Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Fantastic Four

Rinnah tagged me with a FOUR tag some time back. Surprisingly the tag is still around after so many years. I had answered this tag (except the previous one had more questions) one and half year ago (in January 2006). Since Rinnah says I can copy & paste the answers that I have given one and half year ago, so.. there it goes .. I modified some of the answers (so, I didn't ti(p)u and copy 100%). Kkkkk...

*4 Jobs I’ve Had In My Life:
- Teacher (orang cakap punya, coz of Taiping Zoo Series..)
- Doctor
- Part time Lecturer
- Blogger (:P)

*4 Places I’ve Lived :
- Sarikei, Sarawak
- Kuala Lumpur
- Kuching, Sarawak
- Penang

*4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation To:
- China
- Thailand
- Europe
- England

*4 Places I Would Rather Be In:
- On my cosy and comfy bed
- Have a nice shoulder massage in the Massage Center
- Some nice makan place..
- Back to the past (if there is Time Machine)

*4 Of My Favourite Food:
- Bilin Sambal Belachan
- Penang Assam Laksa (yes!!)
- Fruits (including those from The Royal Family)
- Seafood (crabs, prawns, lala, balitong, oyster etc)

*4 Unfortunate Lucky Souls Tagged:
- Yenjai -
- Doreen - Tag: FOUR
- Ehon - The 4s - not toto/4D
- Water Angel - Fantastic Four

Ai si... I still have few more tags to answer. *Counting*..

Btw, today is Ben Ben's 20th Cow One. Happy Birthday Ben Ben. Hope u enjoy yourself thoroughly tonight & shaking butt non stop (io ka ch'ng kaw kaw) at the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2007 in Sarawak Cultural Village.


Jemima said...

Back to the past???
How far back do u intend to go?
Stone age? :p

Happy Birthday Ben Ben!!! :)

Cocka Doodle said...

I was in Sarikei last week. Winn asked if I met your mother.
I told her not only did I get to meet her, I got to tumpang her on your mountain bike.
She sat sideways on the center bar holding up an umbrella...shielding us form the scorching sun...
...I could almost hear the song "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" playing in the background.....

mistipurple said...

lol at kokokai!!!
eh.. true or not ah?

Chen said...

i wanna see my daddy again..
i wanna meet up with my grandparents whom i never get to meet...
so many people i wanna meet up with..

Aiseh, don't u know that my mother is staying together with me at the moment? I really wonder who u met up with over there in Sarikei liao.
Hahahahhaha... Someone is hallucinating, huh? :P

He is dreaming lah.
My mum is now in Penang. Kakkakkaka... said...

chen ... sigh
Ok. Will do it later

angel said...

Dun forget to ask ahboy do his homework oso, k...

Happy burfday benben!!!

Will said...

that rainforest thing fun ka? i heard every year "people mountain people sea"... hoping to have a chance to see it :P

may said...

I remember you doing this tag! OMG, that makes me sound like I've been around "after so many years", izit? hahaha!

Happy Cow One, a^ben!!
~io io io~

rinnah said...

Thanks for doing the tag all over again, chen! *hugs* When lb manages to fix the iPort then you can time-travel to the past, yea?

Happy Birthday to a^ben!

ehon said...

why u wanna go back to the past again? to when? :D

blogger also a job meh?! -_-

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, Penang Asam Laksa? running dog :)

L B said...

Happy Big Birthday Benny!!

It's sooooooo HOT here! Beh tahan, see ghost, lormaikai on strike..

Doreen said...

Bilin! Haven't had that for a while....It is always my to-eat list when go back to Malaysia. I heard that only Sarawak got bilin true?

right, will hand in my homework soon. (^_^)

Leonard said...

Happy birthday to a^ben!

among the 4 countries you've been, i've been to china and thailand. no $$ to go europe!

of course just the small place and not the whole country..haha

eve said...

Happy belated Bday least u still got 4 jobs to write..I tarak ler..

mudpie said...

i wanna be on my cosy bouncy bed too .. shifting is really exhausting...come let's go massage with emperor *wink*

Chen said...

don't sigh for too long woh..
later grow wrinkles then cham liao :P

I told Ah Boy liao yesterday night.
And apparently he is very good boy,
he cepat-cepat went and submitted his homework while I was watching TV (WLT Astro Channel 30) :P

Happy WoofDay, Ben Ben :P

U asked a very good question, but to the wrong person leh.. Cos I never go to the RWMF before leh.. Timing problem.. :P

Chen said...

Hahaha.. or might be the Four Meme u remembered is this one instead? Gosh.. So many 4 related Tags I have done. This is the 3rd one liao :P

Happy io Io IO day, Ben Ben :)

Kkkkk... some of the answers I just copy & paste only. Some I modified and some I re-answered :P

Happy Happy Day, Ben Ben :)

I want to talk and spend time with my late father again.. I also wanna meet my grandparents whom I never get to see..

Blogger of coz is a job, which can generate good side income. Don't u know there are people who earn few thousand bucks from writing PPP?
Good money leh. Kkkkk.. Wanna join in the gang? ;)

Chen said...

Running Dog? LOL
What a nice name! Hahahhaha..
Penang Assam Laksa rocks :P
I prefer penang assam laksa more than Sarawak Laksa. Well, that's just my personal preferences :D

Happy Happy Day, Big Ben :)
*Tick Tock Tick Tock*

It's equally hot here too..
Hopefully won't see ghost this coming weekend ;)
Dimsum dimsum dimsum..

Bilin is on the MUST-EAT list each time i balik kampung. Something that die-die also must eat wan. Hahhahah... Yeah, so far I only see Bilin in Sarawak. In UK or Canada, there's another similar fern called Fiddle Head Fern. It's EXPENSIVE and i dunno whether if there's any similarity in the taste :)

Chen said...

Happy Gappy Birthday, Ben Ben

Hahaha, it's impossible to visit the whole China, unless one spent years visiting it :P I had been to Beijing and the surrounding cities, The Three Gorges/Yangtze River and the surrounding cities and Jiuzhaigou/Chengde in Szechuan :) Nice scenery, nice place, nice food except their toilets :P

Happy Bappy, Ben Ben :)

U also have 4 jobs mah..
I answer on your behalf
Neh, 4 jobs liao, clever or not? :P

err.. from CutiePie now become MudPie? Nice to makan liao :P

Home Sweet Home
Bed Cosy Bed.. So lummmmmmmm....
shifting is indeed tiring..
all the packings and unpackings..
Phobia kaw kaw liao..

Pink Cotton said...

why u wanto go back to the past???

i love the future more ^^

_butt said...

happy belated birthday ben ben!! :D

is bilin really nice? your top favourite of the 4 sumore. :D

you put blogger as your job! hahaha

mistipurple said...

i am still dreaming about your bilin fern leaf. must let LB try this time. ie. if he goes up there.

angel said...

lai lai lai... lai claim your award... hehe...

zeroimpact said...

Happy birthday Ben!

Fotblog said...

good piece of writing keep it up

water_angel said...

okie okie =)

will get right on it ^_^

a^ben said...

thank you so much ah chen~! :D

*go buy 4d* lolsss

Chen said...

pink cotton,
lol.. So many people asking the same questions. Coz I want to talk and spend time with my late father again.. I also wanna meet my grandparents whom I never get to see..

How to describe the taste leh? U gotta taste it yourself.. if u go to Sarawak lah :P

Wanna put part time photographer earlier on, but then i changed to blogger. Kkkkkk... Writing blogs can earn big bucks wan, i meant those who write PPP loh. Can earn few thousand bucks a month leh. No joke :)

Chen said...

dream of bilin ah?
Let's sing Bilin song :P

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫
dream, dream, dream...
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫
Whenever I want BILIN,
all I have to do is dream

Kkkkk.. so sampat :P

Wah.. ada award woh..
*Rockin' Girl Blogger Award*
I feel so honoured..
so lummmmmmmmmm :)
so sampat..

Chen said...

The birthday boy received so many pressie. So hang fook :)

Thanks, fotlog :)

water angel,
Thanks for participating. Looking forward to reading your answer :)

You are mostly welcomed, Ben Ben.
Btw, your green-green tei "slipper" is very cute leh :D

Go buy 4D ah?
wanna buy wat numbers?
4444 ah? LOL

sengkor said...

loctor loctor.. u fast fast invent time machine.. i wanna go back few days ago only. wanna buy lottery..

Chen said...

wah.. clever lah u..
how come i never think of that geh?

If only we can get hold of Doraemon
I remember he has a time machine :D
and the special "door"

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday Ben Ben.

Wish you can add the US to your places traveled list. Specifically this place called Texas. :)

Chen said...

Hopefully I can do so in the future..
Besides US, I wanna visit Canada too
I have several relatives in Canada (in Vancouver) :)

or2ng3s said...

hi chen, u follow tour to europe & england or u backpack urself? :)

Chen said...

I took the easy way out. Following tour. Back packing is just too troublesome for me lah, cos need proper arrangement and preparation.
Hardwork though, but of coz that was more fun :)

Simple American said...

Vancouver is neat. But expensive. :) Take lots of green.