on top` oh my gosh` *pengz* *nose bleeding* hahaha

jonboy60 said...

aiyo, hot hot food dun count me in... *faint~

Chen said...

I have that inside coffee shop. 30 baht per bowl :)

wah.. look at the picture also can nose bleed ah? Are u sure u nose bleed cos u see the beehoon with lotsa chilli powder picture or u nose bleed cos u see something else? :P

aiks, another "non-spicy" food lover? :)

slurp! said...

wah, you can call yourself chilli padi oredi hahaha ...

Chen said...

aiyak.. from human why I suddenly become chilli padi woh.. wooi :D