Sunday, October 29, 2006

U still ICQ-ing?

Few days ago while chatting online, suddenly ICQ strikes my mind. ICQ was the first chat programme that I used in the past but being abandoned for the past few years. If I didn't remember wrongly, the last time I logged in and chatted using ICQ was .. 4 years back? Out of curiosity, I downloaded the latest version of ICQ (ICQ 5.1) and installed it. Luckily I still remember my ICQ number and password. Yeah... I quickly logged in and checked on my contacts list.

But... as expected, none of them were online. No green flower, not even a single one. All the flowers are red in colour. Give me the feeling of.. looking at hibiscus (all red-red niah).. Notice my nice ICQ number?? I like the last 3 figures 188. Better still if it's 168 :P

Mmmmm... Has everyone abandoned ICQ? I think nowadays most people are using Yahoo Messenger (YM), MSN Messenger, Skype or Google Chat. Those were the days when we used ICQ. Another popular chat programme in the past was mIRC (which I didn't use).

Remembering the nostalgic...
- the cute "oh-ow" sound in ICQ when we received a new message.
- the "tok tok tok" when someone on your contact list go online.
- the voice saying "incoming file transfer" or "incoming chat request" ...

Anyone here still ICQ-ing?


a^ben said...

wahahhahahah~ so long din use icq~ but i still remember my number larh` ai si 8 digits one ah my number` hahaha

may said...

ICQ!! I think I still have my number somewhere, but the password's totally forgotten. loved the uh-oh sound too, so darn cute! I'm sure none of my old contacts are online now either.

mIRC was a cool one too. carry around a floppy disk with that program and you're all set, just need a PC with Internet connection.

Chen said...

ai si...
how come cannot publish yesterday night & got two comments here liao geh? Angel sure piak me later if she sees this cos she had been waiting & wanna be the first one to comment :P

Angel said "chuppps.. I no icq wan..."

Chen said...

how come cannot publish yesterday night & yet u can leave comment geh?
Weird weird….
ahaha… mine also 8 digits
dunno the new numbers now how many digits liao :D

I know there are people who can chat in ICQ for hours and hours till 4 or 5 am in the early morning..
But one thing about ICQ is that there will always be “strangers” who is not on the list & dating mengacau or wanting to initiate a chat.
Normally I will just ignore :P

Wooo… I dunno about the mIRC part.
Wah.. can carry around with floppy disc ah :D

sorry woh, I dunno how come ah ben & may manage to leave comments even though the post is not published :P
weird weird….
Anyway… at least u r not the LTC wan :P

How come u no ICQ geh?
U no play chatting in the past meh?

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

me too....
now on yahoo its easier and more features....

papercrazy said...


I forgot my icq number lor....I signed up 5 years ago when I was bored and jobless....I went down to a cyber every afternoon just to go online....

Yeah, I like the sound of icq...tried to copy them to msn but doesn't sound the same...

zeroimpact said...

I still do, but my first was mirc
I actually had a remixed song of icq...
I still on my icq everyday...
Now that you mentioned it... seems that my flowers are all red too

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

yeah blogger going nuts oso said...

ICQ... the yesteryear's thingy.
Mine only 7 digits, but I have stop using it since ...when?

IRC... wow, 1992-1997 thingy.

_butt said...

I can't remember my ICQ number already.. :(

Speaking of 'tok tok tok'.. I remembered one liuliu story from a friend.. will share it with you someday :)

noticed something different today? hehehe

Chen said...

YM is definitely more user friendly
I like their cute emoticons too :D

wah.. going to cyber every afternoon just to go online?
Must be expensive then :P
But it’s a good way to pass time ..
Of coz provided u are free and have NBTD (nothing better to do), hahaha

Errr… actually I found the sound a bit annoying leh ..
That’s why I always tune my speaker to the minimum volume :P

u still on your ICQ everyday?
Might be u can add me into your contact list..
then there is a chance that..
once in a blue moon..
u might see a green flower :P

Chen said...

yeah loh.. especially over the past few days :(
really sot-sot

It’s nice to recall the “good old days” :D
Everyone has now “migrated” to other chat programmes

can still trace the number if u remember your nickname :P

wah… got liuliu story for toktoktok ah..
remember to tell me the story hoh :)
hope it’s not ghost stories..
nor halloween stories
kakkakak :P

The different thing I noticed today is….
No cute baby profile pict leh..

mistipurple said...

hahahhaaa can liddat wan ah??
you impersonating as Angel and replying to her at the same time!!?? *pengsan*

Kenny Ng said...

I also never use it for years, I found it abit 'mafan' than YM n MSN, loading also slow.

L B said...

I still have all those passwords somewhere (on Excel)..

and IRC was where one started to learn to piak people with sotong, right? Bloody Bots!!

Chen said...

can…. Semua pun boleh… everything also can :D
Special request from Angeliu mah yesterday night to chup & post comment on her behalf.
must comply her request :D
(Since she got special satellite knowing that I’m posting something but cannot publish..)

I hope she wakes up already by now :)

and not forgetting…lotsa unwanted strangers kacau-ing too… wanting to initiate chat :P
This problem is solved with YM or MSN :D

Err… I tot u hide the password under the carpet in your living room?

No sotong piak-king yet during the early days..
mIRC is the era where one throw Cotton candies at others..
especially pink coloured candies :D
oops… :P

mistipurple said...

wah bolehland semua boleh. liddat i can oso talk to myself legitimately. opps

Bernard said...

My ICQ oso got 7 numbers oni. But cannot remember already. Been 6 years since i logged on to ICQ. But I have fond memories of those days on ICQ, and the "oh-oh" ( i still say "oh-oh" out of the blue sometimes, weird?).

Winn said...

lol zeroimpact

ya i rememebered once my co band msn and ym..and i stil managed to chat with zeroimpact coz he really still using icq leh!

velverse said...

Hahaha... I no longer ICQ. maybe it's the noise. maybe it's not the hype anymore. Maybe too many things.. no cute emoticons :D

hemm too many maybe...

angel said...

Yerrrrrr!!! ai si! how cum itu ahben can comment wan last nite?? i bukan main refresh so many times but your post tarak oso!

Haha! Misti! Lokter din impersonate me and reply to me haha! so farnie if she did that... :P I asked her to comment for me on my behalf when she republished it today becos i today sure very liuliu bz maa... see lah, now 3pm oni i skip in.. hv to skip out liao! taa!!

but tq lah lokter... i no piak you... i ask u to go piak a^ben for me, can? :D

i no icq becos last time i dun hv pc wan... yeah, me very liuliu poor gurl, no pc...

Chen said...

really wan leh angel asked me to post tat,
I didn’t bluff u..
yin wong ah

Angel.. fai ti come & explain to Misti. !!
Calling Angel..
Angel, Angel.. where are u??

Chat on ICQ is very time consuming :D
We can spent hours chatting online without realizing it
Nowadays most of us can’t spend so much time on chatting since we have other commitments :)

Zeroimpact is really very loyal to ICQ :D Previously u get to know him via ICQ or mIRC ?

Chen said...

So many maybe :)
Nowadays ICQ came up with new set of emoticons, which is UGLY (in my humble opinions :P)
I like YM emoticons the most… cute & adorable.. hahahhaha..

Luckily u heard my call & came to rescue :D
Itu Misti laffing at me leh..
She tot I talking to myself
yin wong ah..

yeah loh.. I also wonder how come Ah Ben & May can post comments…
Really weird…
Something beyond our understandings :D

U see loh..
Misti thought I impersonate u & post & reply to my ownself..
make me look like bodo only
beh tahan but gotta laugh :P

what time u tido yesterday night?

Okie.. I will piak ah ben with Kueh Chap :P

My parents bought the first PC in 1998. That was after my graduation before I started working.. That time very free shake leg at home… :D

Mr.Goober said...

lol yeah..i JUST resigned from ICQ this year..nobody online at all.

but i still love it though.

_butt said...

trouble is.. nickname pun dah lupa dah.. :P but then again, ppl must move forward ma.. ICQ old-fashioned already.. and I agree with you that the oh-ow sound is annoying.. LOL

Today I'm early!! yaa.. no baby pic because the connection in the lab real slow.. lazy to log in..

Aikk.. how you know it's halloween story wan? :P

Chen said...

wah.. u just quitted ICQ this year?
u are indeed very 长情 :P
manyak bagus :)

still love ICQ?
Mmmmm.... not only u are 长情,
u also have 一颗不变心 :P
I think u understand these few chinese words since u r a half-riped banana :P

Hhahha... u must be using some weird nicknames then :D

hehhee, we must move forward. So Ah Butt is now using MSN, YM, Google chat or Skype or all? :P I know u have MSN :D

Cos from my observation, most of your stories are either halloween or ghost stories :P

Winn said...

i got to know him thru mirc first..then trnsfer to icq for safekeepings

mistipurple said...

HHAHAHAHHAHH BUAY TAHAN lau jio laughing!!

_butt said...

hahaha.. good observation!!

Err.. no lah, got YM but seldom use, use Google Chat oni when I check google mails, quit IMVU after just dled for 2 weeks (sien), Skype? Lazy to download, sumore dont have mic, MSN currently on hiatus.. :P

yea.. u got MSN rite? wana add you soon.. :D

Pink Cotton said...

u made me reminisce!

only now i realised how much i missed the UH OH! fact, i hate the msn's incoming message sound lar! very annoying..mwehehe

and the TOK TOK TOK sound...heeeee it owes makes my heart skip a beat...cos it might mean that SOMEONE is online!...WAHAHAH

those where the days =)

Chen said...

transfer for safekeeping..
sounds like... kekkekke

wanna wear disposable pampers?
then u don't have to worry lao jio when u laffing :p

yeah, I have MSN
I have YM
I have google chat
I have skype too
I have ICQ as well
walao.. I really semua pun ada (except mIRC) :P

pink cotton,
I turn off the msn sound & ym sound
kekkeke... so my messenger is tarak bunyi one when new message arrive :P

your TOK TOK TOK means that someone is online...
kin teo liao leh... :P
heart beat 100

those really were the days, hoh? :D

Cocka Doodle said...

I didnt quite catch on with ICQ bcos the connection was always having intermittent minute the flower go green then red. Aiyah..banyak susah!

Chen said...

the flower one minute go green then go red..
might be this is what we refer to as..
Now u see it, Now u don't?

Winn said...

sounds like hiao hor?lol

_butt said...


like Blogger oso lah! now on, next off!! :P

Chen said...

shhhhhhh.... :P
But those really were the days hoh :)

I think blogger want everyone of us to migrate to beta blogger liao leh.. :P

Anonymous said...

Wah, your ICQ# so short?! Mine got 9 digits leh!

I forgot when was the last time I played ICQ... 4 years ago?


Chen said...

day dreamer,
that means....
I register my ICQ account earlier than u :P
I have friends or contacts with 7 digit ICQ # :)

Looks like almost everyone here has abandoned ICQ :)
Indeed those were the days :)
I guess the last version of ICQ that I downloaded in the past was ICQ 2002 :)

Joycelyn said...

ICQ,ya i remember n miss the "oh-ow" sound n the rest was the most popular messenger at that time but i m not using it now,tried to dl it last yr but it crashes my pc,n nobody seems using it,so buang liow.

Chen said...

ICQ is something that will always remain in our memories :)
The popular yester-years chatting programme...

carcar said...

oh my goodness!! you really brought back our icq era memories!

i can still remember the voice tune in pronouncing those oh-ow.. tok tok tok sound.. LOL!

i also want to try out my icq then.. hehehe...

Simple American said...

I never did do ICQ.

lynnx01 said...

I still remember my ICQ number... 35321797 but never touched it anymore. LOL!

Chen said...

Nyek nyek…
The irritating oh-ow sound?
Or the nostalgic oh-ow?
or the cute oh-ow? :P

U wanna oh-ow again?
Let's oh-ow :D

U r not alone :D
I know there are people who don’t ICQ too :)

your ICQ number is even earlier than my number
U started chatting online at very young age hoh?

fred said...

44410209 hahaha.. I still remember it.. easy with the 444 :) add me chen

Chen said...

wah.. u still use ICQ? :D
I will add u the next time when I log in ICQ :D

vagus said...

nope. my icq is now obsolete.

Chen said...

Most ICQ users' ICQ have RIP peacefully :)

Anonymous said...

I still have my icq number ... haha .... as u mentioned .. only red bunga ..... my icq no 25084670 ... it was ages ago ... haha

Chen said...

all the red flowers in ICQ.
red hibiscus, red roses..
mmm... what other red flowers u have? :D