Monday, October 30, 2006

The Lao Hao Sui Laksa

In my humble opinion, this Laksa stall serves the best Penang Assam Laksa. Located in Air Itam Market, next to the longkang (drain) not far away from Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang. This place is always packed with people. Noticed the longkang? Misti, this is the Penang Assam Laksa stall next to the longkang that we were talking about that day.

I will have a date here with Winn and hopefully with Cynthia too (since this is her favourite). Who wanna join in The Longkang Date? Albie told me he wanna join (in July 2007). Carcar, May and Angel.. interested to join me? Anyone else? Come come ... Mari mari...

The mouth watering Penang Assam Laksa with thick fish paste soup and generous servings of he kor or prawn paste. RM 2.30 per bowl. Must savour the laksa when it is still pipping hot. So don't waste too much time taking photo! LOL. And remember to drink the soup till the very last drop. *Slurp*

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Winn said...

ME!!!!!! first!!:) ok?

sengkor said...

can i come? can i come? i promise to behave.. pwweeasse..?

L B said...

Wait for me ah... Meanwhile, can you just tapau a few bags and put in freezer, just in case no more when I get there?

Kenny Ng said...

OMG!!! That's the one!!! That's the one!!!!!!! The laksa I miss soooooo much!!! Everytime I went there sure hamtam at least 2 bowls. Really want to cry now... aaarrrggghhhhh~~~~!!!

Chen said...

yes, u first :D
Looking forward to our next longkang date...

can :)
Provided u don't wear face mask when u come to Penang :P
Later the taukeh thought u want to rob them then jialat loh..
kakakka :P

Wah.. tapau few bags to put in freezer?
I like the "kiasu" spirit :D Can make laksa ice cream :P

Kenny good boi,
don't cry..
pat pat head
next time u balik kampung, we go there sapu 3 bowls, okie? ;)

angel said...

lao nua liao!!!
i belum makan!!
i must go cook maggi laksa liao! really wan... shucks...

Laksa Tapao can make good Piak-Piak Tool ;)

Cynthia said...

WAH LAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am on my diet and you post this to make me droooooooooool????

dunwan friend you liaw lah!! =)

NO! take my words back. I go back , you belanja. TWO BIG BOWLS!!!! ekekekek

Chen said...

itu maggi mee laksa flavour tarak sedap lah..
better don't say that
later Angel might piak me with maggi mee :P

piak with the pipping hot tapao laksa soup?
can get gigantic blister leh..
walao :P

wah mai si leh... :P

u wanna 2 big bowls?
no problem
3 bowls also can :D
plus one glass of sugar cane juice too ;)
how about that?
sounds good?

mistipurple said...

waahhhh got liddat wan ah? so cute got longkang right there! or rather, the vendors plant themselves right behind the longkang! easy to wash plates i think. if you didn't post these pics, i imagine oso cannot imagine. DYK i was thinking the big big canal type of longkang? hahaaha.

Angel hungry ah? the Nissin Brand Laksa for quick 3 minute hot-water-pour-type quite nice. got tiny tau-pok pieces inside. (middle of night cannot be choosy boh pian)

Chen said...

wah.. really kam ngam
I was posting comment in your post at the same time when u were posting comment here. So liuliu :D

Yeah loh.. this is the small longkang i was tokking about. Not those big big canal type of longkang. Kakkakkaa...

Apa tu Nissin brand laksa?
never heard before geh?

Misti, I wanna eat Burger King's BBQ turkey bacon single burger too...
tam chiak :P

mistipurple said...

Nissin brand - Laksa, is like those Myojo brand ready packs in a cup/bowl. quite good if ravenously hungry and need a taste that's more authentically close to normal food than plastic food. lol.

mistipurple said...

next time you come singapore, i treat you lah. i know you don't have too many Burger King joints at your place.

mistipurple said...

hehe. i kena temporal spamming disease.
we visited each other same time. liuliuliu. if only lottery this choon. (accurate)
but i know you don't buy lottery. lol.

may said...

I think this is the exact same stall I used to eat the assam laksa more than 10 years ago! of course I wanna join, save a seat for me ok?

Anonymous said...

Damn, when I see that pic I really, REALLY lao hao sui leh!!

Ya, most of the time when I go back Penang I will go to this stall to ta pao the laksa. This stall is the best!!

Chen said...

mmmm... plastic food?
who so kesian?
why need to eat plastic?
or too hungry liao till plastic also sapu? LOL

Yeah, we DON'T have Burger King in Penang :D
Clever lah u, know i don't buy lottery :)
U have good memories too leh... :P

more than 10 years ago?
Time to pay Penang another visit liao lah !!!
Come come...
waiting for u to come :D

day dreamer,
I know some people might have different opinion but most people like this stall :D
I tapao 2 packet laksa back home yesterday. Tonight I have laksa for dinner today too :P

mistipurple said...

very nostalgic all these photos.
thank you for posting them up.
(i erased many sentences, some things cannot announce loud loud in singaland)

Mr.Goober said...

wahlau eh...i think if its me, one taste of it and i'll faint! especially with my ulcer

Mr.Goober said...

wahlau eh...i think if its me, one taste of it and i'll faint! especially with my ulcer

Chen said...

wah.. nostalgic means...
u makan in this stall before?
or u tasted penang assam laksa but somewhere else?

mmmm... wondering wat are those stuff that u wanna say but cannot announce loud-loud in kiasu land :P

mr goober,
don't faint :P
don't waste the delicious yummy laksa.
I tell u something..
I have mouth ulcer too..
but I sapu & hantam the laksa as well..
Syiok :)

Dragon City said...

huh...that place very dirty ler...

mistipurple said...

singapore getting too clinical. :P

mistipurple said...

i haven't been to penang. don't think i can take the trip. i bad traveller.
this type laksa i haven't eaten before. looks so delicious.

Chen said...

Anyway, most hawker places are dirty.
I guess locals develope some sort of resistance oledi :)
We won't get diarrhoea with street hawker food :P

i only been to Singapore once, and that was almost 2 decades ago... in 1987, when I was still in secondary school time. I guess it's time for me to pay a visit to Singapore soon :D

Now I remember...
the furthest place u been to was Cameron Highlands, right? :)

This type of laksa is nice..
spicy with tinge of sourish taste :D

mistipurple said...

wah your memory oso liuliu good! but not surprising lah. :P

yes, furthest i've been is Cameron Highlands. i went up with a doc friend who plastered me with 'scopoderm.' not available here for long time.

mistipurple said...

the penang laksa i had here didn't have so much thick thick gravy. obviously very different.

Chen said...

kekkee.. I can remember those interesting facts lol :P
that's what I called "selective memory" ;)

u having muscle ache ah cos walking too much?
poor Misti :(

The Penang delicacies outside Penang doesn't taste as good as the original one in Penang :D
Not authentic :P

The thick thick gravy is due to generous servings of fish flakes :)

angel said...

Not pangsai cua arr?
Hahahahahha!! ROTFL! Eh, yeah watttt... there was once the liuliu rumour say wan... :P

waaa.. nissin brand laksa? misti, liu cum KayElle laaaa... come la come laaaaaa...
*princess face & Liucas eyes*

Chen said...

There are many liuliu rumours around..

Angel, princess' face & liucas' eyes is not enough leh to charm Misti to Kay Elle..
u forgotten about ah boy's lick liao :P


mistipurple said...

hugs Angeliu!!! wish i had mary poppins' brolly!

Loctor, the scopoderm is i think plaster for motion sickness. stick behind ear. slow release kind.

mistipurple said...

Loctor, i innocent. don't go to my cbox or Lorbak's blog now hor.
wait ah... gib me some lead time to run and hide.....

angel said...

mistiliu, no need mary poppins wan... i UPS mine to u, want arr? :P

mistiliuuu yuu yuu yuuu... cum laaa... laaa laaaa...

waaa, the Scorpio derm sounds geng! *LOL*
*goes to misti's XXXbox to chk out*

Chen said...

i see.
Poor Misti having motion sickness ah when travelling the winding long distance road up Cameron Highland? I presume u r using the old route via Tapah. I hate that route. The new route via Simpang Pulai is much better (& safer too).

hehhee... okie okie
LorBak's mia blog ada hantu mia gambar..
kia si lang
no need hide liao lah..
I wanna sleep liao :)

good night :)
Happy Halloween

let's charm charm Misti..
mari mari mari...
mari mari hunngggg :D

good night & Happy Halloween :D

mistipurple said...

*listens and cum cum cum...* :P
nite nite Loctor! sweet dreams heheheheheh!!!!

Angeliu, thankliu for offering to UPS your umbrella. maybe your wings liuliu better!! nite nite sweet Angeliu!! xxx

carcar said...

since i am in the list so die die i must go, right? hahaha...

LOL at laksa ice cream and kiasu spirit!

this remind me of my silly thought last time, when i am away from home, but still miss my mom cooking, i told her to freeze up the stew so that i can bring over, she laugh at me and said, you learn how to cook it, so no matter where you go to, you can have it, as u like.

mama is the best!!

_butt said...

I wana join!! but I kenot take spicy stuff wor.. later I *sniff sniff* teruk.. :(

L B said...

Ok, July 14th, 2007. Saturday, yeah? What time?

Simple American said...

I wanna join too!!!! :)

The assam laksa at the Cafe Malaysia dun look like this. As I feared I am getting gwai loh corrupted Malaysian food. :(

papercrazy said...

So ochipalaly nice.....Penang laksa is the sour type of fish gravy rite???

Just the tot of it makes me drool liaw......

Yeah, I like the Maggi Mee assam flavour.....

*Use Lokter's robe to wipe my drooling saliva*

a^ben said...

the laksa niam niam one` hhahahahah :D

which one taste better? swk laksa ? penang laksa` hahahah this yr tak jadi go liaw :D

Chen said...

I wanna faint when I see what u posted “there”
So liuliu….

Hope u have a good night sleep too yesterday night
I feel so lazy this morning.. :P

Yeah… don’t care, die die also u must come (So Manglish, or Singlish, hoh?)

LOL at your kiasu frozen stew too :P
I must go & dig dig see what kiasu frozen stuff I have inside my freezer compartment liao :P

Mama is always the best :)

Butt can join too..
Cannot take spicy stuff ah?
Don’t worry….
U can eat fried ice cream and drink sugar cane juice while watching us slurping the spicy mouth watering penang assam laksa.

Chen said...

14th July 2007. Okie.
Mmmm… I will ask my secretary to call u back for the appointment time :P

Likely Ah Boy will contact u in a short while (cos I don’t have secretary…)

He will tell u “woof woof” :)
Hope u get the time correct and don't misinterpret what he tells u :P

Come come..
Certain Assam Laksa stalls in Penang are not nice too.

u know about “gwai loh” too !!
I guess they don’t serve the “spicy” stuff there cos most gwai loh don’t take hot & spicy food?

Psssss.. Misit told me the Pg assam laksa she had in Singapore also dun have thick gravy too :)

Chen said...

hahhaa.. very ochipalaly nice :D

yeah.. u are correct..
Assam mah.. the gravy must be sour a bit loh..
Plus spicy taste with he kor (prawn paste)
Sweet, sour + spicy
Yummy :D
really lao nua

Wai.. I forget to tell u..
I didn’t wash my robe for ages liao..
Manyak kotor leh…
Lotsa bugs & germs..
So don’t use my robe to wipe your drooling saliva for "safety" sake :P

niam niam then sedap mah :P
sweet, sour & spicy
I prefer Penang Assam Laksa more than Sarawak Laksa leh..

This year tak jadi go jalan-jalan cari makan liao in Pg liao ah?
Too bad…

mistipurple said...

singapore laksa got cockles and is coconut soup based. very thick soup filled with taupoks and fishcake. my malaysia colleague says it is totally different, and had a little culture shock when first tasted. lol.
quite tasty but a health catastrophic cholesterol laden dish!

mistipurple said...

why most delicious food all not healthy ah? liuliuliu.

FH2o said...

This is definitely one of the "must eat" when I'm in Penang.

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

forget the freezer tar pau, get the recipe quick!!! email me!!!
aha another cure for dry mouth syndrome...

Pink Winnie said...

wa... looks so so delicious oh.. yummy.. but spicy o not? chen..

See Fei said...

date got no date one? i will be car2 driver for this trip :-)

nyonyapenang said...

long, long time ago, i used to take the 'Lim Seng Seng Green Bus' to have my laksa fix at this stall.
but as of late, i find it not so sedap liao.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Seefei!!

ok, book you and your car now! erm, any chance to sit your new car by the time? kekeke!


did u found any frozen lizard frm your freezer chen?


Anonymous said...

something is wrong with the comment box ah!!!

so the anon is me, see so smart leh..

carcar again

Chen said...

The ingredients sounds like the Curry Mee in Penang :P
I haven’t tasted Singapore Laksa yet.

Most delicious food are sinful…
High cholesterol stuff :D

Unker also likes Penang Assam Laksa :)

haahhaha… can add this to your "How to cure yourself and gain weight by eating fats"
Penang Assam Laksa - Cure for dry mouth syndrome !!!

Recipe? Might be can search from internet :D

pink winnie,
it’s delicious
and it’s spicy too, but not that spicy lah
spicy food are delicious food :P

Chen said...

see fei,
the date for the date are flexible :D
wah.. syiok lah carcar….
Has chauffeur liao :P

nyonya pg,
I never take any public transport in Penang :P
Although not as sedap as before, but it’s still sedap compared to the other laksa stalls :D

carcar the smart anon,
u so syiok, has personal chauffeur liao.. :P

Mmmm… u have good memory hoh?
Still remember the frozen lizard !!
I think I will find some chicken dead bodies inside the freezer.
Dunno what other dead bodies I might find inside there

babe_kl said...

darn! hubby took me here 2 or was it 3 years ago but they hasnt opened yet. the market folks say morning is too early for sour food so they only open for lunch onwards. :(

Daniel Yiek said...

Sori, I dont like Penang Laksa that much (the taste is too raw). My ranking:

1. Singapore Laksa - creamy coconut
2. Sarawak Laksa
3. Penang assam Laksa
4. My own kitchen laksa - good try lah

Chen said...

yeah, the stall only open after 12 noon till late at night :) I always wonder.. how much $$$ they can earn a day :D

Different people has different likings :D I have yet to try the Singapore Laksa :)

I will put eating Singapore Laksa on my "Things to do" List when I visit Singapore in the future :)

Cynthia said...


IML said...

It has been around for the longest time. Used to frequent the stall when I was staying around Ayer Itam ages ago in the 80s. Must be the surrounding that gives the gravy the fragrant and the taste ;)

Chen said...

Waiting for u :D

Indeed an old stall with loyal customers :)
I have tasted laksa from many other different stalls but this stall is still the best :)

Anonymous said...

*checks asam laksa for loo roll*

Chen said...

apa pasal want loo rolls pulak? :P

kat said...

Aiyo..pity this post came so late. I was at Kek Lok Si Temple, but didn't notice this stall. Only RM2.30?? Next time, next time...

Eeeya at actually ate assam laksa with loo roll inside?? I used to make wantans with tissue after I finish with wantan soup... ;)

VampireM said...

i nvr had laksa there wor...
the last time i went wanted to eat there, it wasn't open >_<

July 14 still so so so so long away la... make a date before end of this yr!! :p

VampireM said...

i usually go to the lemak laksa stall at Balik Pulau... yumm... also famous...

Chen said...

I'm sure u will come back to Penang again, don't miss out this stall next time :)

Now I know why plink talked about loo rolls... hahhhaha... There are rumours saying the laksa gravy tasted nicer when added loo rolls. Hhahaha :P

u went there too early in the morning? This laksa stall only starts operating after 12 noon till late at night. It is closed in the morning.

The date 14th July 2007 is made that way cos LB is now back to Italy and he will only come back to Malaysia in July next year ;) That's why :D

Wah... drive all the way to Balik Pulau for lemak laksa? That's very far away :D But for good food, it's worthwhile, right? :) I've never tasted the nasi lemak there ;)